35 Free Modern Baby Boy Blanket Patterns to Try

Is Baby Boy Onboard? We have the perfect gift plan sorted for you. Since winters are approaching and the little ones need tender care and a touch of softness, what’s better than gifting the cuties the ‘Modern Crochet Blanket’ to keep them warm? Be it your friend or a neighbor expecting a child or having a toddler, the kid’s parents will be overwhelmed by the beautiful gesture. You can weave out a beautiful baby boy blanket crochet pattern for the newborn nephew.

There are various kinds of yarns that can be used to make the comfiest crochet blanket for the baby boy. No worries if you are a beginner; these easy-to-make baby boy blanket crochet patterns will help you get started and round up the work easily. The free modern crochet designs are sure to make the toddler happy.

Best Modern Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

The beginner-friendly, easy-to-make baby crochet blankets are going to be very comfortable for the baby boy, and also, the parents will be less worried about the child catching a cold. So, grab onto the following ideas and get started on making a beautiful crochet blanket.

1. Henry’s Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Henry’s Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern.jpg

This blanket works great for a baby boy since it isn’t too fancy, and the textures are separated with thin white lines for a modern finished look. It uses modern ribbed edging and big, bold color blocks. The material keeps the child warm. The pattern creates visual interest for the kid.

2. Ruffle Edge Blanket

Ruffle Edge Blanket

The cute white colored blanket has a ruffled edge. It doesn’t matter how many stitches the blanket has; it is easy to ruffle the edges of a blanket. Start with ‘chain 3 times’. You can easily proceed with the help of tutorials and guidance. The cute ruffled edge makes a warm crochet for the baby.

3. Color Block Modern Blanket

Color Block Modern Blanket

The knowledge of basic crochet stitches and working of half-double crochet decrease will be enough to create a multi-colored color block modern blanket. Baby boy blanket crochet pattern is easy to create by memorizing the repetitive stitching patterns. The child will enjoy the color blocks.

4. Llama C2C Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Llama C2C Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

The colorful llama cactus design is easy to make. The step-by-step pattern guide is easy to follow for beginners as well. The llama yarn keeps the baby warm in chilly climatic conditions. The uniqueness of llama yarn, being lightweight, makes it an ideal material for a newborn baby.

5. Striped Pattern Crochet Blanket

Striped Pattern Crochet Blanket

The striped baby boy blanket crochet pattern is easy to begin and end with a single crochet. You can have a single colored stripe or use various colors to brighten up the child’s nagging mood. Every row of the stripe must end with a single crochet stitch, and so does the first stitch of every row.

6. Marshmallow Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Marshmallow Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Wrap the baby boy in a cute little marshmallow crochet blanket. Simple one-row repeats make the fluffy, soft blanket while you are watching your favorite 1-hour show. Just make sure that the chain is a multiple of 2 or 3. Weave in the tails, and the gift of marshmallow clouds is ready for the baby.

7. Seedling Blanket

Seedling Blanket.png

While it isn’t as easy as crochets can get, you can wrap up the seedling blanket fast if you are acquainted with the double crochet pattern. Be careful with the first few starting rows, and then enjoy knitting along with your favorite podcast. Highlight the border of the blanket like done here in the picture above. The fine texture will be perfect for the kid with too much movement.

8. Finley Baby Blanket

Finley Baby Blanket

Start with an even number chain and get yourself comfortable with the basics of single-crochet and half-double-crochet stitching patterns. Fasten off and weave loose ends throughout the blanket for a clean finish of the blanket. The making of a Finley baby boy blanket crochet pattern is quite easy compared to how complicated it seems.

9. Heirloom Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Heirloom Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

The premium heirloom crochet blanket is a thoughtful gift you can give to a couple who are expecting a child. Working with boucle yarn can be a little difficult, but by making a single crochet, the work can be made easy and meditative. It is something that the child and the parents will cherish for the years to come.

10. Boxed Block Stitch Blanket

Boxed Block Stitch Blanket

The boxed block stitch has a love of granny. The vintage pattern makes the child cozy and comfortable under the hand-weaved blanket. The classic retro colors add to the vintage feel of the baby boy blanket crochet pattern. Apart from the single crochet and double crochet stitching, the boxed blanket will also require front and back post double crochet stitching.

11. Simple Scallop Crochet Blanket

Simple Scallop Crochet Blanket

The scalloped stitch makes a puffy blanket for the baby. The stitching and the soft material are tender on the baby’s skin. Simple techniques like double crochet stitch and chain will be sufficient for making a simple scalloped crochet blanket for the baby. Small puffs in the rows of crochet make it a favorable stitch for kids.

12. Bubbles Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Bubbles Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

This pattern lays flat beautifully without the need for edging around the corners. Be it a car seat or stroller, the baby can be at ease wrapped in the ‘Lavender’ bubble blanket. The bubbles on the surface add a sense of warmth to the skin of the baby, which prevents him from crying. Just by changing the starting chain, it can be made in any custom size.

