Crocheting Harlequin Stitch: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking for easy and decorative crochet stitches for your new project? You can try the crochet harlequin stitch, which looks stunning and easy to crochet.

The harlequin stitch creates a wheel pattern. It often looks similar to Catherine’s wheel stitch due to its wheel-like pattern. It looks best when you combine different colors of yarn for this stitch.

Also, you need minimal tools and techniques to crochet a harlequin stitch. Harlequin stitch is quite popular among beginners and intermediates as it is easy to do and offers a supreme look.

It is a perfect decorative stitch for various crochet items like scarves, beanies, cardigans, blankets, placemats, etc. In this harlequin crochet stitch tutorial, we will discuss a step-by-step process to do the stitch. We will also share a list of materials, skills to do it, tips, alternatives, and more.

So, without wasting time, let us begin!

What is a Crochet Harlequin Pattern?

What is a Crochet Harlequin Pattern?

Harlequin stitch is a decorative crochet stitch. It involves a combination of chins, single crochet, and cluster stitch patterns to create a wheel-like pattern. Harlequin crochet stitch is a classic stitch.

It is popular among people who love crocheting and crochet items. The wheel-like pattern can create a beautiful design for the crochet fabric.

You can crochet this stitch with both single or multi-colored yarn. But for the best results, you must use two or multicolor yarns for this project. Also, the Harlequin stitch is ideal for beginners and advanced beginners.

Abbreviations Related to Harlequin Crochet Stitch

Abbreviations Related to Harlequin Crochet Stitch

Before we move to the written instructions to crochet the harlequin stitch, we will share a list of abbreviations for your help. It will help you follow the harlequin crochet stitch tutorial without any trouble:

  • Ch – Chain
  • Sc- Single Crochet
  • Dc – Double Crochet
  • St – Stitch
  • Sk- Skip
  • Sts – Stitches
  • Prv – Previous
  • Tog – Together
  • FL – Front Loop
  • BL – Back Loop
  • Rpt – Repeat

Double crochet#together (dc3tog or dc6tog) – Work the number of double crochet stitches on the last loop. Remember you will have one extra loop on the hook at the end; that is the instruction dctog number. This means you will have 4 loops at the end of your instructions, say dc3tog, and 7 loops if the instruction says dc6tog.

The abbreviation is according to the US crochet pattern, so it may differ from the UK ones.

Materials Needed for Crocheting Harlequin Stitch

Materials Needed for Crocheting Harlequin Stitch

Harlequin crochet stitch is an easy-to-do crochet stitch. And you need some minimal tools and materials to crochet this stitch. Here is a list of materials you need for the beautiful harlequin stitch-

  • Yarn – You can choose any yarn for your harlequin crochet project. But it would be wise to choose premium quality Aran or Worsted Yarns. You can also try the LovLim Crochet Yarn kit, high-quality soft cotton yarns.
  • Crochet hook – A Crochet hook is also necessary for a harlequin stitch project. You can choose any size of hook for your harlequin crochet stitch project, depending on the project size. Also, you can use any material for the hook (plastic, wood, or metal). The standard size for your yarn hook is 3mm or 2.75 mm for this crochet project. The gauge can vary from 2.5 mm to 3 mm.
  • Crochet scissors – You will also need a scissor to cut the yarn at the end of your crocheting. You can choose any type and size of scissors as per your need. You can also get a Piccassio Crochet Kit for Beginners for your crochet project.

Skills You Need to Crochet The Harlequin Stitch

Skills You Need to Crochet The Harlequin Stitch

Harlequin crochet stitch is suitable for beginners. But you must know some basic crocheting skills for this stitch. Here is a list of crochet skills you must have or develop before you begin with the harlequin stitch.

  • Single crochet
  • Double crochet
  • How to chain
  • Crocheting 3 stitches together (dc3tog)
  • Crocheting 6 stitches together (dc6tog).

Knowing the above crochet skills will help you follow the instructions for the harlequin stitch easily. So, brush up on these skills before moving to crochet harlequin stitch.

Essential Notes to Adhere for Harlequin Crochet Stitch

Below is a list of notes about the Harlequin crochet stitch. Have a quick look at it before you begin with the written instructions for the stitch-

  • Harlequin stitch uses multiples of 8+1 (8 stitches plus 1). The harlequin stitch pattern is a 4-row repeat.
  • Also, remember that the harlequin stitch combines a cluster stitch pattern and a single crochet stitch. You need to do six stitches together to create the pattern.
  • First, you need to be mindful and follow the instructions properly. You can do it more professionally once you understand the pattern of crocheting the stitch.
  • Also, when you crochet the harlequin stitch, follow the stitch pattern greatly. Because if you do not follow the instructions, you will end up with unclean or uneven edges.
  • Harlequin crochet stitch is ideal for beginners. But you must have basic or intermediate crocheting skills like how to chain, back loop, front loop, single crochet, double crochet, etc.

Step-By-Step Guide for Harlequin Crochet Stitch

The crochet harlequin stitch is a pretty crochet stitch that has a pleasing wheel-type outcome that is like Catherine’s wheel stitch. It’s best ended in diverse color groupings so that the “wheel” effect can be seen. You use a grouping of cluster stitch patterns, chains, and single crochet for this crochet stitch pattern. For the foundation chain, ch a multiple of 8+2 and begin with the working of the first row.

1. Row One

Row One

Sc in the 2nd ch from your hook, sc into each ch across, and then turn.

2. Row Two

Row Two

Make ch 1, sc in the 1st st, and skip 3 sts. Then (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in the following st, sk 3 sts and sc. Rpt to end the row and turn.

