Top 20 Crochet Stitches that Work Wonderfully with Chunky Yarn

In the charismatic world of crocheting, Chunky yarn is not just a piece of fabric but a medium that you craft to new heights of artistic impression. As you navigate through this article, you will witness how the thickness of chunky yarn can be utilized to make unique textured patterns to make masterpiece pieces. So, if you are someone who is exploring the web world for crochet stitches for chunky yarn, then you have come to the right place as we let you witness chunky yarn wonders that symbolize sumptuous flair.

Most of the crocheters these days use crochet stitches for chunky yarn because the project can be completed quickly and gives the craftsman the ability to cover more length with each stitch. Since the project doesn’t take days to complete and provides you with instant gratification, it comes as a bonus.

Here are some of our favorite stitches for chunky yarn that you must consider taking up.

1. Single Crochet Stitch

Single Crochet Stitch

They are simple and elegant crochet stitches for chunky yarn that look extremely pleasing to the eye. In addition, they have an easy learning curve and use light, chunky yarn as their main component. With this technique, the project gets completed faster, and you will see the result as you complete the project.

2. Double Crochet Stitch

Double Crochet Stitch

The previous technique stated earlier would give you the pathway to witness every twist in your stitch artwork. Double crochet levels up your projects by combining two single stitches at the top of one another. These stitches are used in making beanie and blankets, which uses bulky chunky yarn as their main component.

3. V-Stitch Crochet

V-Stitch Crochet

When the double crochet technique is used in variation, then you get a V stitch. Here, you have to use two stitches at one single spot to achieve the shape. Make sure you select a chunky yarn that is lightweight and durable so that the crochet product symbolizes comfort. Make use of this technique to appear unique and showcase your creativity.

4. Half Double Crochet Stitch

Half Double Crochet Stitch

In order to create these crochet stitches for chunky yarn, you would need a large yarn. Wherever you feel the need to highlight your stitchwork, make sure that this technique is used. You will notice that this work of art uses more twists and turns than double crochet or single crochet. The result is a stunning visual element.

5. BLO Stitches

BLO Stitches

The main component that is used in this stitch is bulky chunky yarn. This technique would require your time and attention since it is difficult to create. First, you must create the back loop and then proceed with the front loop. Once this is established, you need to insert crochet hooks that would provide a fine finish

6. Post Stitches

Post Stitches

In this crochet stitch for chunky yarn technique, the stitch artwork works around the stitch itself and not around the loop like the ones stated above. Ensure you always use a lightweight, bulky yarn to achieve the textured effect. This artwork is mainly used to make crochet cables and winter beanies. So this stitch is really popular among crocheters

7. Puff Stitch

Puff Stitch

V shape, irregular shape, and square shape are some of the standardized designs that are used to create a crochet project. Here, the case is a bit different. If you need your crochet stitches for chunky yarn to look like a hot, cozy bubble, then this stitch is the perfect choice. Once completed, the result is extraordinary.

8. Booble Stitch

Booble Stitch

Beanies and blankets look visually appealing when this stitchwork is used. The crochet stitches for the chunky yarn structure are similar to the puff stitch but are three-dimensional. Recently, such design has become popular among models and influencers since they are minimalistic and looks super elegant when paired with matching outfits

9. Broomstick Lace Stitch

Broomstick Lace Stitch

This crochet stitch for the chunky yarn technique works best when the bulky chunky yarn is used. This stitchwork is difficult to recreate, and hence, we would advise you to perform a draft project before you go for the final call. This technique looks amazing when completed, and people will really compliment you on the amount of effort you have invested in completing this project.

10. Granny Square Stitch

Granny Square Stitch

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start your stitchwork, then opting for this technique would be a good choice. Making a blanket with this artwork doesn’t require all your attention, as you can create the project while chatting with your friends or watching your favorite show on Netflix. Crochet stitches for chunky yarn are the favorite among crocheters.

11. Linen Stich

Linen Stich

A combination of chains and single crochet stitchwork are used for this technique. This artwork also goes by other names, such as moss stitch and granite stitch. Once you start using this technique, you will be surprised at how beautifully it compliments the fabric. The result creates a flexible blanket that is comfortable and stylish.

12. Chevron Stitch

Chevron Stitch

This kind of crochet stitches for chunky yarn artwork is used for creating baby blankets. This technique portrays an amazing textured pattern that looks super gorgeous when completed. Since this technique requires advanced-level crocheting skills, we will suggest that advanced crocheters perform this work of art.

13. Ripple Stitch

Ripple Stitch

This technique is used when you want to make the fabric extremely smooth. This type of artwork doesn’t involve leaving gaps to make the finish fine and elegant. With the help of chain and double stitches worked simultaneously, they are suitable for beginner crocheters since they are easy to recreate.

14. Wave Stich

Wave Stich

When you use two or more chunky yarn, then this technique is the best choice. If you are not sure about the color palette, then we would recommend using a light color and dark color to create the blanket. A dark color can be used throughout the blanket, while a light color can be used while making the squares. The result is a wave formation.

