half double crochet slip stitch

Made an extensive search throughout with numerous tutorials to get a comprehensive guide on half double crochet slip stitch and was still not able to find that definitive resource.

Worry no more; we understand the importance of clarity and thorough guidance in crocheting and, therefore, have come up with a beginner-friendly holistic tutorial on half double slip stitch.

The tutorial encompasses everything from the foundation chain, basic stitches, and step-by-step instructions to weaving in loose ends. Everything is listed from scratch, so you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of stitches.

Well, this half-double crochet slip stitch can be completed in no time but to further enhance your skills. For a better understanding, we have extended it into a wearable that is sure to add warmth and compassion, thereby showcasing your efforts, love, and skills. So why wait any longer?

Let’s quickly dive and learn to make a half-double slip stitch and explore the surprise that awaits.

What is a Half Double Slip Stitch?

What is a Half Double Slip Stitch?

A half double slip stitch is a crochet technique that combines the stitching technique of a half double crochet and a slip stitch. On combining both stitches, the resulting stitch is longer than a slip stitch but shorter than a half double crochet stitch. Note that half double slip stitch isn’t a standard stitch; its steps can vary depending upon the pattern you are going for.

Essential Materials Required to Make Half Double Slip Stitch

Essential Materials Required to Make Half Double Slip Stitch

Crocheting requires dedication, patience, and practice. Consistency to these is the key to a wonderful and professional-looking project, but a lack of materials during the process undermines these aspects. Therefore, to safeguard you from any such situation, we have listed all the materials that need to be at hand when getting started with crocheting half double slip stitch.

  • Yarn: Choose the type of yarn according to your project type. If you’re thinking of making blankets, scarves, or anything else, acrylic or cotton yarn will be a great choice. If you are practicing on gauge, choose any fiber, but it should be of medium weight. However, we recommend using sage green merino wool because of its smoothness, and the stitches made with it are clear.
  • Crochet Hook: This will decide your work’s overall look and texture, so choose wisely. Go for a crochet hook that goes well with your yarn fiber. To know this, simply refer to the yarn label for the recommended size. If your yarn doesn’t have a tag, consider using an H/8 (5mm) hook for your chosen worsted-weight yarn.
  • Scissors: Make sure your scissors blade is sharp, which allows for a clean cut without making the yarn fray.
  • Tapestry Needle: Choose a blunt-tipped needle with a large eye and that with a larger number. This will help in weaving in loose yarn ends, providing a polished finish to your work.
  • Measuring Tape: It ensures your project remains within the desired dimensions and is also helpful during blocking.

Step-By-Step Guide to Craft Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch

Step-By-Step Guide to Craft Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch

Having all the materials at hand would have empowered you more to begin with crocheting quickly. Remember, we have made things easier for you with detailed step-by-step instructions, but the tightening of stitches, tension between stitches, and the stitch count are the things you need to pay careful attention to.

However, if you’re someone who loses on counts, use stitch markers, and for those who aren’t able to make consistent tension, a tension regulator will be helpful. Now, with all the prerequisites, you’re better prepared for crocheting, so let’s quickly dive in and explore the steps to make a

Step 1: Making the Starting Chain

Making the Starting Chain

This is the very first step in any crochet project. It includes creating a loop in the yarn, which is placed on the crochet hook and is then called a slip knot. The knot we just created secures the yarn to the hook and is marked as the beginning of the stitches.

Once the slip knot is tightened up, start creating a foundation chain by forming a series of chain stitches. The number of these chain stitches depends upon the project width, but since we’re focused on making a gauge, 20 chains will be enough.

Step 2: Draping the Yarn

Draping the Yarn

The step where we begin with crochet stitch. Wrap the yarn around the hook and hold the slip knot against the prepared foundation chain to avoid errors. Finally, wrap the yarn around the hook from back to front to get a loop on the hook.

Step 3: Preparing for First Stitch

Preparing for First Stitch

  • Begin the step by inserting the crochet hook into the required stitch or space. To get the very first stitch of your first row, insert the hook into the third chain from the hook. This will help maintain an even edge on your work.
  • With the yarn wrapped around the hook, pull it through the stitch. This will create three loops on the hook: the initial loop from step 2 and two loops from stitch.
  • To make a stitch, yarn over once again and pull the yarn through all three loops on the hook. As soon as the loop is formed, your first half double slip stitch is formed. It’ll look like a short and sturdy loop.

Step 4: Repeating the Process

Repeating the Process

Now that you have made your first stitch, focus on making your first row. All you have to do is insert the yarn into the subsequent stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over again, and pull through all the loops in the hook. Repeat these till you reach the end of the row.

Step 5: Turning Chain

Turning Chain

After reaching the end of the row, turn your work to start with the new row. To turn your work, chain a series of two stitches, which is the same as the first half double crochet slip stitch but marks the beginning of the new row. This particular step maintains the proper height for your stitches and ensures your work is even.

Step 6: Completing the Gauge

Completing the Gauge

Once you’re done making the turning chain, again repeat step 4 across the row, and when on end, create a turning chain and then continue. Repeat this till your gauge achieves the desired dimensions. After reaching the desired length, cut the yarn leaving the tail. Now, pull the yarn tail through the last loop on the hook to secure it, hence securing the yarn from tangling.

