25 Exquisite Blue Crochet Blankets That You Must Try

With the winter months approaching, all we can think about is snuggling for an hour extra every morning. The harsh American winters make it very difficult to get out of the blanket and go about the day.

Winter months are filled with beautiful festivities that invoke a feeling of love and family spirit. Some of these include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. With the lights, laughter, and family time being a crucial part of these festivities, another one is giving gifts.

Gift-giving is a beautiful concept that stems from love, care, and effort. One such gift option is a blue crochet blanket. There are many different patterns and colors available in the market. With countless numbers of variations and color options, there is something for everyone.

Today, we will discuss the blue crochet blanket in different styles and patterns. Some of the warmest and best blankets are usually handmade gifts from our elders.

So, we will discuss some crochet patterns as well to help our budding crochet community!

Baby Special Blue Crochet Blanket

Having a baby is the most beautiful feeling. For which we prepare numerous gifts to make it comfortable. One such gift includes a handmade crochet piece of clothing. And blankets can be an excellent choice. So, let us discuss some blue crochet patterns.

1. The Classic Blue

The Classic Blue

Sky blue is one of the most common shades of blue color, especially for baby clothing. The beautiful light tone of the color resonates with both the water and the sky. It is a perfect shade to bring some nature into your baby’s wardrobe.

We know there are some gender stereotypes attached to the colors, but this should be a problem. Though blue is considered to be a “boys” color, it looks pretty dope on girls or any person for that matter.

Numerous crochet patterns can be opted for making the blanket. Some of these are slip stitch, half double crochet, and chain stitch.

2. The Sturdy Blue

The Sturdy Blue

Although we are talking about the same color, there are many different shades and tones of it that give out a contrasting look. The sky blue color gives an elegant and delicate look to the blanket.

However, the cyan and French blue give a sturdy look to the blanket. The pale yet roughed look of the color can be a good choice for a blue crochet blanketdesign.

We would suggest you opt for the yarn threads to have a medium thickness or slightly less. It should not, however, be too thin. The thickness will help achieve a perfect, sturdy look for the blanket.

3. Turquoise and White

Turquoise and White

Blue and white combinations are one of the go-to options for a fine combination. The blue and the white can be accommodated together in multiple ways. But before discussing the patterns, we have to decide on the color options possible.

Though white goes well with all shades of blue, here we are looking for something that is playful and appropriate for babies. Turquoise and white is one such combination. Both the colors are light and bright and bring out the best in each other.

Simple, close-knit crochet patterns can be used to get a beautiful blue crochet blanket. Choose the yarn threads of both with equal thickness. It will bring out an even pattern, and look at the blanket.

4. Classic Pink and Blue

Classic Pink and Blue

Pink and blue are two of the most playful and cute color options that we use to doll up our baby. Though both colors have been made gender-specific, meaning blue is for boys and pink is for girls.

So, the pink and blue can be a unique twist for people. Both colors make exceptional combinations and make every piece of clothing look good. We can adopt some crochet patterns that can be difficult to make but give a professional look to the blue crochet blanket.

One such option can be to opt for different crochet patterns for the two colors. For example, blue can be knitted using the half-double crochet pattern, while pink can be knitted using a treble crochet pattern. Give it a try, and let us know your experience!

5. The Gradient Blue Look

The Gradient Blue Look

Apart from blue representing the beautiful and vast ocean and skies, there are many other qualities that the color itself holds. One of them is being able to look classy even when two shades of the same color are paired. Not all colors have this quality. Most of them require the third color as well.

There are many possible combinations to group among several shades of blue. However, here we will discuss three different blue shades knitted together to make a blue crochet blanket.

The yarn threads should not be too bright; a matt finish is the look we need here. A light shade – sky blue, medium shade – cyan, and dark shade – navy blue is used here, creating a wave pattern on the blanket.

6. Tri-Color Combe

Tri-Color Combe

This type of blue crochet blanket is an interesting and meticulous crochet design. Though the title suggests that we will discuss three colors for the crochet blanket, we will need more than three colored yarn threads.

The base colors are three, but for those three colors, we are opting for 2 or 3 different shades. For instance, three shades of blue are used here, namely sky blue, royal blue, and navy blue, followed by two shades of green and three shades of purple.

Each shade makes a uniform triangular pyramid-like line. The thread’s thickness must be medium. This helps provide a good look to all the shades and allows us to make loose knits so that the weave of each knot is properly visible.

