25 Modern Crochet Blanket Patterns Every Crocheters Must Have

Few pastimes are as rewarding and relaxing as crocheting cozy blankets. The repetitive motion untangles stress while producing beautiful, handcrafted housewares. While vintage granny square afghans never go out of style, modern crochet blanket patterns breathe new life into this traditional hobby.

Contemporary designs incorporate fresh stitches, construction techniques, and on-trend color palettes for blankets that feel current. Expand your skills and unleash your creativity with these 25 must-try modern crochet blanket patterns.

By browsing this collection of charming crochet patterns, you will be confident to frame your next crossed blanket in a perfect handmade accent.

So read on for sample tips, step-by-step tutorials, and endless inspiration to put the ideal Crowning touch on your labor of love. Let’s explore the wonderful world of crochet blanket borders!

1. Waffle Stitch Blanket

Waffle Stitch Blanket

The waffle stitch gives this beginner-friendly blanket irresistible texture and dimension. Fluffy, lofty yarn shows off the puffed squares of this distinctive stitch pattern that resembles a honeycomb. The supersized scale of the waffle stitch helps this design work up quickly.

Opt for a harmonious color combination, like neutral creams and taupes, for a blanket with timeless appeal. The quintessential beginner blanket, the lofty waffle stitch, forms an irresistible honeycomb texture that works up fast.

Keep your tension loose and consistent for well-defined puffs. Consider adding strips of seed stitch or ribbing for visual interest. The 3D waffle pattern provides just enough complexity to stay engaging without frustration. It’s perfect for cozy nights, thanks to the irresistibly squishy texture.

2. Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket

Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket

Worked entirely in the corner-to-corner construction method, this striped blanket is another fast, foolproof pattern. The corner-to-corner technique involves steadily increasing on alternating rows to create diagonal stripes that seamlessly transition into a square blanket. Play with bold colors or subtle neutrals – the graphic striped effect looks sharp either way. This innovative construction method creates a fresh take on classic chevrons. Simply increase every other row to form seamless diagonal stripes. The graphic appeal suits bold brights or subtle neutrals equally well.

3. Picot Edge Blanket

Waffle Stitch Blanket

Pretty picot edges adorn this dreamy blanket, worked up in a soft pastel palette. The delicate picots contrast nicely with the chunky blanket stitches, adding feminine flair. Incorporating openwork makes this blanket light and airy for warmer weather despite its cozy size. The picot edging finishes the blanket with style and gives it an heirloom look. Feminine picot edging adorns this dreamy pastel blanket, contrasting with the chunky base stitch. Strategic openwork makes this delightfully airy for summer use despite the cozy size. The delicate picots finish the edges with old-fashioned cottagecore charm.

4. Geometric Blanket

Geometric Blanket

If you like bold graphic designs, this geometric blanket crochet pattern is for you. The pixelated squares in contrasting colors make a statement. But the pattern is easier than it looks, thanks to front and back post stitches that add textured appeal. Join squares as you go for a seamless finish. Eye-catching pixelated squares in high-contrast colors give this blanket bold graphic impact. But it’s easier than it looks, thanks to textured stitches that allow easy joining as you go. Their repetition and simplicity result in a tidy, uniform look. For a polished but stable finish, turn to these simple crochet blanket borders.

5. Cabled Blanket

Cabled Blanket

Cables take center stage in this plush cabled blanket design. Working cables back and forth across the blanket provides just enough complexity to keep this pattern interesting without becoming overly intricate for newer crocheters. Choose a bold primary color like red or yellow to let the thick cables really stand out. Cozy cables are the star of this plush design. The sequence of crossing cables provides just enough complexity without overwhelming novice crocheters.

6. Crochet Rag Blanket

Crochet Rag Blanket

Loopy crochet rag blankets have an irresistible softness and character. For this boho blanket, cut strips of different cotton fabrics and incorporate them as you crochet. The fabric strips add color, texture, and variety. Embrace the imperfections – they give this blanket its funky, free-spirited vibe. Crochet rag blankets upcycle fabric scraps into irresistibly soft and cozy throws. Their imperfect, funky character comes from incorporating strips of cotton wovens as you crochet. Cut up old t-shirts, sheets, or curtains in 1-inch wide strips.

Choose an array of colors and prints for tons of variety. Hook the crochet hook through the fabric strip, then complete the stitch to attach it. The fabric will peek through the stitches, adding color and texture. Don’t worry about keeping rows super even – The organic look is part of a rag blanket’s boho vibe. Changing the direction of the fabric strips also prevents monotonous rows. Once you run out of pre-cut fabric, simply add more! Embrace the imperfections and variations – they give rag blankets their free-spirited charm.

7. Tapestry Crochet Blanket

Tapestry Crochet Blanket

Combining colors and stitches inventively yields dazzling results with this tapestry crochet blanket. Worked in the round from the center out; concentric squares create defined color blocks. Changing colors and stitches as you move from square to square produces exciting patterns. Follow a set color map, or get creative with your color combos.

