Purple Gingham Crochet Blanket: Step-By-Step Guide

Have you ever dreamed of snuggling in a soft and cozy blanket you made? Or have you ever randomly thought of making a blanket and adding details to it to boost your creativity? If yes, then it is no longer a dream.

Yes, you read it right. Making a blanket and adding your love and creativity to it is no longer a dream. Now, with the help of crochet, you can easily make a warm and comfortable blanket all by yourself.

Even if you are a person who has done a lot of crochet projects and is hunting for inspiration for the next project, then this purple crochet blanket made using a gingham pattern is for you.

It is easy to make, and the results are really amazing. If you are wondering how to make one such blanket, then this easy guide to making a purple crochet blanket will assist you in your journey.

What is a Purple Gingham Crochet Blanket?

What is a Purple Gingham Crochet Blanket?

A purple crochet blanket that uses gingham stitches consists of colorful checks. This design is very popular as it looks very decent and sober. The designers have consistently used this pattern to provide an appealing appearance.

You can achieve gingham patterns using a variety of stitches like single stitch, double stitch, griddle stitch, simple stitch, etc. While making the gingham crochet blanket, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind:

You need three colors of yarn to obtain the pattern. For example, if you want to make a purple crochet blanket, you can use colors like dark purple, white, and a lighter shade of purple. It will give you a very pretty and elegant texture to the blanket.

How to Make a Gingham Patterned Purple Crochet Blanket?

How to Make a Gingham Patterned Purple Crochet Blanket?

Several stitches can be used to make a gingham pattern. Each of them has its advantages, and the check size, consistency, and texture all differ in each pattern. Depending on the final look you want to achieve, you can select the design you find most desirable. In this article, we will discuss how to make a purple crochet blanket using a griddle stitch.

A griddle stitch is nothing but an alternative series of single and double stitches that help you obtain an amazing and stunning pattern for your blankets. In this guide, you will be presented with a detailed method on how to make a purple crochet blanket on your own using griddle stitches.

Material Required for Purple Crochet Blanket

Material Required for Purple Crochet Blanket

To make your own pretty and cozy blanket, you need the following material:

  • Yarns of three different colors: Since you are making a purple crochet blanket, the basic color should be purple, then you need to select a complementing shade of purple, and the last color should contrast with purple. The contrasting color can be white.
  • Hooks: The size of the hook is mentioned on the yarn only, so always select the hook accordingly.
  • Scissor: You need to have a pair of scissors to make the adjustment of sizes in the best possible manner and to make all the provisions related to the project.
  • Needle: Eventually, the most crucial element to bring your imagination to life is to have a needle with you to get all the work done.

When purchasing the yarns, you should remember that you will be using medium-colored yarn the most in the entire blanket, so it should be purchased in greater quantity when compared to the other two yarns.

Steps Involved in Making a Purple Crochet Blanket

Once you have assembled all the things required to make the purple crochet blanket, you are now all set to make the stunning version of the blanket. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps precisely and with full attention. Ensure you do not skip any step in between; otherwise, you must work on the blanket again.

Step 1: Decide the Length of the Blanket

Step 1 Decide the Length of the Blanket

While working on the blanket, count the number of chains you need according to the desired length of the blanket. Divide the entire length into odd multiples to get a uniform look for the blanket. For example, you can select multiples of 3 or 5. ( Let’s suppose five chains, with each chain containing 20 stitches).

Step 2: Start Making the Chains

Step 2 Start Making the Chains

Start with the accent color and make the alternative single and double crochet stitches until the designated number of chains (20, according to our assumption). The accent color is generally the darkest shade of yarn used to make the pattern. If you want to stitch broader checks, increase the number of stitches. When working with a blanket, you should always begin with single crochet stitches and then proceed with double ones.

Step 3: Change the Color of the Yarn

Step 3 Change the Color of the Yarn

Once you have completed the desired number of chains with the darkest color, you can begin with the medium-colored yarn. Always change the yarn with a double crochet for a better finish. Repeat this process of griddle stitching up to the required chain length.

Step 4: Repeat the Procedure

Step 4 Repeat the Procedure

On reaching the end of the medium-colored chains, you again have to start working with the dark-colored yarn. For this, again, repeat the procedure of griddle stitching. Repeat this process of changing dark and medium-coloured yarn for the entire row. On reaching the end of the rows, secure the stitches with the simple stitch.

Start working with the next row and repeat this procedure for the number of rows you have decided on to get the complete check pattern. Generally, the number of rows you should select should be the same as the number of chains you selected for the single color.

Step 5: Start with the New Row with Alternate Colors

Step 5 Start with the New Row with Alternate Colors

When you start with the next row after obtaining the check pattern, begin with a double crochet and use the medium-colored yarn. It is important to start with double crochet in the alternate rows to obtain the griddle stitch for your purple crochet blanket. Once you’re done with medium-colored yarn, it’s time to introduce the lightest shade you have selected into your purple crochet blanket.

Repeat the same process of crocheting for the next 20 stitches, then switch to the medium-colored yarn. Repeat this process in the same way you did earlier to get the checks for the alternative pattern.

