25 Super Cute Polka Dot Blankets Patterns for Your Little Ones

“To all the crochet lovers out there, you know pretty well how crochet is synonymous with fun and innovation.” This statement is no different when it comes to trying out polka dot patterns with crochet, right? With the advent of the spotted pattern in the 19th century, after the dancers of the then-popular couple dance form “polka,” organized polka clubs to introduce a spotted uniform, these dots have been in style up until now.

And if you are wondering why we are talking about this unique dot variation, it’s because we have something super-exciting up our sleeve that you might be interested in! In this article, we have curated 25 beautiful and super cute polka dot blanket patterns for your baby! What’s more, you can also crochet a polka dot blanket to make for a lovely handmade gift for your expecting best friend or someone who’s expecting a child in your immediate family or has just become a new mom!

Polka Dots: A Cheerful Pattern

A Cheerful Pattern

Looking back at history, there is yet no definitive answer to “Where did polka dots come from?” or “When did polka dots come into fashion.” But the one definitive fact is that they are a lively print! Whether incorporated into dresses, hats, scarves, blankets, or any other accessory, polka dots make a statement piece and brighten up the aura of the surroundings.

No wonder crocheting a polka dot blanket for your little one is a great way to lift their spirits and also improve the ambiance of the home! As a beginner, you can use the simple bobble stitch to crochet polka dots. Polka dot blankets not only make for thoughtful gifts for friends and family but are also functional in terms of comforting a baby and keeping them warm.

Hence, whether you are an amateur or experienced in the art of crocheting, you should definitely try your hand at polka dot blankets!

Top Polka Dot Baby Blanket Patterns

Selecting a pattern for your new polka dot blanket project can be time-consuming, given that there are many for you to try. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of 25 bright polka-dot blanket patterns for babies.

1. Blue and White Polka Dot Blanket

Blue and White Polka Dot Blanket

This crochet blanket pattern is the perfect gift for a baby boy. You could crochet charming white polka dots on a blue base or blue polka dots on a serene white crochet base. A bright pattern that radiates positivity uses smooth variegated yarns in both colors that are hypoallergenic for the safety of the baby’s skin.

Try baby blue for baby blankets or other light shades of blue like sky blue or marine blue to create a cozy variation that helps soothe the baby. A knowledge of the basic stitches should suffice in helping you crochet this lovely polka dot blanket pattern.

2. Pink and White Polka Dot Blanket

Pink and White Polka Dot Blanket

Remember the joy that swept you off your feet at your or your best friend’s gender reveal when you learned about a baby girl? Well, now you can express happiness and gratefulness with this lovely feminine pink and white polka dot blanket pattern! Welcome the little princess with this thoughtful gift that you can DIY.

Crochet medium-sized polka dots using bobble stitches. This sweet baby blanket will serve as a safe zone for the little girl throughout her entire childhood, and she will cherish it as one of the most heartfelt gifts she received as an infant.

3. Rainbow Polka Dot Blanket

Rainbow Polka Dot Blanket

Every little one loves and deserves a dream welcomed into the lives of their parents and family. Add the perfect dreamy quotient to their life with this enchanting rainbow polka dot baby blanket. Every polka dot in this pattern radiates a burst of color, perfectly denoting the joyousness of the occasion of their arrival.

You could either place seven polka dots horizontally or vertically to enliven the rainbow theme of the polka dot blanket. To add a modern variation, you could crochet a rainbow backdrop and incorporate white polka dots on it.

4. Dotted Dreamland Polka Dot Blanket

Dotted Dreamland Polka Dot Blanket

Crocheting is not just therapeutic but also allows you to expand your creative skills. The dotted dreamland polka dot blanket pattern holds the perfect testimony to the above statement. With this colorful pattern, you can embark on a solo adventure to the land of patterns and colors while physically not having to move an inch! The design shows you exactly why. You are free to experiment with textures and stitches with this pattern, and let no one stop you from it!

5. Multicolored Polka Dot Blanket

Multicolored Polka Dot Blanket

This very gorgeous polka dot blanket pattern allows you to portray the energy and liveliness of your personality while also lighting up your baby’s mood and room! The multicolored polka dot blanket pattern is sure to grab eyeballs when you take your infant out for an evening stroll in the pram.

