How to Crochet a Rainbow Blanket

Want to crochet a rainbow blanket? But absolutely clueless on knowing which stitch and pattern will be, right? Then you must try the rainbow moss stitch for crocheting blankets. Rainbow moss stitch blankets are super fun and easy.

It uses moss stitch to make a colored blanket. Also, moss stitch is easy and ideal for beginners. It is extremely helpful if you are having a time crunch and want to crochet a colorful blanket really fast.

Also, changing colors every eight rows keeps the process interesting, and you do not feel bored. The outcome is also excellent as the moss stitch beautifully blends rainbow colors and creates an even look through the blanket. In this crochet rainbow moss stitch blanket tutorial, we will discuss everything you need to begin with it.

So, get ready for a new Fun crochet project.

What is Moss Stitch?

What is Moss Stitch?

Before we discuss how to crochet a rainbow blanket with moss stitch, let us have a quick look at what moss stitch is. Moss stitch is a popular crochet stitch technique. It is especially known for its unique woven appearance. Moss stitch is also called granite or linen stitch.

The stitch uses a special method where you must alter a single crochet and chain stitch in every row to create a moss or scattered seeds-like pattern. Moss stitch is suitable for beginners who have basic crocheting skills. Moss stitch for crocheting rainbow blankets also uses the same method of altering single crochet and chain stitch.

Material Needed for Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket

Material Needed for Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket

Crocheting a rainbow blanket with moss stitch is an absolutely easy and fun way to make a beautiful blanket in a short time. Also, moss stitch is a perfect option for beginners. And you do not have to worry about troublesome seaming or weaving. Plus, you can do it with minimal materials and tools. Here is what you need for a rainbow crochet moss stitch blanket-

  • Yarns of rainbow colors: You will need yarns of all the rainbow colors (i.e., VIBGYOR). You can choose any shade of the colors, such as vibrant, pastel, fluorescent, etc. You can get a CRAFTISS 30x20g Acrylic Yarn Mini Skeins kit and sort the rainbow colors you want to use.
  • White yarn: You will also need 2 or more skeins of white yarn for the base. It will make your blanket more thick and weighted. Always choose premium-quality yarns for the best outcomes.
  • Crochet hook: You should select a crochet hook that goes well with your yarn. You can also look for the recommended hook for the yarn. The standard hook size for this stitch is 5.5 mm.
  • Tapestry needle: You will also need tapestry needles for crocheting moss stitch rainbow blankets.
  • Measuring tape: Measuring tape is an essential tool to measure your yarns and the crocheted fabrics for the blanket. We recommend using paper tape, but you can also use what you like.
  • Scissors: You will also need a scissor to cut your yarns. You can also use a yarn snipper instead of a scissor if you want.
  • Stitch maker: You must also get a stitch maker to mark your upcoming stitches and pattern changes and avoid errors.

You can also buy a Piccassio Crochet Kit for Beginners to begin your rainbow moss stitch blanket.

Abbreviations Associated with Crocheting

Abbreviations Associated with Crocheting

Follow this abbreviation list to understand the written instructions for your crochet rainbow blanket with moss stitch better-

  • SC – Single Crochet
  • Ch – Chain
  • HDC – Half Double Crochet
  • Sl St – Slip Stitch

Remember, the above abbreviation is according to the US crochet stitch pattern. So, it can vary in the UK crochet stitch.

Additional Points to Adhere While Crocheting Rainbow Blanket

Crocheting a rainbow blanket with moss stitch is easy. You will need some basic tools and rainbow yarns, to begin with the project.

  • The rainbow blanket we are making for this tutorial is the size of a stroller or car seat (as a baby blanket). But you can make any size of the blanket according to your need. Just increase the amount of yarn for the project. Also, increase the number of chains with even numbers and add as many rows as you want.
  • Use white yarn for the base and border for a thick and even-looking blanket. You can use a white sugar wheel or cotton yarn if you want to keep it simple. Also, you can try white alpine yarn for fluffy soft borders.
  • Always be mindful while changing colors. Remember to use one skein after another that you intended to use.
  • Also, make sure when you single crochet for moss stitch, it will always be in the chain space of the below row to create a perfect moss pattern.

Detailed Tutorial on How to Crochet Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket

Detailed Tutorial on How to Crochet Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket

The process of crocheting a rainbow moss stitch blanket is divided into two parts- pattern and border. At first, ch 126 with white. Any even number will do if you want a wider blanket.

Quick Guide on Making Patterns for Rainbow Blankets

  • Row One: Sc in the 4th ch from your hook. Make ch 1, sk the following ch, and sc in the next ch. Rpt this process to the end of the row. Now, pull through with your first colored yard on the last sc of the row. Finally, ch 2 and turn.
  • Row Two And Three: Sc in the space of the first ch 1 from row one. Make ch 1, sk 1 single crochet st, sc in the space of the next ch 1. Rpt this process to the end. Work the final sc between the turning chain of ch 2 and the previous row’s sc. Pull through with white yarn on the last st of row three, make ch 2, and turn.
  • Row Four: Begin Row Four by working on moss stitch with white yarn. Carry a colored yarn along the row, and at the end of the row, pull through with a new yarn color.
  • Row Five And Six: Now work moss stitch with colored yarn. And the end of row six again pulls through with white yarn. Rpt rows four through six to complete the rainbow blanket. Make color changes in the following order as mentioned below.

Red, Orange, lemon yellow, Soft Green, Kelly Green, mint green, light blue, dark blue, light purple, and dark purple. Every section contains 2 rows of color that are separated by 1 row of white. In total, a section is 8 rows of colored yarn and 4 rows of white.

