Discover 30 Cozy Velvet Yarn Crochet Patterns

Remember the time when we were kids, and our body was donned with many crochet wearings like caps, socks, sweaters, hand gloves, blankets, and whatnot?

Above all, everything felt super soft and super comfortable! Crochet, one of the oldest techniques of weaving, is still in trend because of its timeless appeal and beautiful allure of tapestry of threads.

The Velvet yarn, with the artistry of crochet, gives a luxuriously soft allure. The velvet crochet patterns are all about warmth and comfort with style that intervenes to create magic.

Just imagine a living room with a colorful crochet pillow, or your room with a light crochet blanket, or just going on a beach vacation and using a crochet hat. It all looks beautiful, right? So, without delaying much, let us guide you through 30 beautiful velvet yarn crochet patterns which are absolutely gorgeous and that will make you want them immediately.

Top Gorgeous Velvet Yarn Crochet Patterns

1. Hand Gloves

Hand Gloves

Hand gloves are one of the most used items that are made of velvet yarn crochet patterns. For winter, both adults and little kids can use these hand gloves as they are super comfortable, super soft, and extremely cozy for the harsh season. These hand gloves get fitted to the hands really nicely because of the velvet fabric, making them preferable hand gloves.

The velvet fabric of the hand gloves gives a soothing touch to the hands, making them wearable all day long without any sense of irritation. There are a variety of colors and sizes available in these hand gloves, making them preferable for all.

2. Cushions

Cushions .jpg

The Cushions of velvet yarn crochet patterns are beautiful decor for your living room. These handcrafted pieces are so eye-catching that each guest visiting your home can leave without completing you for this wonderful cushion. These cushions are available in a number of colors and shapes, such as square, oval, round, rectangle, heart-shaped, etc.

These cushions are so versatile that every individual can find a cushion that suits their choice of decor. Remember, proper home decor can greatly impact the look of your space, so it’s better to keep in mind the color scheme of your living room while choosing the cushions.

4. Winter Cardigans

Winter Cardigans

Chilly winters require winter cardigans that are extremely warm and cozy. The cardigans made out of velvet yarn crochet patterns are winter wear that people prefer the most in winter. These cardigans keep you comfortable yet stylish because velvet is a luxurious and fitted fabric in comparison to others.

There is an enormous range of colors and patterns available that can suit the individual preferences of almost everyone. These cardigans are so versatile that they can be worn at any place, be it a party place or a casual get-together, maintaining your personal sense of style absolutely well.

5. Scarves


The velvet yarn crochet pattern scarves are timeless accessories that are used by almost every individual in winter. These scarves can keep you warm even in harsh winters owing to their velvet fabric. The scarves are available in a number of colors and sizes, from long to short, making them a versatile option.

The fashion trends are always evolving, but the timeless appeal of these scarves makes them a must-have in every wardrobe. The velvet yarn of the scarf adds a touch of luxury with the addition of pure sophistication to the overall appearance of the wearer, which also allows them to balance their sense of personal style.

6. Cap


One of the most used stuff made of velvet yarn crochet patterns is Cap. Almost every individual uses this Cap in winter to keep their ears and head warm. These caps are available in a number of colors and patterns, such as beanies, knit caps, fleece caps, etc. The crochet caps can be perfect for every individual, be it a kid or an adult. And especially on kids, these caps look super cute! With the factor of comfort and warmness, these caps are stylish as well, and one can style them as per their individual sense of style and fashion.

7. Bunny


The Cute little bunnies made out of velvet yarn crochet patterns are super fun for kids to play with them. With so many different colors used, this vibrant and colorful bunny is a toy that interests kids a lot.

This toy is super soft because of its velvet fabric and is absolutely safe for the little kids to play with without getting hurt. Even some kids love taking their toys to their bed for sleeping; this cute little bunny, with its fluffiness of crochet patterns, can help your kid to have a night of better sleep.