13. Bobbly Seashell Blanket

Bobbly Seashell Blanket

Add a shell and pearl pattern to the bobble stitch blanket for the baby boy. The radiant colors will fill the child with happiness and laughter, and he can play with the bobbles whenever he wants. The texture is easy to make with a chain that needs to end in 5 and then +1. Make open shell patterned stitches. Use different colors.

14. Modern Lace Blanket

Modern Lace Blanket

The modern lace crochet design uses taller crochet stitching, such as double crochet and treble crochet. Using the open and airy design, you can make a beautiful lacy blanket for the newborn baby easily. It’s a simple two-row repeat pattern with a single crochet around the perimeter. The breathable blanket will keep the child snuggly on cold nights.

15. Frill Crochet Blanket

Frill Crochet Blanket

The frills on the edge of the blanket are perfect for the baby boy to play with while the mom is away preparing cereal. The easy-to-make frill crochet blanket will hardly consume 2 hours of your time. In no time, a bright and beautiful gift will be ready for the little kid.

16. Corner-to-Corner


The tiny human deserves a cuddly, soft Corner-to-corner blanket. It is easy to make a blanket with a corner square working. The first stitch of each row is worked into the same stitching as the turning chain. The center of the blanket is worked on the bias or C2C. The free C2C crochet design can be increased or decreased easily in terms of height and width.

17. Rainbow Pattern

Rainbow Pattern.jpg

The cheerful rainbow-patterned blanket is the ultimate accessory a kid and his stroller need. You can use any stitching pattern you like for the baby boy. Here, we have used the simple ‘even moss stitch’ for the modern, bright blanket. You can also create a rainbow over the rain bobble pattern. The child can play with the bobbles. Use the bright colors of a rainbow or something of your choice.

18. Bear Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Bear Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Use the simple square moss stitch with a size G crochet hook to make this lovely bear on the blanket for the baby boy blanket crochet pattern. The pattern is easy, and the kid can easily grab the arms of the teddy to befriend. Make the teddy bear the little kid’s favorite friend.

19. Modern Double Crochet V-Stitch Blanket

Modern Double Crochet V-Stitch Blanket.jpg

The Double V-stitch is a pretty simple stitching pattern, but you need to be careful of the loose gaps. It is better to practice a swatch with different hook sizes so that you do not mess up the gifting piece. Chain in even numbers and use single-crochet and double-crochet stitching. Don’t worry; you do not need to put all your attention to this task; sway it away with the Netflix show.

20. Ribbed Diamond

Ribbed Diamond

Make diamonds across the rows by making blocks represent post stitch. The diamond pattern on the ribbed crochet is not very complex to create. You need to be familiar with the front and back post double crochet along with single and double crochet stitches. The special kid deserves the special diamond ribbed blanket.

21. Herringbone DC Baby Blanket

Herringbone DC Baby Blanket

If you have mastered double crochet stitching by now, it’s time to level up your expertise to the herringbone pattern of stitching. The dense fabric makes a soft and attractive texture for the baby boy blanket crochet pattern. It is worked in squares or long stripes, however, you wish it to be. The baby will be super comfy in this blanket.

22. Griddle Stitch Crochet

Griddle Stitch Crochet

The bumpy texture of this tri-color griddle stitch is made using basic stitching techniques like single crochet and double crochet. The child will enjoy under the lightweight and warm crochet blanket. It is very easy to make and a creative gift for the parents.

23. Deer Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Deer Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Make the blanket interesting by stitching deer on its surface. The baby boy will be obsessed with the cute deer on his blanket. You can use any pattern of your choice to make this warm blanket. Either C2C or Woodland Deer, both will be equally loved by the little boy. Use a combination of colors to make it bright.

24. Ombre Print Crochet Blanket

Ombre Print Crochet Blanket

The stunning ombre crochet blanket needs a repetitive pattern of stitching. The stitchings required to make an ombre print blanket are half double crochet, slip stitch, and single crochet. It is very similar to the Charlotte Blanket, and you can easily make it in a very short time. You can add as many layers of ombre as you like.

25. Multi-purpose Blanket

Multi-purpose Blanket

Weave a crochet blanket for the little human that serves a multi-purpose function. A blanket that, along with keeping him warm, will also let him play with the knitted toys and also befriend them. Little kids can get naggy sometimes, and this little friend of theirs will keep them entertained while the parents can peacefully do their work.

26. Feather Light Blanket

Feather Light Blanket.jpg

The feather pattern is a lacy-patterned blanket. The chunky feather blanket is made using light yarn, which is easy on the little kid. Use a small hook gauge to make the lacy, intricate patterns. The beautiful lacy feather pattern will keep the kid warm even when taken out on the streets.

27. Hooded Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Hooded Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Keep the baby sung as a bug in the hooded baby boy blanket crochet pattern. The guide to making a hooded blanket is simple. A normal crochet blanket is made first, and with the same material, a hood is added to it. The catch here is- to keep the blanket in a square shape. The hood can be made in the shape of a hat or a favorite cartoon animal, depending on the expertise you have.

28. Spider Stitch Crochet Blanket

Spider Stitch Crochet Blanket.jpg

Spider stitch is one of the most beautiful blanket patterns. Use the pattern to knit a blanket for the little boy, and he is going to be fond of the blanket and you as well. Work in chains and rows and make a colorful spider stitch blanket for the baby boy. The pattern can further be extended to make a full-size afghan.