3. Row Three

Row Three

Make ch 4, dc3tog into the first 3 dc; ch 7. Sk ch 1, dc6tog in the following 6 dc (sk over center sc); ch 7. Rpt this process until you are left with 3 dcs. Sk ch 1, dc3tog, dc in the final sc and turn.

4. Row Four

Row Four

Make ch 3, 3 dc into the top of dc3tog of the third row. Sc in ch 1, catching ch 7 from the previous row. 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc into the following dec st, sc in ch 1 below two rows, catching ch 7 from the previous row. Rpt this process until you get to the final dc3tog. Then 3 dc in dc3tog, dc in the top of the turning chain, and turn.

5. Row Five

Row Five

Make ch 4 and dc6tog (sk over the center sc). Make ch 7, sk ch 1, and dc6tog (sk over the center sc). Rpt this process to finish row 5. Make ch 3 and sc in the top of the turning sc and then turn.

6. Row Six

Row Six

Row 6 is the concluding row of this stitch. Make ch 1, then sc in 1st st. After this (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) into the top of the following dec st. Sc in ch 1 below two rows, catching ch 7 in the st, again make (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) into the following dec st. Rpt this process to end the row. Then sc in the 1st ch of ch 4 from row five and turn. Weave in your yarn and fasten off.

Where Can You Use the Harlequin Stitch?

Harlequin stitch is not only an easy crochet stitch. It is a classic stitch that also has a decorative aspect. Harlequin stitch looks incredibly beautiful and elegant. It looks marvelous when using contrasting or similar shades for the crochet stitch and works great for several items. Here are some popular use of harlequin crochet stitch-

1. Scarves


Harlequin crochet stitch looks amazing on scarves. The wheel-like pattern creates a beautiful pattern for the crochet scarf. Harlequin crochet scarves are ideal for gifting on birthdays, anniversaries, or family get-togethers. You can use your favorite colors of yarn to make them more adorable.

2. Cardigans


Harlequin crochet cardigans are also popular crochet items that you can gift or use yourself. The crocheted cardigans with harlequin crochet stitch look amazing and suit all edges. You can try two-colored yarn to create beautiful cardigans. You can also use multi-colored yarns to make vibrant and colorful crochet cardigans.

3. Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets

Another popular use of harlequin crochet stitch is throw blankets. If you are searching for a simple and short-term crochet project, then you can with harlequin stitch, you can try crochet throw blankets. If you are crocheting a standard-size crochet throw blanket, it will take up to 2-4 weeks. And if you want to make a queen-size blanket, it will take 6-8 weeks.

4. Pullover


You can also use harlequin stitch to crochet pullovers. The Harlequin pattern looks great on pullovers. Try one-colored or multicolored yarns for crocheting a pullover with this stitch. They are ideal for gifting on various occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

5. Purse


Another popular and effective use of harlequin crochet fabric is to make purses. The harlequin pattern looks stunning on crochet purses and makes an ideal option for gifting on different occasions.

6. Washcloths/ Dishcloths

Washcloths: Dishcloths

Harlequin crochet stitch is a classic stitch pattern that looks beautiful on almost every crochet item. You can use this stitch for crocheting beautiful washcloths or dishcloths for your homes. It takes a short time to crochet dishes or washcloths, and you can practice your crochet skills with this project.

7. Placemats


Harlequin-patterned placemats are also popular. This harlequin stitch placemat is simple to master and a fun stitch to learn! It can be made very quickly and easily. They look great and are also practical. It is also an ideal option if you are looking for a short-term crochet project for Harlequin crochet.

Tips for Working the Harlequin Stitch

Harlequin crochet stitch requires intermediate-level crocheting skills. You can do it only if you are good at basic crocheting. But still, you can face some sort of difficulties like uneven color alternating or tight edges. Here are some tips to make it easier for you-

  • If you face difficulties changing the yarn color during crocheting harlequin stitch, you are not alone. Many people face trouble changing color evenly with this stitch. The tip is to draw the new color ch with the last 2 loops of the last stitch. Doing this before starting the new row will help you get an even color change.
  • Also, if you feel your crochet fabric edges are tight, try to take an extra loop when doing your dc3tog or dc6tog. Adding an extra loop while double crochet stitches together will help to keep the edges loose and prevent them from getting tight during crocheting.

Other Popular Alternatives to Harlequin Crochet Stitch

There are multiple alternatives to the popular harlequin stitch; however, we have presented here the two most appropriate and suitable options to proceed if you want something other than the classics of harlequin.

Catherine’s Wheel Stitch

Catherine's Wheel Stitch

This stitch pattern looks similar to a harlequin as it also forms a wheel-like pattern. But Catherine’s wheel stitch uses single crochet and double crochet with the cluster stitch patterns and creates a more feminine pattern than Harlequin.

Starburst Stitch

Starburst Stitch

Many people tend to confuse Harlequin with Starburst Stitch. But they are not the same. This stitch creates Starburst patterns in crochet and is a great addition to proceed in the pattern involving the crochet utilities in home spaces of various forms more over the normal clothing options.

Takeaway: Harlequin Crochet Stitch

Harlequin crochet stitch is a classic decorative stitch many prefer for crocheting elegant crochet items. It is also easy to create with cluster stitch patterns, single crochet, and double crochet stitches.

You only need basic crocheting skills to do this beautiful stitch. Harlequin stitch creates a beautiful wheel-like pattern similar to Starburst or Chathrine’s wheel stitch.

You can use it to crochet various items like scarves, throw blankets, cardigans, dishcloths, placemats, and more. Here, we have covered everything you need to know about the harlequin stitch, from what it is, how to do it, materials, tips, common use, and more.

So, gather the materials and try this beautiful crochet stitch. Also, save this blog for later.

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