7. Blue and Gray

Blue and Gray

It may sound weird, but when the lighter shades of blue are combined with lighter shades of other colors on a piece of clothing, for instance, it brings a beautiful shine and grace to the piece. We will look at an interesting combination of colors that looks simply elegant.

Here, baby blue and moon gray are used, with a single line of white acting as a partition between the two colors. The blue and gray yarn threads should not be too bright. If the colors mentioned above are unavailable, find the next best deep option.

The white in between is sufficient to add brightness to the blue crochet blanket.

8. A Checkered Twist

A Checkered Twist

Square patterns or checkered patterns are an evergreen pattern that never goes out of fashion. Every few years, we see a comeback of the checks pattern. So today, we discuss an interesting checkered pattern for the blue crochet blanket.

The blanket design can be a bit tricky and complicated, making it an optimal choice for advanced crocheters. As we can see, at least 3 different crochet patterns are being used. Different colors are knitted in different crochet patterns.

One way to knit the blanket is to make separate small squares at first and knit all the squares together into a blanket. Give a close-knitted border as shown above, and the blue crochet blanket is ready.

9. The Sun Breaking the Dawn

The Sun Breaking the Dawn .jpg

The crochet blanket shown above reminds me of the phrase above. With blue taking up most of the space and attention of the blanket, the sudden appearance of a yellow line in the middle reminds us of the Sun tearing the blue skies and appearing in the middle.

Though the blue crochet blanket looks quite aesthetic and simple to make, it is not. The blanket requires intricate crocheting skills and patience. Five colors are used here to give the blanket the appearance it deserves.

The colors used here are sky blue, cyan, royal blue, light gray, and mustard. Make sure to use yarn threads with medium thickness to get the desired look.

10. Tassels Around the Stripes

Tassels Around the Stripes

After talking about the checkered pattern, we will be discussing another classic pattern that never goes out of fashion- the stripes. We will use two shades of blue and white for this blue crochet blanket.

The use of white will be more than blue because it will be used in making the tassels for the borders. It is best to use yarn threads having medium to thick – thread thickness to achieve the desired look.

Start with the deeper shade of blue, alternating the same with white for both sides. For the middle portion, use the lighter shade of blue, pairing it with white again. If you look closely, the tassels are weaved yarn strands. So, knit the tassels and attach them all around.

11. Hankerchief Blanket

Hankerchief Blanket

This blue crochet blanket is inspired by the concentric rectangular pattern popularly used in handkerchiefs. It is a beginner-friendly design and can be made using simple crochet patterns.

First, we will start with the innermost rectangle here. Choose any shade of blue you like and start knitting. Remember that this rectangle covers most of the blanket area. Using a combination of slip stitch and half double crochet pattern, make the rectangle.

Once we get the appropriate size, move on to the red border around it, followed by three other borders with increasing crochet lines to stitch. Give the blanket a solid border, and the blanket is made.

12. Multi-Coloured affair

Multi-Coloured affair .jpg

Babies enjoy different colors and patterns around them. Every vibrant thing brings an innocent surprise and happiness to their face. As shown in the image above, we will be knitting this blue crochet blanket using 10 different colors. Two different shades of each color are chosen, which are purple, yellow, blue, green, and pink.

The pattern is quite simple. The combination of two shades of the same color, for instance, deep yellow and light yellow, are given equal spaces. The colors change horizontally with a common border made of white yarn threads.

Choose soft yarn threads so that the baby does not suffer from itching or rashes.

13. Blue Gingham

Blue Gingham

The history of gingham crochet patterns dates back to the late eighteenth century. The introduction of crocheting in America is the same as the onset of the gingham fashion. With the pattern being centuries old, it has become a legacy for many people across the continent.

So, why not make our babies part of our cultural heritage and legacy, too? We will use three colors for the blue crochet blanket – light blue, navy blue, and white. Although gingham blankets are quite beginner-friendly, this crochet pattern can be tricky for some. Especially the cross pattern running across all the squares.

Knit the blanket in a similar way as the checkered blanket. The crochet patterns used for gingham blankets are always the same. Upon finishing the squares, give a solid border to the blanket using the three colors.

Neutral Blankets

After discussing some beautiful blue crochet blankets for babies, we will be discussing some blankets that people of all age groups can use.

