15 Charitable Groups to Donate Your Crochet Creations

People who love making crochets know the joy in giving when the art is complete. So, as a crocheter or a beginner, if you are looking for someplace to donate your projects that would be treated with love and would also make a difference, then our comprehensive guide is made for you.

Crochet art comes as a powerful tool that is known to spread positivity, comfort, and warmth. These 15 crochet-for-charity organizations have made their mission to use this art to spread kindness and compassion across borders.

These organizations have had a profound impact on society as they provide handmade crochet items to infants, military personnel, breast cancer patients, cancer patients, and animal shelters.

As soon as you join hands with these organizations, you are enrolling as someone who loves to put smiles on other faces in this fast-paced world. Spread your art and weave a knot of love where every loop has a message of care and hope.

1. Project Linus

Project Linus

This crochet for charity tracks back to 1995 when it first started giving security blankets to children who were diagnosed with cancer. The people and society loved this institute, and now they have expanded to have 50 centers all across the states. The blankets provided by the donors go to cancer centers, shelters, and hospitals.

Requirements for Donations

Project Linus is open to all blankets as long they are long they come from a smoke-free home. You can knit, quit or crochet your blanket according to your convenience. Make sure that the blankets you provide are new, free of pins, and handmade.

How to Donate?

Donations are made to project linus centers; you can check their map and find out which centers are currently accepting donations. Make sure that every maker’s protocol listed on their website is followed for your donation to get accepted.

2. Warm Up America

Warm Up America

This crochet for charity started in 1991 and has provided crochet blankets to people in need. They encourage the community to take on the activity of producing handmade blankets, which are distributed to shelters, cancer centers, and hospitals. Till now, they have helped millions of people in need and have been inspiring society ever since.

Requirements for Donations

They only accept blankets that are yarn-made and have a proper finish and clean finish. Make sure that the blankets are free of pins, and they should come from a smoke-free home. You can crochet, quilt, or knit.

How to Donate?

When your blanket is complete, send your items to your headquarters. The company also maintains a list ofcurrent items that are required to make the contribution and get accepted, too.

3. Knots Of Love

Knots Of Love

This crochet for charity started in 2007 and made a mark on society. They not only provide blankets to cancer patients but also to premature babies that get life from ICU incubators. When a donor provides an item, they are distributed to shelters, cancer centers, and hospitals that need them. This initiative has helped thousands of babies who are needy and searching for shelter.

Requirements for Donations

They accept beanies and blankets that are hand-crocheted. They have a list of yarn that needs to be used while making a blanket. The maker safety protocols include washing, cleaning, and drying the blankets before submission.

How to Donate?

You can send your items to their headquarters or use their collection center listto see which one is closest to you. Just make sure that the yarn selection is according to their maker’s protocol for your donations to get accepted.

4. Snuggles Project

Snuggles Project

This crochet for charity is dedicated to providing crochet items to animals. The organization began its first work in 1996, and there has been no looking back. Their main motive is to provide items for animals that are frightened and then appoint volunteers to make their shelters. Several lives have been saved with this initiative.

Requirements for Donations

Donations for this organization are extremely strict and involve a lot of maker protocols. You will have the choice of your own yarn, but make sure that they are either cotton or acrylic. In addition, they need to be washed, double-knotted, and fastened.

How to Donate

Donation is a fairly easy process. You need to see their worldwide donation placeand see which centers of theirs are accepting donations. If you are serious about making your contribution count, then follow their maker’s protocol carefully.

5. Red Scarf Project

Red Scarf Project

They started their journey in 2005 and ran a program known as foster care to Success”. They provide handmade materials to foster care children who are moving out of their shelter to pursue college. They have two package programs for their people, and their most famous one is the Valentine’s Care page.

Requirements for Donations

Donations need to be given between September 1 and September 5. The craft should be 60-inch long meters long and 8 meters wide. The scarf should be made unisex, and they need to come in the color red only. They should be soft and can be tied easily.

How to Donate?