8. Sofa runner

Sofa runner

The sofa runner of velvet yarn crochet patterns is super fancy decor for your sofa, giving it a luxury touch. These runners, because of their velvet fabric, elevate the overall appearance of your living room, leaving everybody in awe of the grandeur of your living room.

These sofa runners come in a variety of vibrant hues and sizes that can easily fit into a sofa of any size. For a more opulent touch to your living room, add the sofa runners that go along with the color scheme of the entire space. This way, your space will look more organized and sophisticated.

9. Scrunchies


The scrunchies of velvet yarn crochet pattern are a fashion accessory that is almost preferred by all GenZ girls, which makes it a fashion trend. These scrunchies are super soft to tie the hair and also prevent hair fall owing to their softness. With the usage of scrunchies for hair, girls use these to tie them on their wrists as well, just for a fashion addition to their look.

The velvet fabric of the scrunchies lends a very luxurious touch with the addition of sophistication and elegance to the overall appearance of the wearer. Remember to use scrunchies that go with your outfit’s color scheme.



Another fashion accessory preferred by females is Headbands. These headbands, velvet yarn crochet patterns, are super soft to gather the hair and fix it beautifully. They come in different colors and patterns of velvet yarn that make girls add these headbands to their fashion accessory collection.

The headband gives a more organized look to the hairstyle, and this headband offers a luxurious touch as well, which makes your hairstyle elevate your overall appearance. Use the headband that can go with the color scheme of your attire for a more polished look to reflect your sense of personal style and attitude.

11. Bag


With so many wonderful colors and designs, the velvet yarn crochet pattern bags are so much back again in the fashion trend. Women usually like to have a collection of bags for different occasions, and this bag can be a great addition to that collection.

Because of its versatility, these bags can be carried almost everywhere, be it at a party or just a casual day outing. There are an immense number of colors and types available in such patterns as tote bags, crossbody bags, round bags, boho chic bags, etc. These bags portray an individual sense of style of women.

12. Dress

Dress .jpg

The super soft velvet yarn crochet pattern dress is a must-have dress in women’s wardrobes. The velvet fabric lends a touch of luxury, and the crochet pattern gives the wearer a traditional yet modern look, keeping this dress an exceptional one in your wardrobe. These dresses are perfect for winter as they are body-hugging, giving an utmost stylish look as well.

There are a variety of colors and patterns available in these dresses. One can wear this dress to any occasion, be it a casual outing or a power-packed party night, owing to the luxury of velvet fabric.

13. Sweaters


The velvet yarn crochet pattern sweater is a winter wear that is for sure available in every individual’s wardrobe. People keep these sweaters at the top of their winter clothing because of the warmth and coziness that they have to offer. There are many wonderful colors and stylish patterns available, catering to the preference of each individual’s sense of style.

Also, velvet is a body-hugging fabric that makes these sweaters perfect for even harsh winters as well. The intricate crochet patterns make these sweaters a timeless appeal, even with the evolution of so many fashion trends that keep changing regularly

14. Bellies


The footwear made from velvet yarn crochet patterns is perfect for your soft feet, adding a touch of luxury to your footwear collection. These footwear are perfect for the cozy and lazy winter mornings that act as a big savior for you when even normal footwear seems cold to wear.

The various designs and embellishments on this footwear are so good that they can turn out to be your favorite warm winter footwear. These footwear offer the utmost comfort, making you wear them all day long. These footwear are available in different sizes for kids and adults.

15. Tank top

Tank top

Women so love the trendy and stylish tank top made from velvet yarn crochet patterns. So comfortable and extremely cozy, this tank top can be paired up with so many bottoms like flared pants, fitted jeans, short skirts, or shorts. Because of its versatility, this top can be worn to a party and even to a casual day outing.

Such tops are sure to help women reflect their personal sense of style with the luxurious touch of velvet yarn. This top can be worn all day long, which allows women to run their daily errands easily.

