Tutorial Guide to Make the Modern Granny Square Blanket

A perfect modern granny square blanket is created when the contemporary design template is merged with the crochet tradition. Once these techniques are infused with each other, the end product is a gorgeous handmade art. In this comprehensive guide, we will try to take you on a journey that mixes tradition and innovation simultaneously.

When you begin the project with each square that you establish with your stitch artwork, you will be able to create a unique narrative for yourself that symbolizes your personality, style, and passion for the craft.

Once you deep dive into our guide, you will discover the joy in creating varying textures, asymmetry, and color palette that transforms a traditional yarn into creativity and warmth.

The result would be a stunning blanket that portrays your artistic spirit and modern-age charm.

Tips to Consider While Creating a Modern Granny Square Blanket

Tips to Consider While Creating a Modern Granny Square Blanket

As stated earlier, creating this blanket would involve early-age tradition and modern innovation. Before you embark on this artistic journey, here are some useful tips :

1. Selecting The Color Coordination

When you start this project, don’t think about the result, as this process involves enjoying the journey while creating a rewarding experience. Thus, always go for a color palate that is pleasing to the eyes and has a touch of modern vision. So it’s advised that you experiment as much as possible with monochromatic schemes, gradients, and contemporary colors

2. Selecting Innovative Stitches and Texture

You can use the classic granny pattern to create a standardized granny square blanket, but if you want to create a modern granny square blanket, then you have to level up with innovative stitches like back stitches, shell stitches, and popcorn stitches. In the case of texture, you can use different yarn weight patterns to create a cohesive look.

3. Selecting Artwork and Joining

In order to provide a contemporary look to the modern granny square blanket, you need to select artwork through asymmetry. This means you need to incorporate irregular shapes and negative spaces to achieve a multi-dimensional look. Joining means adding two contrasting colors to create squares on the blanket.

4. Selecting Layout

Selecting a layout would mean picturing the modern granny square blanket in your mind. Think about the purpose or the individual you are creating this blanket for. This would involve selecting the dimensions of squares, sizes, and their arrangement to create a modern look. Once the layout is organized, the final result would be a blanket that doesn’t have any errors.

5. Selecting Complexity and Avoiding Polish

The key to making an ideal modern granny square blanket is making sure that it is not overcrowded with too many elements. Make sure to strike a balance between simplicity and complexity, which will tell you that creating an elegant square would look much more sophisticated. Avoiding polish would be making sure that squares have consistent shapes and sizes and get an even finish.

7. Selecting Tension and Personalization

Misplaced squares are created when tension is not maintained through the blanket. Thus, in order to provide a professional look to the modern granny square blanket, even the pressure throughout the blanket is an absolute necessity. In the case of personalization, adding embellishments would be a perfect fit. You can use tassels and buttons to make it more visually appealing.

7. Selecting Colour And Yarn

Before going for the final project, it’s advised that you experiment with a draft project so that color arrangements fall perfectly with your modern granny square blanket. In the case of yarn, always select the lightweight and durable one. Make sure that you cross-examine the yarn composition to create a long-lasting blanket.

8. Enjoying The Process and Appreciating The Mistakes

Creating a modern granny square blanket would need your love and labor. At all times, you should enjoy the craft so that you can feel the rewarding experience when the project is complete. During this process, you will encounter a lot of mistakes, but remember that mistakes can also lead to unique pattern ideas that you thought never existed.

Things to Avoid While Making a Modern Square Granny Blanket

Though making the modern square granny blanket is the best feeling, it comes with a fair share of pitfalls, which will be discussed below. They are listed as follows :

1. Ignoring Color Choices And Joining Techniques

Always aim for a color that is visually appealing to the eye. In order to make the modern granny square blanket stand out from the crowd, there are a lot of crocheters that use too many colors, which makes it look like a mess. So, use a color scheme that looks balanced. A messy blanket will be created if you don’t use the joining techniques properly; hence, take your time to adjust the joins, and don’t do it in a rush.

2. Ignoring Blocking And Tension

Crochets’ blanket designs become a disaster if the square size is uneven and doesn’t have proper alignment. It doesn’t look professional, and the result is a mess. Thus, maintain the tension across the entire blanket so that the squares get the perfect shape. In addition, make sure you block your squares when you are doing your stitch work; this would provide a fine finish and a clean look.

3. Ignoring Comfort And Stitch Combinations

A modern granny square blanket will look extremely cluttered if a particular square has too many complex stitches. Hence, it is always advised that you keep a single stitch or a double stitch when you are formulating a blanket. This would keep the pattern simple and elegant. In order to make your blanket appear modern, don’t forget that the blanket’s prime use is comfort, so always choose a yarn that is cozy and comfortable

4. Ignoring Gauge Checks And Weaving

A major hindrance can come while doing your project if you do not check your gauges while starting out. Failure to do a gauge check can provide your modern granny square blanket with uneven squares that would make it look like an untidy mess. While weaving, make sure that loose ends are joined so that the durability of the blanket is unbothered. This would ensure that your final product is elegant and filled with sophistication.