The tapestry crochet technique involves working concentric colorwork squares in joined rounds from the center outward. Strategically changing colors and stitches in each new round create dazzling pixelated patterns. Follow a pre-determined color map or unleash your creativity with unique color combos. Mixing bold primaries, muted neutrals, pastels, and neons yields vibrant, saturated results. Incorporating a range of textures like cables, bobbles, puffs, and post stitches makes each round unique. Contrasting matte and shiny or thick and thin yarns also add dramatic aesthetic appeal. Take your time planning the color and stitch sequence to create a stunning heirloom-quality tapestry blanket.

8. Basketweave Blanket

Basketweave Blanket .jpg

Mimic the look of woven baskets with this super bulky basketweave blanket. Working extended foundation stitches and linked double crochets make the reversible basketweave pattern simple to do. The supersized scale works up fast for instant coziness. The basketweave crochet stitch

interlocks raised rows to mimic sturdy wicker baskets. Working this stitch in super bulky or jumbo yarn transforms it into a fast, cozy blanket. The exaggerated scale shows off the woven texture. Opt for a cream, brown, or neutral oatmeal that evokes natural wicker hues. Keeping the pattern very simple makes this a great beginner blanket. The satisfying symmetry of linked front and back row stitches creates foolproof progress. Instantly achieve that fresh-from-the-craft-store look!

9. V-Stitch Chevron Blanket

V-Stitch Chevron Blanket

Chevron stripes are a classic, but this pattern puts a fresh spin on them with V-stitches. Made with linked double crochet V-stitches, with deep valleys between each peak for dramatic texture. Dress it up in a solid color or alternate colors for a striped effect. Chevron stripes get a modern update with bold linked V-stitches. Work two double crochets, then a chain one space to form the deep V’s. Linking each V-stitch together creates dramatic peaks and valleys. The chain spaces exaggerate the chevron shape. For visual interest, alternately soft and bright colors are used in each stripe. The bold geometric motif pairs well with mid-century modern decor.

10. Linen Stitch Blanket

Linen Stitch Blanket

The linen stitch is the star of this lightweight openwork blanket. Its lacy look comes from working chains and double crochet together. Faster than traditional lace but still delicate, linen stitch makes this a great first lace project. The openwork design is perfect for warm weather and looks stunning in cotton yarn.

The airy linen stitch works up quickly into a lightweight lace blanket, faster than traditional crochet lace. The combination of chains and double crochet creates a beautiful intricate laciness perfect for breezy spring and summer blanketing.

11. Hexagon Motif Blanket

Hexagon Motif Blanket

Tons of crocheted hexagons join together like a quilt to make this fun motif blanket. Each hexagon is an opportunity to switch up colors and patterns so that you can get really creative with combinations. Join as you go, or connect motifs later for a flexible approach. The hexagon shape prevents curling edges. Hexagons are fun to crochet in endless color combinations and combine for a modern quilted look. The hexagonal shape lies flat and prevents curling at the edges, making joining smooth and seamless.

12. Crocodile Stitch Blanket

Crocodile Stitch Blanket

Textured crocodile stitch makes this blanket pop with visual interest. The pattern does look a bit like reptile scales! But it’s just alternating front post and back post stitches worked in neat rows to form 3D squares. A solid color keeps the stitch pattern the star, but gradient or ombre yarns also look incredible to maximize texture. The crocodile stitch forms scales and ridges for incredible 3D texture.

13. Classic Granny Stripe

Classic Granny Stripe

Granny stripe blankets will always be in style, but this pattern has a contemporary twist. Vibrant solids and stripes alternate for lots of color variety to keep you engaged row after row. For a modern color palette, pair bold solids with pastels or earth tones instead of traditional primary colors. Give the classic granny stripe a modern twist with a trendy color palette. The options are endless when incorporating this fun stitch into your crochet repertoire. Get creative with your patterns and projects featuring the back loop slip-back!

14. Corner to Corner Ripple Blanket

Corner to Corner Ripple Blanket

Worked in corner-to-corner fashion like the striped blanket above, this rippled version adds extra interest. The ripples form from working increases and decreases in a sequence across the rows. The ripples cascade diagonally when worked corner to corner, yielding a cool 3D effect. Rippling chevrons create a cool 3D texture. Yes, the twisted appearance of the slip-stitch row is normal. The back loop insertion gives it a raised, textured ridge that is the hallmark of this stitch.

15. Plaid Blanket

Plaid Blanket

Crisp, geometric plaid is eternally stylish. For this modern take, choose an on-trend color combo, like blush and navy. Work each plaid section individually in a single crochet, joining as you go. The burst of color stripes keeps this blanket engaging to work up. Bold plaid looks fresh in trendy colorways.

16. Flower Garland Blanket

Flower Garland Blanket

A playful flower garland stretches across this sweet blanket, worked entirely in linked treble crochets for fast filling. Follow the color chart to change yarn shades and form the floral garland motif. The rest of the blanket is a simple, solid background to let the flowers pop. A fun flower garland makes this blanket extra playful and sweet.

