Single Crochet Blanket: Step-By-Step Beginner-Friendly Guide

Every journey begins with a single step. And crocheting is no exception. A single crochet stitch is one of the fundamental steps for beginners in crocheting. If you’re wondering – “What can I crochet with a single crochet?” let us tell you, based on this single stitch, you can weave countless intricate pieces – including a blanket! Surprising, isn’t it?

Although, as a beginner, crocheting a single crochet blanket might seem tough, you are tougher. So, if you are up for the challenge, we are here to make the task less daunting for you. In this guide, we have curated an approachable path to equip you with knowledge and skills to kick-start your new venture – a single crochet blanket.

Read on to find detailed instructions on how to single crochet blankets as a beginner to tips and alternative beginner-friendly crochet blankets that are worth a try.

The World of Single Crochet Blanket

The World of Single Crochet Blanket

A single crochet blanket is a stitch that is easy to grasp yet produces a unique look. You can memorize the stitch pattern quickly and work with it meditatively. Plus, in a single crochet blanket, there are no large gaps between the stitches. And guess what that does? It makes your blanket a cozy one!

Besides, simplicity is the USP of a single crochet blanket. Even adding color will not be much of a hassle for beginners. So, are you ready to wrap up yourself in your craft?

Essential Materials You Need For Single Crochet Blanket

Before you begin any project, picking suitable materials is essential. This initial step ensures whether the end product will be successful or not. To start a single crochet blanket, here’s a breakdown of the materials you will need:

1. Yarn


First and foremost, no crochet project will be complete without yarn. But before you go on to purchase yarn for a single crochet blanket, consider three things. First, the color palette – choose the one that you are drawn to. Make sure the colors are visually appealing.

Second, the amount of yarn you need depends on the size of your blanket. If you cannot calculate, this yarn calculator is of great help. Simply put in the details of your project, and in a flash, you will know how many yarn skeins you will need to crochet one single crochet blanket.

Third, opt for a soft and durable yarn for the overall feel of your blanket. You can also weigh your options based on weight. If you want a lighter-weight blanket, select light-weighted yarn. We generally recommend using a medium-weight yarn as it is a perfect fit for almost all categories of blankets. But if you want to complete the single crochet blanket quickly, heavy-weight yarn is a better choice.

Crochet Hook

Crochet Hook

The hook size is dependent on the type of yarn you purchased. A larger hook is appropriate for thicker yarn, and a smaller hook works best with finer yarn. But make sure to check the grip and comfort of different hooks to pick the perfect one.

Pro-Tip: The yarn you purchase contains a label that recommends the preferred hook size. This allows you to pair the hook easily and effectively with the yarn.

Additional Materials

Additional Materials

Besides yarn and hook, you will need scissors, yarn needle (tapestry needle), and stitch markers(optional yet a must for beginners). With the help of these materials, you can achieve a professional finish on your blanket.

Introduction to the Basics of Crochet Stitches

With all the materials in hand, you are one step closer to crocheting a single crochet blanket. Now, it is time to familiarize yourself with the basic crochet stitches needed for this project. Mastering these stitches beforehand will help you to transform the yarn into a cozy single crochet blanket confidently!

1. Slip Knot

Slip Knot

If you are into crocheting, you must be familiar with slip knots. It is where every stitch begins. It serves as the first loop on your crochet hook. To make a slip knot – hold the yarn, leaving a tail behind. Twist your finger to form a loop. Now, insert your fingers through the loop and pull the yarn. Then, put in the hook and adjust the size accordingly.

2. Chain Stitch

Chain Stitch

Chain stitch or Ch is the easiest and foundation of all stitches. Once you start forming the slip knot with ease, start crocheting the chain. The Ch will also determine the width of your project, which is, in this case – the blanket. Make a Ch-yarn over and pull the yarn through the loop on your crochet hook.

3. Single Crochet

Single Crochet

Needless to say, the primary “stitch” for a single crochet blanket is single crochet. It is the heart of your blanket. So, before you take up the challenge, ensure you know how to handle a single crochet stitch. The best part about this stitch is that it is beginner-friendly. No complicated loops and pull-throughs. But of course, you have to practice it prior to the project.

To execute single crochet( SC) – make a slip knot and a foundation chain. Then, insert your hook into the next chain, yarn over, and pull through. This will create two loops on the hook. Now, to complete the stitch, yarn over again and pull through both loops. Repeat these steps till the end to form the first row.

4. Turning Chain and Weaving Ends

Turning Chain and Weaving Ends

To ensure proper transition to the next row, you’ll have to practice the turning chain. The turning chain also provides height to your work. Depending on the height, the turning chain consists of one or more chain stitches.

After completion of each section or row or even when you change colors, remember to weave the loose end into the main stitch. By doing this extra little step, you will secure all the stitches.

Given all the basic stitches above, we suggest practicing all of these stitches combined and creating a swatch. Then, gradually work your way up to create a beautiful single crochet blanket.