Step 6: Repeat the Same Steps for the Entire Blanket

Step 6 Repeat the Same Steps for the Entire Blanket

To make the purple crochet blanket, repeat all these steps of changing the yarn color and then stitching up to the desired length of the blanket you want. You might find it a little difficult initially, but once you become familiar with the pattern, you will enjoy the process. Moreover, it would be difficult in the starting to achieve speed, but with time, you will start working at a faster pace, so do not worry about being slow in the initial phase.

Step 7: Secure the Ends

Step 7 Secure the Ends

After you have completed the main design of the blanket, you can now add edges to it to make it look more attractive and stunning. Many options are available, from which you can select the one you find best for your blanket. However, if you don’t want to add an edging, that’s also okay, as the gingham blanket is complete in itself and does not require any extra edges for a finished look.

Alternative for Griddle Stitch to Make a Gingham Purple Crochet Blanket

If you want to make a gingham purple crochet blanket and are not that good with griddle stitches, then the other stitches are also options that you can consider, and select the one you find most appropriate for your blanket.

1. Single Crochet Stitch

Single Crochet Stitch

You might find it unbelievable, but it is possible to make one pretty purple crochet blanket using a single stitch. So, if you are new to crocheting, you can still make a blanket for yourself or your family. As you know, a single stitch pattern is the basis for all the other stitches. Therefore, you can always use single stitches to make a beautiful blanket. However, there is one drawback to using single stitches, and that is that they might consume more time as compared to double crochet stitches. But if you want to make a dense blanket, you can use single stitches for your purple crochet blanket.

2. Double Crochet Stitch

Double Crochet Stitch

Double crochet stitch to make a purple crochet blanket is another beginner-friendly and easy-to-stitch pattern. These stitches are ideal when working on large projects like blankets, as working with double stitches offers you speed; therefore, you can easily complete large projects in less time when compared to going for typical stitches. The finishing is also amazing when we use double crochet stitches, so we can say that it is not only a time saver but will also help you achieve a better appearance in your projects.

3. Half Double Crochet Stitch

Half Double Crochet Stitch

The half-double crochet stitch is also simple and helps to create a super smooth purple crochet blanket. The working pattern is also easy, and even beginners can work on big projects like blankets when working with half-double crochet. To make the half-double crochet stitch, you need to follow the procedure of yarn over, insert hook, and then yarn over again. It is simple, so you can make a beautiful purple crochet blanket using the half-double crochet stitch.

Things to Keep in Mind While Making a Purple Crochet Blanket

Things to Keep in Mind While Making a Purple Crochet Blanket

For a smooth work experience and to avoid any errors when working with a Gingham stitch, it is necessary to follow certain precautions. A few of them are listed below.

  • Select the hook of the recommended size: To obtain the desired texture and uniform consistency throughout the blanket, you should always use the hooks of the recommended size. Moreover, this also saves you from making very tight stitches, giving you a look like you are making a rug, so always select the hook of the appropriate size.
  • Change the yarn always in double crochet: Generally, it is advised that whenever you change the color, you always do it when you begin with the double crochet. It prevents the blanket from wearing off.
  • Use medium-colored yarn in every row: To avoid ending up with a checkerboard in your blanket, always use medium-colored yarn in every row of your blanket. Also, ensure you use the correct yarn in the correct chain, so work very carefully.
  • Have good practice working with the blanket: While making a gingham blanket, you will be using three different colored yarns; therefore, you must have familiarity with the pattern to avoid any mistakes when working with the big blanket. So, before working on the big blanket, try practicing the pattern at least twice or thrice to achieve perfection.
  • Work carefully to prevent the yarns from getting entangled: Another thing that you need to take care of while dealing with three different balls of yarn is to prevent them from getting entangled. It will lead to a waste of time trying to separate the yarns from each other.
  • Keep a count of the stitches you make: One of the essential things to remember when making a purple crochet blanket is to keep a count of the stitches you have decided for a particular color. Always count the stitches you have made, then switch to the next yarn whenever necessary. The most effective strategy is double-checking the design before proceeding to the next color.
  • Work with full dedication: This might not sound like a precaution, but when working with a gingham purple crochet blanket and using three different yarns, it is best to work with dedication and focus so that you do not make any mistakes in the long run. Always cross-check each step you make, keep a count of the stitches, and keep an idea of the pattern you want to make before you start stitching.


Make a stunning purple crochet blanket using a gingham stitch pattern. Unleash your creativity while experimenting with the steps involved in making the blanket.

Follow all the steps mentioned, and finally, you will have your beautiful blanket ready. Once you go through the steps, you will realize that it isn’t a big task to make a blanket for you or your family members.

So, don’t hesitate to make a beautiful blanket and feel proud to spend some cozy time in it. It’s a great way to utilize your time and do something exciting and distinctive. Grab all the essential things required and start your journey to making the blanket. You will definitely love the process.

Once the blanket is ready, spend lots of time in it, remembering the time you’ve spent making it, and you will feel proud of the masterpiece you have created!

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