29. Moss Blanket

Moss Blanket.jpg

The moss stitch pattern is a simple technique of weaving a blanket using a single crochet and chains. The pattern demands minimal color changes and is quite repetitive, which means it can be completed with divided attention between talking to someone and weaving the blanket. You need to master how to make a single crochet stitch into every chain in 1 space.

30. Modern Nautical Baby Blanket

Modern Nautical Baby Blanket

The modern nautical baby boy blanket crochet pattern is an easy-to-make texture. It is a 2-row repetitive stitch pattern and makes squishy blankets for little kids. The nautical theme is trending these days, and the navy blue color is the perfect gift material. The white and blue pattern resembles the seashore.

31. Bernat Textured Blanket

Bernat Textured Blanket.jpg

Bernat yarn is chunky and very comfortable for a baby’s skin. The acrylic material is easy to wash and dry and can be easily washed while the kid is busy playing with the toys. By the time the baby boy starts feeling sleepy, the blanket is well-dried already. It can be woven using various stitching techniques and in amazing color combinations.

32. Crumpled Griddle Blanket

Crumpled Griddle Blanket

The crumpled grilldiffers from the griddle pattern blanket in the way that the crumpled griddle works in the single crochet on top of single crochets in the previous row and double crochets on top of double crochets in the previous row. The pattern looks complex but is beginner friendly to deal with.

33. Bobble and Mesh Stitch

Bobble and Mesh Stitch

Create a pattern of mesh and bobble on the blanket for the baby boy. The mesh stitch will keep the blanket intact, while the bobble will create fun detailing for the kid to play with. Like in the picture above, use bright colors and creative patterns to weave a cozy blanket for the kid to keep him warm.

34. Woodland Heather Blanket

Woodland Heather Blanket

The woodland heather baby boy blanket crochet pattern adds a fresh look to the room of the baby. Add front and back post double crochet stitch to the border. Use the herringbone double crochet stitch to yarn over and insert the hook. Use soft colors for the newborn baby.

35. Generational Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Generational Baby Boy Blanket Crochet Pattern

Every family has that one crochet blanket that comes down from generation to generation for the kids of the house. It might be a little worn out by the time 4th or 5th-generation children come into the scene, but the love of the family and the hard work of the great-grandmother keeps the child cozy and loved.

Now that you have known the various design and stitching techniques of making baby boy blanket crochet patterns, it is also important to know about the various yarns available and decide which one is the best for the baby.

Best Yarn for Baby Blankets

Choose the ones suitable for the baby from the following list.

  • Cotton Yarn: Cotton yarns are the best for the summer-born baby. They have breathable fiber and dry up fast. They are also easier to clean compared to other crochet yarns.
  • Soft Chenille Yarn: Soft Chenille yarns make the best snuggly blankets for babies and are super fun to work with due to their soft texture. The kids will love blankets made of this material.
  • Acrylic Yarn: These are wash-friendly materials and do not look washed out even after lots of washes. Children can easily make the blankets dirty, and thus, acrylic yarns are suitable because it is easy to care for.
  • Polyester Yarn:Polyester yarns are suitable for baking baby blankets since they are soft and breathable. They belong to the chenille-style yarn category.

Different Baby Blanket Sizes

Different Baby Blanket Sizes

Ranging from ‘lovely’ to ‘baby,’ the baby blankets can be made in various sizes, and each one differs from the other in evident ways.

Here’s a list of the most common crochet baby blanket sizes from smallest to largest.

Blanket SizeDimension(In inches)Dimensions(in cm)
Lovely12 X 1230 X 30
Cradle(Small)15 X 3038 X 76
Cradle(Large)18 X 3346 X 84
Stroller30 X 3576 X 89
Crib30 X 3676 X 91
Receiving40 X 40102 X 102
Baby42 X 52107 X 132

Final Thoughts

Newborn babies are the brightest star in the house and gain all the attention and love of the family members. It always aspires to give the baby the best facilities available within the budget.

Baby boy blanket crochet pattern is easily made and affordable. It also brings out the creative knitting side of the person weaving it, and the child gets the best of the facilities. They keep them warm and snuggled inside as well as outside the house.

We have mentioned the best patterns and stitching for a toddler that will be easy on their skin, and they can also enjoy the texture. Choose your favorite from the list, and let us know why you loved it the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Generally Take to Weave a Baby Blanket?

The time taken to weave a baby blanket varies from individual to individual. A person expert in the field can wrap up the work in a few hours, while some may take days or weeks to complete it. The type of yarn used and the complexity also matter while weaving and measuring the time.

How Many Chains Should Be Made for a Baby Blanket?

Let’s do some maths. Take the number ‘X’ and divide it by 4. The resulting number will then be called ‘Y.’ ‘Y’ is the number of stitches required to make 1 inch of stitches. Now, multiply ‘Y’ by the size of your desired blanket. The resulting number is the number of chains required for a baby blanket minus the turning chain.

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