Complete Guide on Winter Hat Crochet Pattern & Ideas for Beginners

Winter hats have emerged as a trendy fashion statement these days. They make a perfect option to keep you warm during winter days. Crochet winter hats are adorable, with various beautiful patterns and designs. They are also super comfortable and easy to crochet.

You can also get various beginner-friendly winter hat crochet patterns. You can crochet these amazing winter hat patterns fast. Also, any beginner-friendly winter hat crochet pattern is easy to create and requires minimal materials and basic crocheting skills to complete the project.

So, if you are a beginner looking for easy winter hat patterns or want a fast crochet project for beginners, you are at the right place. Here, we will share a complete guide to crochet winter hats for beginners.

In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about crocheting winter hats, such as benefits, supplies needed, easy crochet patterns, and more.

Benefits of Crocheting Winter Hats

Benefits of Crocheting Winter Hats

If you want to be a crocheter or it is just your hobby, you will surely want to enhance your skills. Crochet winter hats are an ideal option to brush up your crochet skills and learn new stitches. Also, there are many other benefits of crocheting winter hats, and below we will discuss them-

  • Fast project complete: Easy winter hat crochet patterns do not require many materials and complex color and pattern changes. Also, following the instructions is quite easy. So you can complete a project in a short time. The average time needed to complete an easy winter hat crochet pattern is 2-3 days.
  • An excellent option for gifting: crochet winter hats look beautiful, and you can make them in different themes like autumn, winter, Christmas, etc. So, they are perfect for occasional gifting. You can also personalize them with name letters.
  • Sellable: Crochet items are becoming a massive trend nowadays. Everyone loves crocheted items, including winter hats. Also, they are easy to create and have a great market, making them ideal for selling. This way, you can earn through your creations.
  • You can donate or Use them for yourself: You can also crochet winter hats for personal use or donate them if you wish.

Things Needed to Crochet a Winter Hat

Things Needed to Crochet a Winter Hat

As a beginner, you need some basic crochet supplies to begin the process. You can buy a MODDA Crochet Kit for Beginners, where you will get all the supplies you need for your project. Also, you can buy individual items. Here is a list of supplies you will need for winter hat crochet patternprojects-

  • Yarns: Yarns are a must for any crochet project. Always choose high-quality yarns for the best results. You can also choose yarn as per your crochet pattern suggestion.
  • Hook: To crochet easy winter hat patterns, you will need a crochet hook of 5.5 mm in size. You can also take a small or bigger one, depending on your hat size. Try Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook for a smooth grip and crocheting experience.
  • Other supplies: You will also need some other supplies like stitch makers, measuring tape, tapestry needles, scissors, or yarn snipers.

How to Take Measurements to Crochet a Winter Hat?

How to Take Measurements to Crochet a Winter Hat

While planning to crochet winter hats with easy patterns, you must know the right method to take measurements. Getting the correct measures will ensure a perfect fit and professional look. Here is how you must take the measure for your winter hat crochet pattern projects-

  • Hat circumference: Take the measures around the head (right above the ears). Then, subtract one inch to get a nice fit for the hat.
  • Crown width: Crown width is the circular portion of the hat top. Divide your hat circumference by 3.14 pi.
  • Hat length: The thumb rule to measure your crochet winter hat is head circumference/10×4.

Here is also a sizing guide to help you take proper measurements for different hat sizes so that you don’t have to struggle during the last moment, which might pose a big hindrance to the smooth workflow ahead.

Abbreviations For Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

  • Ch– Chain
  • Yo– Yarn over
  • Slst– slip stitch
  • Hdc– Half double crochet
  • Hdss– half double slip stitch

Detailed Guide on How to Crochet a Winter Hat?

Detailed Guide on How to Crochet a Winter Hat

Crocheting a winter hat is a great opportunity to learn new stitches. It becomes easier with proper instructions and the right supplies. Here, we will share a step-by-step guide to crocheting any winter hat pattern (easy level). First, work a base chain as per your desired hat height.

Row One

Row One

Begin in the 3rd chain of your crochet hook and work 1 hdc in each chain. Make chain 1 and turn. (You can also chain 2 at the end of each row. It may take extra yarn.