16. Kid’s Sweater

Kid's Sweater

The velvet yarn crochet patterns of kid’s sweaters are absolutely adorable. These sweaters come in a variety of colors and patterns. The comfort provided by these sweaters is loved by kids as it keeps them warm during heavy winters. Be it a casual day out for kids, a play session, or a school session, these sweaters are versatile for them to wear at almost all places. Because of the velvet yarn and intricate crochet patterns, these sweaters give kids a sense of style and a luxurious appearance that pushes up their overall appearance in a very organized way.

17. Poncho

Poncho .jpg

The velvet yarn crochet pattern poncho is a piece of clothing that almost every woman loves to have in their wardrobe. Poncho is basically like upper wear that has no sleeves and is to be worn through the neck. A cape is good for winter as it covers the body and feels adorable to wear.

There is a variety of colors with different patterns available in all sizes. Poncho complements all body types easily and exudes style with utmost comfort. This piece of clothing helps women to fit in easily and reflects their personal sense of style that offers sophistication with elegance.

18. Socks

Socks .jpg

The opulent velvet yarn crochet pattern socks are an extremely comfortable pair of socks. These socks with intricate crochet patterns are perfect whether you feel like relaxing at home or stepping out casually. The velvet texture gives it an artistic flair and is fashionable as well.

These socks add a touch of softness to the feet, which feels good and can help you walk throughout your day, running your errands easily without feeling uneasy. There are multiple colors and patterns in these socks, from long to short to belly socks. They are easily available in all sizes for big adults and small kids.

19. Blanket


Blankets need to be soft for sound sleep, and this velvet yarn crochet pattern blanket is super cozy to wrap yourself in on wintery nights and enjoy a good sleep. These blankets can be crafted as per the size needed. They come in vibrant colors and patterns, and one can, as per their preference, reflect their personal sense of style. These blankets can be used by adults or even by kids. Since this blanket is super soft, kids can wrap themselves around easily and go to a good sleep, which in turn helps them to wake up in a good, refreshing mood.

20. Phone Cover

Phone Cover

People like to keep their phones in the covers these days because it gives them a chance to walk free-handed. The velvet yarn crochet patterns phone covers are perfect for all sizes of mobile phones and allow the users to walk around stress-free. These covers are super versatile, stylish, and easy to hang or keep anywhere.

They come in different sizes, and one can choose as per their preference. You can hang this cover on the hook of your bottoms, keep it in the pocket, or keep it in the bag. These covers also work as an essential shield to protect your mobile phones.

21. Unicorn


The unicorn is a magical toy for kids because of its magical tales and colorful appearance. The velvet yarn crochet pattern unicorn reflects its magical vibe like an original unicorn, which kids also love to carry and hug with them in their bed while sleeping. The playful toy is absolutely gorgeous and crafted out of colorful velvet yarns that interest the kids even more.

It is a safe toy for kids to play with because of its soft texture of velvet yarn. Unicorn is every kid’s favorite because they think it has magical powers that attract and fascinate kids towards such toys.

22. Hoodies


The velvet yarn crochet pattern hoodies perfectly combine luxurious velvet yarn with complex crochet designs to create an original fashion sense. The handcrafted crochet patterns lend a touch of elegance while the velvety softness of the yarn envelops you in warmth. These hoodies come in lots and lots of colors and patterns with cap attached to it.

These hoodies are sure to satisfy your warm needs for cozy comfort in the winter with their unique sense of fashion. The hoodies are available in all sizes, be it for kids or adults; almost every individual has this amazing winter wear in their wardrobe.

23. Kid’s Toys

Ever since parents have been very particular about the toys that they give to their kids for playing just for their safety, the kid’s toys designed out of velvet yarn crochet patterns are all-time safe toys for kids. Even parents do not hesitate to give their kids these toys owing to their harmless nature.

These toys are super soft and fun to play with. They attract kids because of the vivid colors of yarn used to structure them. The intricate designs of crochet patterns fascinate so much that these toys keep kids busy and entertained all day long, keeping parents stress-free.