Donations are directly accepted in the headquarters of this place. Since they have limited storage space, donations should be made between September 1 to September 5.

6. Pink Slipper Project

Pink Slipper Project

Women and children who have been suffering domestic abuse find support with this organization. They donate the washcloths and handmade slippers that the donors have provided. They also distribute them in shelters and cancer centers. A collosol of life has been saved with this initiative, and they have taught society the joy of making others happy.

Requirements for Donations

Slippers can be sewn, knit, and crochet. They do not have to follow a specific code, but they must make fresh with the use of the hand. You have to follow the shoe size so that fist every one. The shoe should be soft, and they need to follow a particular protocol as described on their website.

How to Donate?

You can directly donate to their headquarters or use the Facebook group to make donations. In the Facebook group, the members can comment on what they are going to make.

7. Warm For Warriors

Warm For Warriors

This organization has been focussing on military personnel only. People in the army who have been badly hurt during the war have been finding peace with this organization. You can donate blankets or other household items to support them. They have been helping thousands of military personnel with this initiative.

Requirements for Donations

They would require 100 % yarn for their items to be made. Whether you are making a hat or any other personal item, it needs to be yarn only. You can choose different colors like tweed, purple, browns, greens, black and brown.

How to Donate?

The donations have a fairly simple process. Other than the yarn requirement, there is no other maker protocol to follow. Mail your materials directly to the headquarters.

8. Knit Your Bit

Knit Your Bit

This crochet for charity is for the veterans who have served in the war. This project is sponsored by the National World War Museum II. They collect a variety of items in their centers, and they include crochet scarves and hand-knit household items. They have been donating handmade items and putting a smile across their faces.

Requirements for Donations

They have strict guidelines for using patriotic colors while preparing household items. They should follow a 60 x 6 dimension and should be made out of yarn. They should be machine washable and come from a smoke-free home.

How to Donate?

You can contact any location denotation centers that have ties with the organization. As an alternative, you donate directly to the museum with a personal message.

9. Carewear


This crochet for charity accepted handmade items for infants. They started their organization journey in 1991 and have been helping thousands of people. They have grown at such a large scale that now people view this center as an information source. They also donate to cancer centers and other shelters.

Requirements for Donations

You need to use dryable yarn to make an item. Make sure that your items are machine washable and handmade. You can include a variety of products for making the donation, and these may include incubator covers, mittens, teddy bears, and booties.

How to Donate?

Their website provides a list of hospitals that they partner with. Connect with those hospitals and make your donations. Since they are spread all across the states, it’s important that you check the website to know the centers that are accepting their donations.

10. Alice Embrace

Alice Embrace

This crochet for charity is dedicated to patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Prayer shawls and lap blankets are accepted as donations. The organization also pairs up cancer centers and has its network spread all over the states. They only accept similar pattern blankets and have very strict maker protocols.

Requirements for Donations

Since they require all the blankets and household items to be the same color, they have a strict makers policy. The choice of color and yarn is yours. Make sure all the yarn is machine washable.

How to Donate?

They have collaborated with different organizations where donations are accepted. Every center that accepts donations on their behalf has been listed on their website, so it’s important that you explore their website before making a contribution.

11. Crochet for Cancer

Crochet for Cancer

They are responsible for making handmade chemo caps. It serves as a great intuitive for people suffering from hair loss during cancer. This organization is a Christian-run organization, and they have been saving lives and helping people for a very long time. They also donate to shelters and cancer centers.

Requirements for Donations

Their only criteria are the fact that it should come from a smoke-free home and they need to be fresh and handmade. All size handmade products are accepted, but the items should be made with acrylic or cotton.

How to Donate?

When you are about to make your contribution, they have a list of chapter locations where donations are accepted. As an alternative, you can directly reach their headquarters to make your donations, too.

12. Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude

This crochet is for charity handmade items from donors all over the world. They are sent to military personnel who have given service during the war. They accept multicolored yarns and scarves. Ensure that the items you provide are unisex since they are used for female and male troops. They have been transforming the lives of thousands of the US military.