Step-By-Step Guide to Single Crochet Blanket

Step-By-Step Guide to Single Crochet Blanket

Finally, it is time to share with you the no-experience required, beginner-friendly step-by-step guide on how to single crochet blankets. Let’s jump into the much-awaited part of this guide:

Step 1: Create the Foundation Chain

The foundation chain is nothing but a series of chain stitches:

  • Make a slip knot.
  • Create the first chain stitch by grabbing the crochet hook, yarn over it, and pulling it through the loop.
  • Keep repeating this until you reach your desired number of chain stitches for the blanket. For instance, in a standard single crochet blanket, we suggest making at least 70 to 100 chains for the start.
  • Add an extra chain stitch after the desired number of chain stitches. Generally, the last chain is from where the single crochet begins.
  • Once the foundation chain is created, it should resemble a braid.

Step 2: Start Single Crocheting

  • Use the last chain stitch of the foundation chain for stitching the first single crochet.
  • Start with a loop on your hook.
  • Then, do a simple single crochet stitch using the method as mentioned above – insert the hook through the stitch, have two loops, and pull the yarn through both.

Step 3: Form the First Row

  • Continue to do single crochets in every single chain stitch of the foundation chain.
  • At the end of the first row of single crochet, do a slip stitch.
  • Then, chain one (to set the height for the next row and keep the blanket straight) and turn your workaround.

Step 4: Continue to Build New Rows

Now proceed with the new rows:

  • This time, you will find two loops on the top, but count it as one.
  • And repeat the process of a single crochet.
  • Keep creating the single chain and turning your work at the end of each row.
  • Build as many rows as you desire, the height of the blanket.

Step 5: Change Colors

If you want your single crochet blanket to be bi-color or multicolor, alternate the yarn in between the rows. For example:

  • After every 10 rows, start with a new color at the last single crochet of the row.
  • Fold in the new color with a little bit of tail to weave in later.
  • Put it on the hook and loop in through the remaining two loops.
  • Then, make a chain with the new color.
  • And continue with the single crochet stitches.

Step 6: Finish It Off

With the majority of the part done, make sure to add in the finishing touches:

  • Tie a knot with the remaining tails tightly.
  • Then, weave them in and out into the stitches to achieve a neat appearance.
  • To further secure the weaves, tie a little knot and continue.
  • Once done, stretch the crochet a bit to make it seamless.

Additional Tips to Successfully Crochet a Single Crochet Blanket

Additional Tips to Successfully Crochet a Single Crochet Blanket

We have some essential tips and tricks to arm you up for a satisfying crocheting experience:

  • If you want your blanket to look very polished, add a border.
  • Pick up your blanket as you stitch single crochets into the row. Otherwise, the blanket will slant and stitch sideways.
  • As a beginner, we recommend counting how many single crochet stitches you are doing so that you do not miss any stitches in between.
  • Always hold your crochet hook away from the next stitch. This will allow you to see which stitch you are chaining into for the next and help you avoid uneven sides on your single crochet blanket.
  • If you run out of your yarn skein, add a new ball of yarn just by tying two tiny knots. No one will be able to distinguish it from the rest of the crochet.

Alternative Blanket Pattern for Crocheters to Try

If you want to work on your crocheting skills, there is nothing better than trying out different crochet blanket stitches. We have listed some of the easy crochet blanket patterns for the beginners below:

1. Shell Stitch Blanket

Shell Stitch Blanket

If you want to crochet a blanket with an intricate pattern – shell stitch should be your go-to. It looks extremely elegant. It is one of the easy crochet stitches for beginners to try. From full blankets to baby blankets, this crochet stitch fits the bill.

2. Granny Stripe Stitches Blanket

Granny Stripe Stitches Blanket

If you aim to crochet a comforter that you can cuddle in throughout the day, you must crochet this granny stripe stitch blanket. It is a fun stitch made with granny clusters. And, of course, you get to experiment with colors in every row of the blanket.

3. Corner To Corner Crochet Blanket

Corner To Corner Crochet Blanket

Corner to corner or C2C crochet is a pattern we can’t take our eyes off. It works diagonally from one corner to another. This gives your project a pixelated effect. The best part about this pattern is that you can experiment with diverse color palettes. By the way, this crochet stitch is well-known for graphghan blankets – a custom-made blanket!

4. Herringbone Double Crochet Blanket

Herringbone Double Crochet Blanket

It is a reversible crochet stitch perfect for textured projects. If you want a bit more height and texture than a single crochet blanket, give Herringbone double crochet a try. It is not as complicated as it sounds. Plus, you can crochet this pattern quite faster than a single crochet.

Single Crochet Blanket: Craft With Patience

A single crochet blanket is an excellent pattern for absolute beginners. If you have read till the end, you will know that there is no need for any prior experience in the crocheting field to take up this challenge. From mastering the basic stitches to a step-by-step guide, we have covered everything you need to start crocheting a single crochet blanket.

With that said, do not think about the tenacity of the project; keep going. With one single stitch at a time, you’ll soon find yourself ready with a cozy single-crochet blanket! And do share a glimpse of your single crochet blanket with us in the comments! Do you have any more queries? Drop them in the comments as well! We are one comment away from helping you crochet smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can a Beginner Crochet a Single Crochet Blanket?

Although that depends on how fast you can crochet, as a beginner, it will take you between two to three days (only if you work continuously) to crochet a single crochet blanket.

What is the Best Way to Cater to Single Crochet Blanket?

The no-fuss way to take care of a single crochet blanket is by adhering to the care instructions on the yarn label. Besides, we always recommend hand washing the blanket in cold water. Also, use a mild detergent to avoid any hamper to the material. Lastly, if there is no rush, air-dry your blanket for longevity.

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