Row Two

Row Two

Then work 1 hdss in the back loop of every stitch across the row. Make ch 1 and turn. This will take you to the working stage, where multiple patterns can be detailed without any hassle.

Row Three

Row Three

Work 1 hdc in the back loop of each stitch across the row. Finally, make ch 1 and turn. Continue to ch 1 and turn at the end of every row.

Keep on alternating the rows two and three until you reach your desired width. After finishing the last row, make ch 1 and line up the two ends together. After that, slst the two sides together to join them. You can also sew them with a tapestry needle.

Tie off after joining the sides. You will find a long tail; use this to gather the top. Collect the top in a circle, weave two stitches apart around the edges, and pull it tightly together. When the top is gathered, fix a pom pom on it.

Easy and Beautiful Winter Hat Crochet Patterns

1. Basic Crochet Winter Hat Free Pattern

Basic Crochet Winter Hat Free Pattern

The basic crocheted winter hat-free pattern is one of the simplest crochet winter hat patterns. It is a beginner-friendly crochet pattern with three basic stitches to create a simple and comfortable winter hat. You can create beautiful unisex winter hats for different age groups.

This winter hat pattern looks cool in solid color and helps to keep your head warm during winter. Use high-quality cotton, non-peeling acrylic, or polyester yarns for this winter hat pattern project. Plus, you can add some embellishments like pom poms if you wish.

2. Chunky Woodland Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

Chunky Woodland Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

Another easy and beautiful winter hat crochet pattern you can try is the Chunky Woodland winter hat pattern. The pattern is easy to crochet, and you need to work only two stitches – BL only and FL only. It creates a beautiful and cozy winter hat that suits all ages.

The Chunky pattern creates a warm and cozy crochet fabric for the hat, and you can complete it with only 12 rounds (for large sizes). The oversized pom pom at the top works for added cuteness. You can use single-color or multicolor yarns to crochet this hat.

3. Colorful One-Skein Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

Colorful One-Skein Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

The colorful one-skein winter hat pattern is an easy-level crochet hat pattern. You can crochet this stunning winter hat pattern with basic crochet skills. The hat looks very trendy due to interesting color alterations throughout the hat. This winter hat crochet pattern does not include complex seaming work.

Also, it is an excellent piece for gifting on different occasions. Choose any worsted weight yarn that allows color pulling to crochet colorful one-skein winter hats. A 5.5 mm crochet hook will be suitable for medium-sized hats. For larger ones, try 6 or 7-mm crochet hooks.

4. Unisex Crochet Winter Hat Pattern

Unisex Crochet Winter Hat Pattern

The unisex crochet winter hat pattern is simple and easy to crochet. You will need some high-quality bulky yarn to crochet this beautiful winter hat. The pattern is available in three sizes, and you can get the instructions for each size. The bulky yarn with basic crochet stitches creates a soft and comfortable texture.

It ensures you stay warm during winter days. The three color stripes at the bottom define the hat and make it more interesting. Also, you can change the order of the colors or try different colors to make it more personalized.

5. Chunky Cabled Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

Chunky Cabled Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

Looking for some cool but easy winter hat crochet patterns? You can try the Chunky Cabled Winter Hat Crochet Pattern. Cabled hats are ideal for winter to keep your ears and head warm. They are also popular for their cool, wired look. The chunky cabled hats mostly come with a knitting format.

But you can also find various free chunky cabled winter hat patterns to try. Remember to use high-quality chunky yarns to get the best results. These chunky cabled hats are easy to crochet and an ideal option for last-minute gifts.

6. Winter Blossom Beanie Pattern

Winter Blossom Beanie Pattern

Winter Blossom Beanie Pattern is also an ideal option for an easy winter hat crochet pattern for your crochet project. This pattern includes a beautiful cherry blossom stitch that gives the winter hat a floral texture. It also makes this winter hat crochet pattern unique, as you will not find many floral patterns for winter hats.

Also, the faux fur creates a beautiful embellishment for the hat and makes it look more appealing. You can choose any color of yarn you like to crochet this hat pattern. You can also use yarn pom poms instead of faux fur pom poms.