5. The Rush to Complete The Project

Remember, creating a modern granny square blanket is a piece of art, and art requires your time and attention. Hence, it’s always advised that you never rush your blanket project so that the end product can be extraordinary. Every great art takes time to build, and rushing it would give you uneven stitches and squares that would make your project look untidy and full of mess, So make adjustments as you move forward with your project, correct your mistakes as you learn to create a masterpiece.

How to Make a Modern Square Granny Blanket

How to Make a Modern Square Granny Blanket

Creating the modern granny square blanket would involve infusing classic granny tradition with modern designs. Hence, a comprehensive guide would be needed to help you as you start the project. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create one :

Materials Required

Step-By-Step Guide to Make Modern Granny Square Blanket

Step 1: Selecting The Color

Step 1- Selecting The Color

Decide on how you want to create the modern granny square blanket. If you want to do a traditional blanket, then stick with traditional patterns and squares. Since we are talking about a modern square granny blanket, you need to use subtle tones and contrasting colors to give a contemporary feel.

Step 2: Making the Slip Knot

Step 2- Making the Slip Knot

  • The first step is creating the slip knot. Once that is created create a chain 4 crochet combination. Once done, combine chain 4 in the form of a ring to a slip-stitch
  • Now begin the chain 3 combination and join the slip-stitch
  • Repeat the chain 3 combinations as many as you want till you get a granny square. Once you get the granny square, you can change the color of the pattern as you wish, too.

Step 3: Making the Squares

Step 3- Making the Squares

There are three ways where your squares can get the pattern that you like. For this, you need to join the patterns with stitch work, which are known as single crochet join, slip stitch join, and whipstitch join.

  • Slip stitch join: Joining through this technique is an easy process. All you need to do is connect the loops in your blanket with the stitches.
  • Single Crochet join: This technique would require you to join back loops and front loops.
  • Whipstitch: This technique requires a yarn needle to join the edges of the blanket.

Step 4: Creating A Border

Step 4- Creating A Border

A decorative edge can be formed if you use multiple stitches like double crochet and single crochet to make the squares of your blanket look clean and finished. Always select a design that would make your crochet look neat and tidy.

Step 5: Finish It With Weaving

Step 5- Finish It With Weaving

After completing step four, it’s time to finish your modern granny square blanket by weaving all the loose ends that might be present in your blanket. Its recommended that you use a yarn needle to perfect the squares and the stitches in the blanket.

Additional Step: Performing Blocking

Additional Step- Performing Blocking

This is the process used by advanced crocheters to make the modern granny square blanket super cozy and comfortable. In order to perform this technique, you need to wet the blanket completely and allow it to dry according to their own time. Once done, the end product looks fine, gorgeous, and polished.

The Art of Simple Motif Selection

The Art of Simple Motif Selection

The square on the blanket depends on two things. The first is the size of the motif squares and how big you want your motif to be. The standard size is 7 inches in length and width. So, for instance, if you want to make a blanket of 42 inches, then divide the blanket by 7, and then you would know that each square should be made into a 6×8 selection.

Tips to Make Modern Granny Square Blanket Look Unique

Tips to Make Modern Granny Square Blanket Look Unique

In order to make your blanket stand out from the crowd, you need to incorporate unique edging and trends. For instance, your blanket might look super remarkable if you install picots and lace-like stitches. In addition, you can aslo contrast color around the borders to make it shine. For incorporating design trends, make sure that you follow fashion designers and watch how they are installing fashion into their crochet blankets.


As you complete your modern square granny blanket, you have not just created a fabric masterpiece, but you have just installed tradition, creativity, and elegance into a single product.

With each stitchwork, you have experimented with yarn, needles, and color palette and formed timelessly achievement that reflects your creativity and style. Every blanket that you create is a handmade testimonial to your journey as a crocheter.

As you lift the blanket to your loved one or wear it around your body, realize that it’s not an ordinary blanket but an actual representation of your artistic skills. It is a living reminder that in an ever-changing world, craftsmanship flourishes in those who put time and dedication into their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Modern Square Granny Blankets so Popular?

Older granny blankets only feature classic designs, but modern square granny blanket crocheters are free to experiment with their skills. They can incorporate irregular shapes, create fabulous joining techniques, feature asymmetry, and perform stitch variation according to their preference and style,

Is it Difficult to Choose a Color Palette for a Modern Square Granny Blanket?

Yes, this is the most crucial step in creating the blanket. Selecting a color that doesn’t look visually appealing to the eye can make your blanket appear messy and untidy. If you are unsure of the color, choose a dark and light color as default. If you are feeling adventurous, then select multiple colors of the same family to create ombre effects.

Can Different Yarns Be Used in a Modern Square Granny Blanket?

Yes absolutely. Most skilled crocheters use different weighted yarns to make their blanket durable. You could use silk, cotton, or linen in order to give your blanket a cohesive look. Just make sure that when you use various yarns, square sizes get affected, so be careful that hook sizes are fitted accordingly.

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