Free Chevron Crochet Pattern for Blanket

Handmade blankets have a special place in our hearts, not only because of the warmth and comfort they provide but also for the love and effort one pours into while making them.

There are a lot of crochet techniques, but the single crochet chevron pattern overpowers it because of its classic and versatile design. Whether you want to make a cozy throw for your living room or handcraft a loveable gift for your friend, the single crochet chevron pattern has your back.

Crafting a chevron pattern isn’t only about making a blanket; it’s also about your creativity and signifies warmth and compassion if gifted. Don’t worry; even if you’re a newbie or just confused about how to make a chevron pattern, this free chevron crochet pattern guide will help you weave threads of love, creativity, and comfort that will be loved and appreciated by everyone.

The Beauty of Single Crochet Chevron Pattern

The Beauty of Single Crochet Chevron Pattern

Before we get started with the tricks and techniques to make a free chevron crochet pattern, it’s important to have a firm hold on the basics of a single crochet stitch. To learn the basics, it’s necessary to know about the must-have material that will make your crochet stitch tight and of dense texture, for what it is known for.

Materials Needed

Materials Needed .png

  • Yarn: Choose yarns of Mint, Gray, and White color- a harmonious trio that imparts tranquility and elegance. Prefer high quality and soft yarn, which ensures maximum comfort.
  • Crochet Hook: Be careful; a slightly larger hook may create a loose, flexible fabric. So it’s better to go for a hook size that complements your chosen yarn weight.>
  • Scissors: A sharp pair of scissors will help cut yarn without fluffing its tip.
  • Yarn Needle: Opt for a blunt-tipped yarn needle. This will help avoid accidental splitting and damaging of yarn fibers while crafting the ends.

Getting Started With Chevron Crochet Pattern

  • Blanket Size: Determine the size of the blanket; this will help you plan the number of stitches in the foundation chain.
  • Slip Knot: Form a loop with the yarn to make a slip knot. Now, tuck the end through the loop and gently tighten, leaving a short tail. This secures the yarn and ensures smooth weaving, elevating the pattern’s look.
  • Foundation Chain: Create a foundation chain using mint yarn. Each chain stitch represents one stitch in your first row—chain multiple stitches to achieve the desired width of your blanket.
  • Turning Chain: At the end of each row, create a turning chain to elevate the next row to the proper height. Each turning chain counts as the first stitch of the new row.

Weaving Chevron Crochet Pattern

Chevron Pattern, often called a zigzag design, is formed by increasing and decreasing stitches at the required intervals, creating characteristic peaks and valleys. Thinking what increasing and decreasing the stitches means? It’s all about chevron mathematics; let’s quickly explore, and then we’ll dive into the crafting-free chevron crochet pattern.

1. Chevron Mathematics

Chevron Mathematics

  • Increases: For creating the upward patterns or peaks in the free chevron crochet pattern, increase the number of stitches in a row. You can achieve this by working two single crochets into the same stitch.
  • Decreases: In contrast, for creating the valley in a single crochet chevron pattern, decrease the stitches by crocheting two stitches together.

2. Crafting the Chevron Crochet Pattern

Crafting the Chevron Crochet Pattern

Now that you know about chevron mathematics, you can easily form the chevron pattern by crafting the alternate peaks and valleys within the single crochet rows. Follow the below steps to achieve the same:

  • Row 1: Initialize by making a turning chain of 3; this counts as the first double crochet. Make 1 double crochet in the 4th chain from the hook and also in the next 3 chains. Now, make 3 double crochets in the next chain. Continue by making 1 double crochet in the next 6 chains. Finally, make 3 double crochets in the last chain.
  • Row 2: Turn your work and make a turning chain of 3. Make 1 double crochet in the same stitch. Continue by making 1 double crochet in each of the next 5 stitches. After that, decrease by working 2 double crochets together (known as a double crochet decrease) over the next 2 stitches. Make 1 double crochet in each of the next 5 stitches. End up by making 2 double crochets in the last stitch.
  • Row 3: Again, turn your work and create a turning chain of 3. Make 1 double crochet in the same stitch and in each of the next 6 stitches. Now, make 3 double crochets in the center stitch of the previous row’s decrease. Continue with 1 double crochet in each of the next 6 stitches. Finalize row 3 by making 2 double crochets in the last stitch.
  • Repeat Rows 2 and 3: Continue repeating rows 2 and 3 in the mentioned way to achieve the free chevron crochet pattern. Remember to switch between mint, gray and white colors according to your desire to make a pleasing single-crochet chevron pattern.
  • Changing Colors: When you want to switch colors, end up the last stitch of a row until two loops remain on the hook. Now drop the current color and choose the new one, pulling it through the two loops to complete the stitch.

3. Adding Final Touches to Single Crochet Chevron Pattern

Adding Final Touches to Single Crochet Chevron Pattern

  • Border: Following the above steps, finish the free chevron crochet patternwith a border once you reach your desired blanket length. Frame the blanket with a border of single crochets in a contrasting (mint, gray, white) color. This will provide a polished look while reinforcing the edges.
  • Using a Yarn Needle: Use yarn needles for sewing or weaving loose yarn ends on your finished chevron blanket. Further, hide yarn tails with the help of it; this will provide a neat and polished look to your single crochet blanket.

Tip: For a more delicate finish, consider a picot edging with the help of chains or slip stitches.


Creating a single chevron crochet pattern real quick is all about creativity and the amount of time one puts in. Further, a basic understanding of the crocheting technique and the chevron mathematics is required to make an appealing single crochet blanket. So what are you waiting for? Gather your yarn, hold the hook, and start crocheting till you make it look full of warmth.

Also, do let us know how helpful the free chevron crochet pattern is for you. In what pattern did you arrange the mint, gray, and white yarns? What border did you prefer, a simple or a picot edging?

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