Despite the high vibrancy, this pattern is absolutely beginner-friendly and could be one of the best artworks one could try as a novice. Use your favorite colors and include as many different ones as you wish for an attention-grabbing blanket pattern.

6. Lemon Zest Polka Dot Blanket

Lemon Zest Polka Dot Blanket

Want to crochet a minimal polka dot baby blanket that doesn’t look or feel “boring”? Then you have to try out this lemon zest polka dot blanket pattern! Infused with the brightness of the happy sunshine, this blanket is perfect for babies. Radiance, warmth, and positivity, these three words sum up the aura this blanket pattern gives off.

The sun-kissed lemon zest color emits a natural healing vibe that creates a safety haven for your little one for long after they have outgrown infancy.

7. Berry Blush Polka Dot Blanket

Berry Blush Polka Dot Blanket

Unlike the round dots of a characteristic “polka dot,” the berry blush polka dot blanket crochet includes diamond shapes curated by crocheting polka dots. A perfect combination of the rhombus shape and the polka dot stitch, the berry blush pattern speaks refinement in terms of taste.

Go with soft hues to elevate the charisma of this pattern. Chunky yarns work best with this specific polka dot blanket crochet pattern. It can be used as a perfect polka dot swaddle that keeps the young one snug and comfy.

8. White Polka Dot Blanket

White Polka Dot Blanket

There is nothing more simple yet comforting than an all-white polka dot blanket. Setting the perfect serene and peaceful atmosphere, a white polka dot comforter is ideal for newborns and infants. Choose chemical-free white yarn for crocheting a white polka dot blanket for the baby.

This pattern speaks of the subtlety of the art and is a unique variation in polka dot blanket patterns that effectively makes it stand out higher from the rest. While it may look simple, it is never dull, and crochet lovers with all skill levels can make this with ease.

9. Van Gogh Polka Dot Blanket

Van Gogh Polka Dot Blanket

Sounds odd for a baby blanket pattern? Not unless you try it out for yourself! The Van Gogh polka dot blanket pattern does not necessarily have to include the starry night pattern. All you need to ensure is that you capture the essence of the tranquility of the night enamored by the twinkling stars.

A backdrop of dark blue or even white should work well for this polka-dot blanket pattern. This blanket portrays your creativity and sense of aesthetics, and we bet the little one will love the array of colors in this pattern.

10. Black and White Polka Dot Blanket

Black and White Polka Dot Blanket

This pattern is a classic, and you can very well use it as a polka dot throw. Depicting the glory of vintage aesthetics, this black and white combo combines the subtlety of the pattern with the intricacy of the process of crochet. You could crochet small or large polka dots according to your taste.

Crochet in the back loop to give it a ribbed texture. You could opt to keep the edge free without a border (especially if you don’t have much time in hand), and the blanket would still be complete. Medium-weighted yarn is best for this pattern.

11. Lullaby Lace Polka Dot Blanket

Lullaby Lace Polka Dot Blanket

Never envisioned using a lullaby stitch for a polka dot blanket pattern? Well, now you do! We know how much you love using the lullaby blanket pattern and how much you love the sheer lace fabric. And that is why we have combined them for crocheting a baby blanket using polka dots as the central theme. As much as you will love this project, your baby will love the texture even more.

It is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, so they are sure to enjoy a peaceful sleep cuddled up in this cozy DIY polka dot blanket that you have curated with love.

12. Cotton Candy Confetti Polka Dot Blanket

Cotton Candy Confetti Polka Dot Blanket

Reminisce your love for cotton candies in your childhood with this polka dot baby blanket pattern. The cotton candy confetti baby afghan is not just warm and snuggly but also attractive for your baby. With the baby pink color, this blanket uplifts your child’s mood and makes them not want to leave this blanket at any time of the day!

Chunky chenille or sage yarn makes the perfect base for crocheting the cotton candy confetti polka dot blanket that you can use as a swaddle or a comforter for a child. The mild nature of this pattern is a must-have for a baby.

13. Pastel Polka Dot Blanket

Pastel Polka Dot Blanket

Also known as pastel polka dot delight, this blanket pattern combines the softness of neutral pastel colors with the high-vibrational energy of polka dots. Delve in the cheerfulness of this pattern that exudes unadulterated joy and delight within the crocheter and the one using it.