Project that Can Be Crafted with Half Double Slip Stitch

Project that Can Be Crafted with Half Double Slip Stitch

There are various things you can work on with half double slip stitches, but to mention them all at once would be overwhelming and can result in confusion. Therefore, to enhance your skills without taking much time, we have jotted down the steps with which you can make a half-double crochet slip-stitch blanket. Without making any further detailing, let us get started with the idea here.

Step 1: Making a Foundation Chain

Making a Foundation Chain .png

Initialize by making a foundation chain with a length that corresponds to your desired width of the blanket. Create a slip knot and tighten it on your crochet hook. Yarn over and pull through the slip knot to create the first chain. Repeat the process till your chain reaches the desired width.

Step 2: Crafting First Row

Crafting First Row

Start crocheting the first row by working half double crochet into the second chain from the hook. Yarn over and insert the hook into the required stitch; yarn over again and pull up a loop. This will give you three loops on the hook. Finally, yarn over one more time and pull through all three loops. Continue working stitches across the row. To make a double crochet, follow the steps below:

Step 3: Transition Row with Slip Stitches

Transition Row with Slip Stitches

For row 2, work slips stitch. Chain a single stitch to start the row, then insert your hook into the first half double crochet stitch of the previous row. Yarn over and pull through both the hdc stitch and loop hook to create a slip stitch. Repeat this across the row.

Step 4: Repeat Half Double Crochet and Slip Stitch Rows

Repeat Half Double Crochet and Slip Stitch Rows .jpg

Switch between half double crochet and slip stitch rows as desired for a meaningful textured pattern. Remember to chain a single stitch before starting each row of slip stitches.

Step 5: Changing Yarn Colors


If you want to give half double crochet and slip stitch a different color, change the yarn color at the end of the row. Finish the last half double slip stitch of a row with a new yarn color, ensuring a smooth altering of colors.

Step 6: Achieving the Desired Length

Achieving the Desired Length .jpg

Continue repeating the alternating rows until you reach the required dimensions. Utilize measuring tape to track your progress and for accuracy on completion of the work.

Step 7: Finishing the Blanket

Finishing the Blanket

Once you have attained the desired length, complete your blanket with a final row of slip stitches. Cut the yarn, leaving a tail, thread it into a yarn needle, and weave it through the last row of stitches to secure it. Further, check for any loose yarn ends that might have emerged while switching colors. Use the needle to stitch and hide them at the back side of the blanket, preventing unraveling.

Step 8: Complete the Blocking

Consider passing your completed blanket through the blocking process to eliminate the crumbled appearance. Further, it helps in making even tension throughout your stitches, thereby making your work look smooth and professional. For blocking your half double slip stitch crochet blanket, follow the steps below:

  • Flatten your blanket on a blocking mat.
  • Secure its edges with the blocking pin, but before placing the pin, take measurements if it doesn’t align with your desired dimensions, make adjustments, and then place the pins.
  • Spray water only if your yarn fiber can withstand it. To check the same, refer to the yarn label.
  • Squeeze out any excess water, if any, and let it air dry completely.

How Does Half Double Slip Stitch differ from Half Double Crochet?

How Does Half Double Slip Stitch differ from Half Double Crochet?

Half double slip stitch differs from a half double crochet in many ways, but the most noticeable ones are mentioned below:

  • Half double slip stitch is not a standard stitch, whereas half double crochet is a standard crochet technique.
  • Half Double Crochet is a bit longer than a half Double Crochet slip stitch.
  • While crocheting half double slip stitch, the last yarn over and pull through the three loops isn’t required but is a must for completing half double crochet stitch.


Making a half-double crochet slip stitch is super easy but requires attention to stitches, yarn placement, and hook positioning as you weave through.

Our tutorial will definitely guide you throughout, but as you crochet, the tightening of stitches, tension, and consistency is something you need to take care of.

If you’re unable to make even tension throughout, the key tool to it has already been mentioned in the steps.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands busy in crafting by diving into the half-double slip stitch tutorial and start crocheting. Do share in the comments below if browsing till the end was worth it.

Was the tutorial easy to follow? How was the wearable surprise? Did you like it? And do let us know your views on the same and how you would have proceeded further in the process ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Add Stripes in Half Double Slip Stitch?

To add stripes in half double crochet slip stitch, change your current yarn color at the end of the row, i.e., while making the turning chain. Start the new color in the second stitch of the turning chain and continue working rows in the new color, creating stripes as desired.

Can We Use Half Double Slip Stitch with Other Stitches?

Absolutely! Half double crochet slip stitch is versatile and goes well with various stitches, yielding great outcomes. Since the pattern looks tight, mixing it with double crochet alternatingly will be wonderful. Play around with different stitches to get the one that satisfies your taste.

What Things Can We Make with Half Double Crochet Slip Stitch?

Half double slip stitch is a versatile piece of art and, therefore, can be used in various crochet projects. It can be used in crafting scarves, hats, dishcloths, and blankets. Further, its fine appearance makes it a perfect choice for sweaters providing warmth.

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