7. Basket Weave Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

Basket Weave Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

The Basket Wave winter hat pattern is also one of the easy crochet hat patterns. If you are looking for some quick and simple crochet hat patterns, you must try this. This winter hat pattern is easy and fun and keeps you engaged with the post-stitch process. If you do not know the basket weave stitch, you can use this opportunity to learn this stitch.

But there is nothing to worry about because the basketweave stitch is beginner-friendly, and you can find several free step-by-step guides to crochet this stitch to make winter hats.

8. Chunky Ribbed Winter Hat Pattern

Chunky Ribbed Winter Hat Pattern

Ribbed hats are also popular among winter hats. The ribbed pattern winter hats look good on kids as well as adults. The Chunky Ribbed winter hat crochet pattern is also easy to craft, and you can make it with basic crochet skills. The pattern uses a ribbed stitch to create the ribbed texture for the hat.

You will need a chunky yarn (color of your choice), a standard crochet hook (5.5 mm), and a yarn snipper for this crochet winter hat project. Using any embellishment like a faux fur pom pom or yarn pom pom is for additional decoration.

9. Pumpernickel Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

Pumpernickel Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

The Pumpernickel Winter Hat Crochet Pattern is ideal for beginners and intermediate-level crocheters. The pumpernickel winter hats are perfect for looking cool and cute in winter. They are also very comfortable and warm. The Pumpernickel winter hat pattern uses puff stitch strategically to create a beautiful puffy texture.

The hat pattern also includes some basic (Sc, Dc, and HDC) and post stitches to get the pattern. This pattern is available for two different sizes: young kids and teens. Pumpernickel winter hats are also unisex, and you can crochet them with any color of yarn you like.

10. Winter Branches Hood Crochet Pattern

Winter Branches Hood Crochet Pattern

The Winter Branches Hood Crochet Pattern is a great alternative to winter hats. The hood is all you need for a windy winter day. It can also be a great choice when you get a hideout look during your winter days. The hood pattern uses cable stitches to create the beautiful winter tree branches at the back of the hood.

The faux fur attached to the outer edges of the hood completes the look and makes it more appropriate for winter. The pattern is available in two sizes: young kids and teens, with easy re-sizable instructions.

11. Faux Fur Trapper Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

Faux Fur Trapper Winter Hat Crochet Pattern

Lastly, the trapper faux fur winter hat crochet pattern is a must-try for anyone looking for a unique and easy winter hat pattern. The trapper hats look very trendy and give a perfect winter outdoor look. This crochet hat pattern reminds you of the cold winter days’ rugged look.

The pattern uses basic crochet stitches for the main body and faux fur for earflaps and the front side to keep you warm during winter days.


Crocheting a winter hat is the best way to upgrade your crochet skills and learn new stitch techniques. You can also create beautiful crochet hats for yourself or for sale.

Crochet winter hats also come in various beautiful designs, making them ideal for gifting. Also, you can have various easy and unique patterns to crochet beautiful winter hats. Easy winter hat crochet pattern projects do not take much time, and the instructions are easy to follow.

You can finish an easy winter hat pattern in less than a week. Above, we have covered 11 amazing and easy crochet winter hat patterns with a comprehensive guide on how to take measurements, how to crochet, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your crochet kit today and start crocheting. Also, do not forget to share your winter hat crocheting experiences in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Crochet Winter Hats Keep You Warm?

Yes, crochet winter hats are an easy and effective way to keep yourself warm. But you must use dense fabric (yarn) and stitches so that your ears and head stay warm. You can also use chunky or worsted yarns to make your winter hat warm.

How Long Does it Take to Crochet a Winter Hat?

Various factors impact how long you will need to crochet a winter. An adult-sized winter hat crochet pattern will take 3-4 hours. On the other hand, 2 hours will be enough for a kid-size winter hat.

Which is the Warmest Stitch for Crocheting a Winter Hat?

A Winter hat must keep you warm. To make your crocheted winter hat warm, use smaller and tight stitch patterns. Also, consider using worsted-weight yarn and avoid gaps or holes in the pattern. This will help to preserve your body temperature.

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