24. Women’s Pants

Women's Pants

The velvet yarn crochet patterns in women’s pants are no less than others. These pants are extremely comfortable and soft. The coziness that these pants deliver to the wearer is much more than other pants. These patterned pants can be the most loved pants for women in winter as they keep them warm owing to their velvet fabric.

The pants are so easy, breezy, and stylish that they can be worn absolutely at any place. From a casual day out to a fancy part, the velvet yarn reflects a luxurious look, keeping an organized appearance that reflects your personal attitude.

25. Plant Hangers

Plant Hangers

The new and versatile velvet yarn crochet pattern plant hangers are supported to hang plants on the walls. These super flexible hangers hold the pots really well with a firm grip. These plant hangers also give a very creative look to the place, making sure they reflect all the effort that you’ve put in to decorate the space wherever hung.

The velvet fabric makes the pots easily adjust into the hangers. These plants can be hung in any space, like a garden area, living room, kitchen, or anywhere. It is good to hang these planters indoors because they reflect the natural atmosphere.

26.Table Mats

Table Mats

To give your dining table a feel of luxury and your dining area a grandeur, using the velvet yarn crochet pattern table mats can fulfill all your imagination for your dining table. These table mats are so vibrant in their colors and look so good when arranged properly on the dining table.

Keeping these table mats can help the dining table look more organized, which ultimately reflects your personal standard of living. The guests visiting your house or your own house members can be left in awe of the super amazing comfort of these mats without worrying about the spillage.

27. Floor runners

Floor runners

The velvet yarn crochet pattern floor runners are a perfect piece of home decor to elevate the look of any space really well. The velvet yarn creates a soft feeling for the foot, whereas the crochet patterns create an aesthetically appealing atmosphere for the space. This piece of home decor is stylish yet very useful because these floor runners not only protect your floors but also exude opulence.

This small accessory for the home can make a big difference in the appearance of your space. Remember, the floor runner and the color scheme of your space are important factors to consider.

28. Bed Runners

Bed Runners

To quickly enhance the look of your room bedroom, these bed runners, developed of velvet yarn crochet patterns, are absolutely gorgeous pieces of home accessories. These bed runners make your bedroom appear more luxurious, and they reflect the sense of your personal standard of living as well. This piece of home decor comes in vibrant colors with different patterns, promising a rich feel to your bed. These can be color-coordinated with the tone of the bed and the overall color scheme of your bedroom. Doing so will make the entire room look equal, portraying an organized look as well.

29. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher .jpg

Dream catchers are a popular trend of home decor that almost everybody loves to have in their homes. The dream catchers crafted out of velvet yarn crochet patterns are adorable and come in a variety of hues. These dream catchers not only give the space a boho good but reflect the positive vibes, too, as the name suggests.

Super easy to hang, these dream catchers are extremely versatile in that they can be used in any space of your house. Also, keeping the significance of these wall pieces, one is sure to attract a good atmosphere into the house.

30.Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

The velvet yarn crochet pattern sleep masks are an adorable piece that can help you sleep easily and immediately. These sleep masks feel super light and soft to the eyes owing to their velvet yarn. The comfort level of these masks is unmatchable as compared to other masks as they provide a gentle touch to the eyes, blocking the light and giving a restful sleep. These masks can serve as a savior for you wherever you travel. Carrying these masks can make you look trendy and stylish, giving a hint of your opulent personality and the comfort that you prefer. These


The world of creativity and crafting is ever-evolving. But the one crucial thing that has stood by the times is Velvet yarn crochet patterns. Be it home decor, winter wear, kid’s toys and stuff, or just simple accessories, the creativity of Velvet yarn crochet patterns has conquered it all.

These pieces are aesthetically appealing and easily combine with modern trends as well. These patterns are a call of luxury, adding a personal touch to every space.

The patterns offered here are more than recommendations; they are doors to a world of unique touches, where yarn serves as a medium for individual expression. These patterns offer a sense of creativity that extends beyond ability levels, regardless of whether you are an expert crocheter or a beginner to the craft.

Let us know how these velvet yarn crochet patterns can be useful to you in the comments below!

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