Requirements for Donations

The scarves that need to be made should follow certain dimension rules. They should be 50 meters long and 6 meters wide. The scarves need to be different colors like black, olives, red and brown.

How to Donate?

Your contributions will only be accepted if you involve a personal note while making one. They have various chapters across the states where your contributions are accepted, so make sure that you browse their website.

13. Knitted Knockers

Knitted Knockers

This crochet for charity is made for women who are suffering from breast cancer or are breast cancer survivors. Make sure that the breast prosthesis you create is lighter in weight, comes from a smoke-free home, and is clean. They also ship the extra items to other breast cancer centers and shelters. They have been a source of inspiration to the society.

Requirements for Donations

For knitted knockers, there is a specific maker’s policy that you need to pay attention to before submitting them. There is also a section that says approved yarns, which means that most yarns need to be cotton or acrylic.

How to Donate?

There are a few collection points that have partnered with this organization and accepted donations. So it’s super important that you browse their website before making a contribution.

14. Magic Yarn Project

Magic Yarn Project

This one is our favorite. It was created in 2014 and has revolutionized society ever since. They provide fake wigs for children who are cancer survivors. The donors can make hair wigs and beanies for the patients, and the organizations accept them. They have a strict maker’s policy that you need to follow, which will be discussed below.

Requirements for Donations

You need to get approved as a magic maker to give donations. You cannot make your individual crochets and send them because they won’t be approved. They have specific pattern and quality that needs to be achieved.

How to Donate?

The approval is tough, but once you are approved, you can make as much as you want. You can create wigs of different colors and send them to their headquarters.

15. Mother Bear Project

Mother Bear Project

This crochet for charity is for people who are suffering from aids. It includes women and children. They not only provide service across the states but also have their channel in Africa. Your donations should be fresh and machine washable. They distribute to other partnering breast cancer centers and other shelters. They have been working day and night to help the community.

Requirements for Donations

Donors need to follow a pattern and keep the bears in the same size and shape as suggested on their website. The maker’s protocol is done to keep the bears lightweight.

How to Donate?

They only have a few centers where they accept donations. As an alternative, you could donate them directly to their headquarters. They have also donated the excess contribution to other help centers like homeless shelters and cancer centers.

Knit A Square (Special Mention)

Knit A Square (Special Mention)

This crochet for charity only accepts handmade squares from donors. They have been helping homeless people in south africa. Some strict guidelines need to be followed while making the delivery. They also deliver the extra items to shelters, cancer centers, and other charities. They have been saving millions of lives with this initiative.

Requirements for Donations

The square should be made using the pattern of the donor’s choice, but it needs to be shaped as 8. The square should have a solid formation, and it should be loose. Make sure you read the guidelines before making the delivery.

How to Donate?

You can send the items directly to their headquarters in South Africa, or you can see their mailing instructions. Make sure that you follow all the guidelines before making a contribution so that it gets accepted.


It is said that every stitch can make a difference, and these 15 crochet for charity organizations serve as daily reminders. These organizations create a pathway for compassion while showcasing the magic crochets bring to its people.

By accepting donations made from crochets, they have shown the power of creativity, which can be provided to people in need. By providing different hand items made through crochets, they have brought together communities and showed how crochets can form a thread of positivity.

When you collaborate with these organizations, you open a bride of compassion and craft that can be stretched beyond borders. In this fast-paced world, when you dedicate time to providing a hand-crafted piece, it shows the amount of love and compassion that people have in their hearts to make others smile through the beauty of the craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Beginner, Will My Crochet Project Be Accepted by These Organisations?

Yes, they will be. You need to follow some protocols on how to make them. The goal is not making the perfect crochet but providing your time and effort to make one; obviously, if you want to make advanced patterns, that would require the skill of an experienced crocheter.

Are There Specific Materials for Crochet Projects?

No, but each organization has a specific set of criteria. Some need cotton, while some need acrylic. So it’s best that you head over to their website and prepare the best crochet according to their needs and convenience.

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