Quick Guide on Making Borders for Rainbow Blankets

After completing the pattern, you must work on the border of the blanket. To finish the border, follow the instructions-

  • Round One: At first, remove the stitch marker. Now work on sc, ch 1, sc in the corner (and in every corner) to begin the border. Crochet moss stitch around. At the end of a row, work 1 sc, ch 1, sk one row, sc into the end of the following row. Join with a sl st to the first sc, then ch 1, and turn.
  • Rounds Two Through Six: Sc, ch 1, sc around the chain 1 for every corner to work moss stitch around the pattern. Finally, join with a sl st and turn for every round.

5 Moss Stitch Variations for Blanket

Moss stitch is a beginner-friendly crochet stitch that requires two basic stitches- single crochet and chain stitch. It helps to crochet a beautiful woven thick fabric for wearables, decoration, and other crochet items. Moss stitch is a perfect option for crocheting a warm, soft rainbow blanket, and you can try different variations of Moss stitch for your crochet projects. Here are the top 5 variations of basic moss stitch-

1. Moss Stitch in Flat Rows

Moss Stitch in Flat Rows

Moss stitch in flat rows is one of the most popular variations of moss stitch. This variation creates flat and thick crochet fabric. It is a great option for crochet blankets, shawls, wearables, and other crochet accessories. If you are a beginner who wants to upgrade your crochet skills, you can try this variation.

Also, if you want to try some easy variations of moss stitch, then you must try these flat rows. It is very easy to memorize the stitch swatch. Here, the thumb rule is to crochet any even number of chains. The average time to crochet a standard size of fabric with this stitch is about 30 minutes.

2. C2C Square Moss Stitch

C2C Square Moss Stitch

Another beautiful variation of moss stitch is the C2C square moss stitch. Many people love this variation of moss stitch. It is also good for crocheting blankets, rugs, accessories, and other crochet items. You can use single or multiple yarn colors to crochet this moss stitch variation. But it looks stunning with two-color yarns.

This stitch also works excellent for self-striping yarn. The first row of this stitch will be increasing. The second row will be decreased to get the corner-to-corner pattern. Remember, you should use a stitch maker at the beginning. It will help you know what you need to insert your crochet hook in the next row. Once you memorize the pattern well, you can do it without the stitch maker.

3. Chevron Crochet Moss Stitch

Chevron Crochet Moss Stitch

Chevron crochet moss stitch is also a popular variation of moss stitch. It is also a great option for crocheting your rainbow blanket. However, it is also one of the trickiest, most stitched versions among others. But once you get a hold of it, it will become easier for you.

It will also do great for crocheting blankets due to its thick fabrics. Plus, the chevron crochet moss stitch looks amazing with self-striping yarns. Remember that turning the chain during the stitch does not count as a stitch in this moss stitch variation.

4. Crochet Moss Stitch Square

Crochet Moss Stitch Square .jpg

This moss stitch variation combines classic granny square with moss stitch. It is also a suitable moss stitch version to crochet a rainbow blanket. You can also use this stitch to make any crochet item you want with a granny square. You need to work around to make this moss stitch square. Also, in this stitch, you will join each row in the corner to create a granny square pattern.

The stitch will begin with two chains. The second chain of this stitch will be the corner of the square. Remember, the first chain in the variation does not count as a stitch. You can begin with 3 chains or a magic circle to crochet a moss stitch square.

5. C2C Rectangle Moss Stitch

C2C Rectangle Moss Stitch

Lastly, C2C or corner-to-corner rectangle moss stitch is also a popular variation of moss stitch. It is also a suitable moss stitch variation for crocheting a rainbow blanket. The C2C rectangle moss stitch is also good for crocheting other wearables, decorations, and accessories like sweaters, pillowcases, pot containers, etc.

Unlike chevron and square, C2C rectangle moss stitch has 3 sections. In the first section, you will work on increasing to get the width. In the second section, you will increase 1 side and decrease the other to create the pattern and length. And in the final section, you will focus on decreasing only.

Takeaway: Rainbow Blanket

Crocheting a rainbow blanket with moss stitch is an easy way to crochet colorful blankets. The best part of crocheting rainbow blankets with moss stitch is that you can do it with Biggener’s skill.

Also, crocheting a rainbow moss stitch blanket does not take much time than other stitches, and you can make a baby blanket within 3-7 days. Also, you can use this beautiful blanket for gifting on different occasions.

In this rainbow moss stitch blanket tutorial, we have discussed the detailed written instructions to crochet a rainbow moss stitch blanket. We have also shared a list of materials you need and other variations of the stitch.

So, get your yarns and hook and start crocheting today. Also, do not forget to share your experience or recommendations for upcoming tutorials in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moss Stitch Good for Blankets?

Moss stitch is a beginner-friendly crochet stitch ideal for crocheting blankets. You can also try other variations of moss stitch like C2C rectangle moss stitch, chevron moss stitch, or C2C square moss stitch to crochet blankets.

How Much Yarn Do I Need for a Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket?

It primarily depends on the size of your rainbow blanket. The larger size you choose, the more yarn you will need to complete the project. Also, for standard baby blankets, you must have one single small yarn of each rainbow color with 2 skeins of white yarn.

How Much Time Does it Take to Crochet a Rainbow Moss Stitch Blanket?

Moss stitch is one of the easiest crochet stitches. It is suitable for beginners, and you can finish a moss stitch crochet project faster than certain other stitches. It takes approximately 3-7 days to crochet a standard baby rainbow blanket.


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