While you can choose any color, when it comes to polka dot blanket patterns for the baby, we recommend warm tones like warm blues, warm greens, yellows, or warm reds.

You can either use lightweight yarn or lace fabric for crocheting this baby blanket. You may also choose to crochet polka dots in a different color or the same color as the entire blanket.

14. Bubblegum Bliss Polka Dot Blanket

Bubblegum Bliss Polka Dot Blanket

When the whole world can be your blank canvas, why not adorn your crochet with a sweet, bubbly, and cheerful one? The bubblegum bliss polka dot blanketpattern is a reminder of the love and adoration that you hold for your baby. Appreciate their presence with this cute design.

The best part is you don’t have to do elaborate polka dots all over, but crochet simple ones in two to three rows (or even one!), and it will look absolutely beautiful! So, if you are not very confident with the bobble stitch, keep practicing in swatches, and until then, curate this polka dot blanket with comparatively less number of polka dots.

15. Whimsical Dotwork Polka Dot Blanket

Whimsical Dotwork Polka Dot Blanket

Who said polka-dot arrangements need to be perfectly lined up? Unleash your inner child and playful nature with the whimsical dotwork baby afghan. As the name suggests, be whimsical, be free, and position your polka dots in irregular alignment.

And by irregular alignment, we don’t just mean random positionings but also asymmetrical and non-uniform sizes! Sounds fun? We know! And that is why we encourage the free-spirited ones to try this seemingly daring yet innovative polka dot blanket pattern.

16. Granny Square Polka Dot Blanket

Granny Square Polka Dot Blanket

With baby blankets, innovation is the key. And that is why we present to you the fun and super easy combo of granny squares and polka dots. Mix and match the duo to create a dazzling polka-dot blanket pattern. You can use leftover skeins for this project, which is an additional advantage.

With this pattern, there is no rule that you have to follow in terms of color sequencing. Yes, you can crochet multicolored polka dots over a base of granny squares to crochet this interesting baby blanket pattern.

17. Silver and White Polka Dot Blanket

Silver and White Polka Dot Blanket

Silver may seem to be a bit bland for crocheting a baby blanket, we agree. But with this polka dot baby blanket pattern, it is far away from being so! Highlighting the theme of a silvery cloud, this simple yet prominent baby blanket is perfect for babies to use during spring.

You can spice things up by creating a flower ensemble using the polka dots, as shown in the picture. This blanket pattern, when crocheted with chunky yarn, keeps babies warm and agreeable.

18. Sea Bubbles Polka Dot Blanket

Sea Bubbles Polka Dot Blanket

Feel the calmness of the sea with this polka-dot blanket pattern. Portraying sea bubbles, this design alludes to the softness of sea foam. Imagine the deafening roar of the sea waves and bring out the gentleness that such strength possesses on your crochet canvas.

Brownie points for using coral green yarn or sea green yarn as a backdrop for this polka dot blanket pattern. Little ones love such soothing visuals as this sea bubble baby blanket radiates.

19. Whispering Wind Polka Dot Blanket

Whispering Wind Polka Dot Blanket

Seamlessly blending the tranquility of a gentle breeze on a bright summer day with the early morning sunshine, this polka dot blanket pattern is truly happiness in a box. It reminds you of your child’s giggles and smiles, and you will cherish this piece for a lifetime, long after your baby has outgrown it.

Requiring meticulousness to crochet, this design displays your labor of love. The whispering wind polka dot baby blanket is timeless, owing to the muted backdrop. Choosing the right color palette is essential when crocheting this masterpiece.

20. Gold and Black Polka Dot Blanket

Gold and Black Polka Dot Blanket

Looking to crochet a baby blanket for the winters that keep your baby protected from the harsh cold? Look no further than this exquisite gold and black polka dot baby blanket pattern. The richness of this color amalgam, coupled with the subtleness of the crochet pattern, makes it a gem among the numerous winter baby blanket patterns.

Blank polka dots blend in with the lustrous texture of the golden color smoothly – giving the illusion of a knitted piece. Keep your baby cozy with this marvelous crochet baby blanket.