15. Corner Stitch

Corner Stitch

This kind of crochet stitch for the chunky yarn technique is used when making a crochet project that allows size adjustment. When stitches are applied diagonally, the size of squares can be adjusted according to your preference. The end product is a bold texture that creates a stunning visual element

16. Shell Stitch

Shell Stitch

It is a fairly easy technique that provides you with a remarkable finish. If you want to achieve a textured design that symbolizes scalloped design, then this stitchwork would be an advisable choice. In addition, the borders created through this method have a smooth finish and create an eye-catching appearance.

17. Boxed stitch

Boxed stitch

When chunky yarn is used in this technique, it provides an intricate look. This is one of the famous stitchworks for creating blankets since the crafter can work as long as they want to create the perfect blanket size. Once the project is complete, you will witness the fine borders it creates and how gorgeous it appears.

18. Lemon Peel Stitch

Lemon Peel Stitch

This artwork involves working with double and angle crochet techniques. As this stitch has an easy learning curve, the project can be done in under 30 minutes, and the result is a textured fabric with a fine finish. Make sure that you use a crochet hook while making the edges of this blanket. These crochet stitches for chunky yarn are super popular these days.

19. Tulip Stich

Tulip Stich

A zig-zag pattern is created when such a technique is used. All you have to do is take your favorite chunky yarn and then perform the entire row and do that on repeat. Now, don’t be too concerned about making the stitch, as you will make a mistake if you are too careful. Just enjoy the process, and you are sorted.

20. Harlequin Stitch

Harlequin Stitch

If you want your blanket to look like a wheel of flowers, then this technique is your best fit. For this technique to work, you need three stitchwork combinations, which are double crochet, single crochet, and shell stitches. Once you come to these three, the end product is absolutely amazing. These crochet stitches for chunky yarn are suitable for beginners.

3 Most Popular Brands for Chunky Yarn

Most Popular Brands for Chunky Yarn

  • Bernat Chunky Yarn: This yarn is made out of 100 percent wool and gives the consumer extreme comfort. They are great for creating crochet pieces during summer and have a wide selection of colors, which makes your creation remarkable.
  • Lion Brand Chunky Yarn: They have a combination of acrylic and cotton, which makes the crochet project soft and warm. They have a selection of multiple colors, and they can used for making scarves, hats, and blankets.
  • Berroco Chunky Yarn: This is made of acrylic and is very easy to work with. With the help of this yarn, a crochet project can be completed within the time of 30 minutes. They are used for crochet scarves, sweaters, and other types of crochet accessories.

Adjusting Hook Sizes for Chunky Yarn

Adjusting Hook Sizes for Chunky Yarn

You need to be extremely careful when you adjust the hook sizes of chunky yarn, as committing mistakes in yarn size would give you a messy crochet project. Consider these protocols when you are trying to adjust the hook size.

  • Never ignore the yarn label: Every chunky yarn comes with a recommended hook size that tells the crocheters how you can set the tone of your project. However, don’t be super strict with these, as hook size could adjusted for specific projects.
  • Take hook size larger than normal: A chunky yarn would have a standard hook size of 9mm. We would recommend a slightly more than because that will give you the pathway to add proper tension and spread fabric density throughout the project in progress.
  • Corner the stitches: Some crocheters want their stitches to be loose, and some crocheters want their stitches to be tight. Based on the outcome, select your chunky yarn so that the project gets made exactly as you pictured in your head.
  • Taking amigumi selection lightly: Amigumi is a very important part of creating projects with chunky yarn. When adjusting the amigumi, make sure that you select a yarn that has good weight, which is twice as big as the hook size.


Chunky yarn opens a doorway for intricate patterns that portray versatility. With the help of 20 stitches mentioned in our comprehensive guide, we are sure that each stitch selection that you make will take you on a creative journey that will showcase your artistic skills.

As you progress working with chunky yarn, you will create crochet projects that signify elegance, charm, and coziness.

So take your favorite chunky yarn and start your building blocks of loops, and that ignites your artistic skills to produce remake results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chucky Yarn Needed for Delicate Crochet Projects?

Yes, chunky yarn is used to cause a textured pattern, where the borders have a fine finish and the squares are finely detailed. Hence, crocheters use chunky yarn for creating decorative blankets, scarves, and beanies that are created with unique patterns. So, if you are making a personal project, then you can use bulky yarn. If you are making a professional project, go for chunky yarn.

Are There Any Advantages of Using Chunky Yarn for Crochet Projects?

Yes, there are several advantages. First and foremost is the time minimization. Using a chunky yarn makes the project get completed faster. Secondly, you get instant gratification, and thirdly, it makes the crochet project cozy and comfortable. Once you complete the project with chunky yarn, the results are remarkable and unique.

Are We Allowed to Mix Different Stitchwork Working with Chunky Yarn?

Yes, we are allowed to do that. When different stitches are worked on a chunky yarn, the result is fine, unique, and remarkable. Play with different stitchwork to create striking visual pieces that resemble your personality and style. The use of different stitchwork will require your time and attention, and hence, we would advise that you prepare your mind for it.

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