17. African Flower Hexagon Blanket

African Flower Hexagon Blanket

Mod African flower motifs make up this unique hexagon blanket. Each colorful flower has distinct brilliant texas, with raised stitches creating dimensional petals. Join completed hexagons with woven picot edging for an extra decorative touch. Varying the color placement within each hexagon keeps them excited to crochet. Vibrant African flower motifs create modern dimensional hexagons.

18. Brillo Pad Stitch Blanket

Brillo Pad Stitch Blanket

Prepare to fall in love with the irresistibly squishy texture of the brillo pad stitch. To work it, you pull up long loops and wrap the yarn around before completing the stitch. Superbulky yarn keeps this blanket comfy. The loopy brillo pad stitch catches and reflects light beautifully. The brillo pad stitch makes this blanket irresistibly touchable.

19. Broomstick Lace Blanket

Broomstick Lace Blanket

Traditional broomstick lace gets refreshed with bold stripes and chunky yarn to create this modern blanket. Using broomsticks or dowels as oversized crochet hooks is what gives broomstick lace its distinctive openwork look. The large holes add great texture and keep the blanket light. Oversized tools create the open look of broomstick lace.

20. Delicate Granny Blanket

Delicate Granny Blanket

A whisper-thin take on granny squares, this delicate blanket has a lightweight lace appeal that’s perfect for warm weather. Solid grannies alternate with patterned ones for visual interest. Choose a soft color palette like dusty pinks and minty greens to enhance the romantic vibe. Delicate lace grannies are perfect for breezy spring and summer blanketing.

Taking care of the foundation chain is time well spent, as it directly impacts your ability to crochet the subsequent stitch rows. Aim for a loose, even, consistent chain that’s a multiple of two, and you’ll be set up for stitching success!

21. Sideways Blocks Baby Blanket

Sideways Blocks Baby Blanket

Charming texture and color blocking make this baby blanket modern but still sweet. Working sideways means joining blocks as you build rows for a seamless effect. Use the sideways construction to make cute stripes, squares, or zigzags. Bonus: Sideways blankets grow with the baby! The sideways technique lets you play with color blocking.

22. Crochet Mosaic Blanket

Crochet Mosaic Blanket

The crochet mosaic technique involves working colorwork with slip stitches to create intricate pixelated designs like Fair Isle knitting. Follow a chart and legend to bring the motif to life. Bold geometric designs or figurative patterns both look incredible. Embrace the challenge for a sense of crochet mastery. Intricate colorwork creates pixelated mosaic crochet designs. The mosaic technique allows incredible creativity in choosing color combinations to render any motif or pattern imaginable.

23. Graphghans


Graphghans Take image charts and transform them into crochet art, like this sunset cloud blanket. Print any image you love and convert it into a grid chart to follow. Scale up the image and choose a supersized hook and thick yarn for fast stitching. Recreate existing graphghan patterns or DIY your own. Transform any image into a custom graphghan. Graphghans involve crocheting pixel-by-pixel based on charted images for personalized heirloom quality blankets.

24. Plarn Blanket

Plarn Blanket

Upcycle plastic bags into an eco-friendly plarn (plastic yarn) blanket. Simply cut bags into strips and tie them together end-to-end. Then, crochet the plan using a large hook. The knots give this zero-waste blanket great texture. Stick to single crochet or experiment with other stitches. Repurposed plastic bags make this earth-friendly plain blanket. The planning technique is a great way to recycle plastic bags into durable and cozy crocheted blankets.

25. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Kids and adults alike will love wrapping up in this playful mermaid tail blanket. Extra-long chains form the tail fins at the bottom. Then, rows of stitches gradually decrease to shape the fitted silhouette. Customize the colors or even add sequins for an underwater disco party vibe.

Trying any of these modern crochet blanket patterns is an exciting way to create new textures and colors with traditional crochet techniques. Moving beyond basic blankets helps improve your skillset. And you get to express your creativity and produce blankets that feel fresh and contemporary. Whether cozying up on the couch or gifting to loved ones, these blankets will impress.


With limitless possibilities for colors, textures, and stitch patterns, modern crochet represents an opportunity for creativity and self-expression. The featured blanket patterns showcase innovative techniques from top designers that reinvigorate classic crochet.

Whether you’re hoping to master mosaic, tackle broomstick lace, or crochet your first Tunisian blanket, these designs will build your skills. The stunning blankets make wonderful gifts and home accents. Completing a complex crochet blanket provides immense satisfaction.

As you progress from simple beginner patterns to advanced methods, you’ll gain confidence and valuable abilities. Choosing contemporary patterns over basic blankets keeps the crochet feeling fresh and exciting. Spread the joy by gifting thoughtful blankets imbued with hours of care and attention.

And relish the relaxation that comes from engaging in this meditative hobby that produces heirloom works of art. With each new stitch and technique learned, you expand your creative horizons.

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