21. Baby Yoda Polka Dot Blanket

Baby Yoda Polka Dot Blanket

Who doesn’t love Baby Yoda? None, right? So, why not incorporate this popular Disney character into your crochet baby blanket pattern? Use polka dots to create a figurine of this character and give life to your polka dot blanket.

This custom baby blanket design is great for both boys and girls, and the distinguishing motif will surely draw compliments and applause for you. You need to be adept in changing yarn colors when crocheting to be able to craft the baby Yoda polka dot blanket.

22. Mini Polka Dot Blanket

Mini Polka Dot Blanket

You guessed it right. This baby blanket pattern incorporates the usage of mini polka dots. Adding the perfect cuteness quotient, mini polka dot blankets are loved by parents and babies alike. The size of the polka dots reduces the rugged texture of the stitches, making them feel tender on the baby’s skin, thus reducing the chances of skin rashes.

You can add ruffles and rosebuds at the edges for a gaudy border. One unique advantage this crochet provides is that the small size of the polka dots makes it easy to fold and store this blanket.

23. Blossom Bloom Polka Dot Blanket

Blossom Bloom Polka Dot Blanket

Why wait for March and April for the blossom to bloom? Adorn your little one with the fascinating hue of blossom with this polka dot blanket crochet pattern. Create colorful flowers using polka dots to transform the simple design into a cheerful and lively one.

Orange, yellow, red, pink, or even white polka dot flowers in different hues contribute to the jolly blanket pattern. This blanket pattern is a perfect example of a multicolored polka dot blanket pattern that isn’t excessively bright, such as one that hurts the eye yet is attractive.

24. Striped Polka Dot Blanket

Striped Polka Dot Blanket

Polka dots themselves are attractive enough. So, instead of doing variations of the characteristic round circles, you can crochet simple polka dots in a horizontal line. This gives a striped polka dot blanket pattern that is modest and fuss-free. Perfect for toddlers and little children, the striped dots blanket pattern is easy to maintain and store.

The uncomplicated configuration of the polka dots makes the pattern beginner-friendly, so irrespective of how many years you have been crocheting, you can try your hand at this.

25. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Polka Dot Blanket

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Polka Dot Blanket

Bring to life the aura of the twinkling stars that light up the sky with this cute star-shaped polka dot blanket for your baby. Prepare a star stitch baby blanketas the base for this quirky polka dot baby blanket pattern. While you can use this as a cover for the slightly chilly evenings, this can also double up as a polka dot throw blanket when sized large enough.

Pair it up with matching crochet beanies or mittens to make for a wholesome gift package. This blanket is soft and squishy, so your child will love the feel of it against their sensitive skin.


Polka dot blanket patterns liven up the atmosphere and your child’s mood. And, of course, could there be any gift more perfect than a handmade crochet artwork that combines practicality with a hint of modern touch? While polka dots have been in fashion for much longer than we can comprehend, their use in baby blanket patterns is still limited.

But with these ideas in hand, we bet it won’t be the same with you when you crochet a DIY polka dot blanket for your darling baby. The simplicity of the patterns adds to the sophistication of these blankets. Yet, they are bright and attractive without being on the face.

Have you made a polka-dot blanket before? If yes, which pattern did you create? If not, we are sure you can’t wait any longer to try out one. Which one among the above will you crochet? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Polka Dots Flattering?

The unanimous answer to this question would be yes. Polka dots are flattering, and they are always trendy, no matter the time of the year. Polka dots owe this to the versatility they offer, along with the flexibility to use the pattern in anything from dresses to umbrellas or even wallpapers.

What is a Good Size for a Homemade Baby Blanket?

Well, the answer is variable since the size really depends upon what purpose you would like to use it for and what age group you are referring to. However, a general rule of thumb would be 45cm x 60cm for the small baby blanket suitable for newborns and infants, 75cm x 90cm for medium baby blankets suitable for infants and toddlers, and 90cm x 130cm for large baby blankets suitable for young children.

What are the Most Popular Baby Blanket Colors?

The most popular baby blanket colors include white, blue, pink, and yellow. With polka dot blanket patterns for babies, however, you are welcome to experiment with a wider color palette, ranging from soft neutrals to slightly warm colors or even bold and bright ones. We recommend using at least two colors for crocheting baby blankets. If you’re confused about which color to choose, white polka dots are always a safe choice.

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