Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Tutorial: Quick DIY for Beginners

Gifting something made with love is no longer a matter of concern now. In the current scenario, there are various options available, like making clothes, cute blankets, etc., for your kids that you can also keep as a memory and bestow on them your love and affection. Making a blanket is a great option; this will highlight your dedication to the kids and let them know how much love you hold for them.

If you want to give your child the utmost level of love and care in a blanket made with your love and affection but are reluctant as you do not know how to make a crochet blanket, then worry no more; we have got you a guide. Here is a guide on how to make an easy crochet baby blanket. You can make an easy crochet baby blanket using a single stitch.

For more information regarding how to proceed with the same, you can go through our detailed description as the steps mentioned below. You will surely love the process and enjoy your journey of making an easy crochet baby blanket.

What is a Single Stitched Easy Crochet Baby Blanket?

What is a Single Stitched Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

A single-stitched easy crochet baby blanket is a charming and alluring baby blanket made using the basic single-stitch pattern that is both beginner-friendly and attractive.

This design is one of the common crochet designs; it is especially ideal for a blanket because of its sturdy design. Single-stitch crochet is one of the basic stitches. It is, therefore, a good welcome to your stitching journey. Furthermore, when going with a single stitch pattern, you can add colorful layers of yarn to the blanket to make it vibrant, and your kids will definitely love to spend cozy time inside the blanket.

In addition to this, the softness of the yarn, when combined with a single stitch pattern, will help you embrace your child with your love wrapped in this easy crochet baby blanket.

Material Required for an Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

For turning your dream of making an easy crochet baby blanket for your kids into reality, the very first thing that you need to gather is the material. For making the blanket, you need three things, and those too are easily available. These things are yarn, a hook of the recommended size, and a pair of scissors.

You should be careful regarding the yarn and the hook, as choosing the wrong yarn or hook will lead to defects, which will not only spoil the look of the blanket but will also waste your efforts in the long run.

  • Specifications for the yarn. When selecting the yarn, make sure that the yarn is durable and soft (because you’re making a kid’s blanket). You can consider options like chenille yarn, variegated yarn, acrylic cotton blend, baby yarn, etc.
  • Specifications for the hook. Well, there are no particular specifications, but the most important thing you should take care of is that the size of the hook you are using for making the blanket should be the one mentioned on the yarn. If you do not take a hook of the recommended size, this will spoil the look of the blankets.

How to Make an Easy Crochet Baby Blanket?

Once you have assembled the essential material required to make an easy crochet baby blanket, you are all set to begin working on your project. The whole procedure is summarised in the following steps so that you can easily follow all the steps without skipping even a single one.

Step 1: Make a Tie Knot

Make a Tie Knot

The first step for an easy crochet baby blanket is making a tie knot or a slip knot. This should be done with precision, as if the loop breaks, the whole blanket will be worn out.

Step 2: Decide the Size of the Blanket

Decide the Size of the Blanket

The size of the blanket is determined by the number of stitches and the size of the hooks, so have an idea in advance of the length of the blanket so that you can add the number of stitches accordingly. This is just like laying the foundation of a pretty blanket for your kid.

Step 3: Insert the Hook

Insert the Hook

Once you have created the foundation chain, you need to insert your hook into the second stitch. The first chain is usually skipped because it serves as the base for the single-stitched crochet. So, while working on the single stitched patterns, make sure that you do not begin with the first; it might spoil the look of the blanket.

Step 4: Yarn Over and Pull Through

Yarn Over and Pull Through

The entire process of a single stitched, easy crochet baby blanket is dependent on technique. Wrap the yarn over the hook from back to front; then, draw the yarn through the chain, creating two loops on your hook.

Step 5: Yarn Over Again

Yarn Over Again

Wrap the yarn over the hook from back to front once more. Draw the yarn through both loops on the hook, and congratulations, you’ve now completed one single crochet stitch. Wasn’t it easy?

Step 6: Repeat the Same Steps

Repeat the Same Steps

Repeat the same procedure until you reach the end of the row. As you move towards the end, turn the chain. Now flip the woven yarn and insert the hook into the last stitch of the previous row. This last stitch is now the first stitch for the next row. Repeat the same steps for this row too, and continue to repeat until you reach the end.

Advantages of Single Stitched Easy Crochet Blanket

  • Beginner friendly: As the name itself suggests, this single-stitched easy crochet blanket can be made even if you are a newbie. The steps are easy, which makes it a good option for anyone to begin their stitching journey.
  • Work is done at a fast pace: The pattern of the easy crochet blanket is repetitive, so once you become familiar with the pattern, you can make the blanket faster and more smoothly.
  • A good option for blankets: Single stitch pattern has a dense pattern. This makes it a good option for blankets as it will keep the child cozy and warm.
  • Ease of Customisation: The single-stitched easy crochet baby blanket offers easy customization options; thus; you can experiment with various textures and color combinations to create a unique and distinctive blanket for your child.
  • They have a classic appearance: The single stitch crochet is not only easy to make, but also the appearance is very classic and elegant, which makes it a perfect choice for beginners, as well as professionals, to create something distinctive for children that will never go out of style.

Essential Precautions to Follow for Crochet Baby Blankets

Essential Precautions to Follow for Crochet Baby Blankets

  • Keep a count on the stitches: When dealing with any crochet pattern, the most important thing is keeping a count of stitches. If you skip any stitch in between the pattern, it will spoil the blanket, so always count the stitches properly. Also, ensure that while inserting the hook, you do not skip any stitch in between.
  • Don’t forget to weave the ends: To secure the stitches, you should always secure the ends. It is also important to stitch the ends of the baby blanket so that the weaving does not come off.
  • Do not over-strain yourself: While working on your easy crochet baby blanket, make sure that you take regular breaks in between, as working continuously for hours will strain the hands, and you won’t be able to achieve uniform consistency throughout the project.
  • Maintain a constant stitch height: While working on the single-stitched easy crochet baby blanket, you should always be careful about the stitch height. Each time you turn the chain, ensure that it matches the height of the single stitch patterns.
  • Hold the hook properly: If you do not hold the hook properly, you won’t be able to achieve an even and consistent pattern in your stitch. Not holding the hook properly can also lead to hand strain, so always be sure you hold the hook in the correct position.

Importance of Using the Hook of the Recommended Size

You must be wondering that when all the hooks are the same, and the procedure won’t change with hooks, then why is it important to select the hook of the recommended size? Well, it is important to select the hook of the recommended size because of the following reasons:

  • A uniform and consistent pattern throughout the blanket
  • For an efficient yarn use
  • For the pattern to look more attractive.


Making an easy crochet baby blanket is more than a craft as it highlights your compassion and dedication towards your child. You will not only love the steps involved but also feel an emotional connection throughout the process. Going for a single-stitch pattern will give you a variety of options, such as versatility, ease of customization, easy completion, etc. So, once you begin this pattern, you can easily follow this pattern to weave a blanket. Add as many colors as possible to the blanket to make it colorful.

So what to wait for? Follow each and every step carefully and take the necessary preventive measures so that your blanket turns out to be the prettiest one, giving your kids a wholesome experience upon receiving this blanket as a gift. And do not forget to capture the look your kids will possess, as it is certainly the best reward for your hard work to them.

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