14. Tricolored Scalps

Tricolored Scalps

Cream, gray, and blue is a fairly unique combination that doesn’t have many variations. The colors used here are all dark, solid, and subtle. Some might find the combination to be dull, but as we know – beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

So, we will go line by line horizontally, starting with the cream color. Followed by which gray and navy blue color has to be knitted. The pattern will be the same for all the colors. Scalps will be formed in every line. Once the three colors are knitted, repeat the process until the desired length is achieved.

15. Triple Color Delight

Triple Color Delight

The image shows another variation of the scalp design for the blue crochet blanket. Here, we have chosen a bunch of bright and vibrant colors. We will use navy blue, scarlet red, and white colors for the blanket.

If you look carefully, the design shown here does not make perfect scalps but looks like partial pyramids. The border of the blanket is closely knitted in a wave pattern with proper curves. However, the inner lining is edgy.

Nevertheless, opt for yarn threads having a medium thickness. Also, the yarns should be soft on the skin to help you enjoy a long and warm snuggle.

16. Sand and the Sea

Sand and the Sea

And the beach calls us again. Does the blue crochet blanket remind you of the beach? If yes, then my friend, we are the same. The vibrant combinations of yellow and blue with white make a beautiful snuggle buddy for harsh winter mornings. For this blanket pattern, we will be using 3 shades of blue, yellow, and white.

Similar to other blankets, we have to knit the different colors in a horizontal pattern. Starting with the lightest shade of blue chosen, followed by yellow, medium shade of blue, and the deepest shade of blue.

But these colors do not come simultaneously; the white line parts the different colors. Also, a thick boundary is knitted using the white yarn threads followed by a single line of mustard running at the edges.

17. Florals with Purple and Blues

Florals with Purple and Blues

This is an exquisite piece of crochet blanket that can be made by individuals who are well-versed in crocheting. So, this blue crochet blanket is not a beginner-friendly pattern. The base color is chosen to be a deep purple color.

The purple color runs vertically and horizontally, leaving equal sizes of squares in between. Between those squares 3 or more shades of blue are used along with purple color to make different flower motifs.

Here, the purple color acts as a dark boundary upon which the lighter shades of blue pop upland look very vibrant, adding a creative drama to the blanket.

18. Florals in Blue Garden

Florals in Blue Garden .jpg

The theme for this blue crochet pattern is similar to the colorful flowers blooming in the garden. So, with the base being blue, the garden is considered blue, with flowers of various colors like pink, purple, and green.

Though the whole blanket is not visible, we can see the edge and understand how the weaving and color patterns are being done. For the middle portion, let us have a big blue patch knitted. The shade of blue used in the borders of the blanket can be used for the inner patch as well.

After the blue patch is over, we will start with the layers of multiple colors surrounding it and start with two different shades of purple and pink. Then again, a single line of purple, blue, green, blue, pink, and finally, the border.

19. Chaos Within the White

Chaos Within the White .jpg

Though the pattern might look similar, the motifs, colors, and knitting techniques create the difference between the two. One of the simple ways to complete this blue crochet blanket is to make the design in pieces and sew them up together.

Make the squares separately. The measurement of each square must be kept equal with the same motifs being knitted. Here, yarn threads with maximum thickness are loosely knitted to allow the yarn to sit into the weave and give out a perfect look.

After the squares are knitted, join them in equal distances using white yarn threads. At last, make a border with the navy blue color to complete the blanket pattern.

20. America’s Favorite Blanket

America's Favorite Blanket

And finally, we have one blanket dedicated to our home – America. The combination of blue, red, and white is used in a slightly similar way to the American flag. The blanket can be best used during the 4th of July holidays.

Here, we will be making the designs vertically. First, we will knit the middle portion with a blue color. The initial two lines are straight, after which small wavy patterns are made. These waves are further enhanced and continued on either side using white and red thread alternatively.

Make sure to use yarn with medium to maximum thickness. The width and length of the blanket depend upon the person it is made for. If none, then you can use the standard blanket size.

21. Hexagonal Blankets

Blue Gradient Square

After scrolling through numerous square designs, we have a new design for you. Here, a dark gray color is used as the base of the blanket, with other vibrant colors used for the hexagons all over the blanket.

This blanket can be knitted in two ways. One way is to knit the blanket all together, switching the yarn thread colors whenever needed and completing the blanket.

The second way is to make hexagons separately. Each hexagon has to be of equal size with an ample amount of color variations. Then, sew all of them up using a yarn needle. Border the whole thing with dark gray thread to give a finishing look to the blanket.

22. Blue Gradient Square

Hexagonal Blankets

This blue crochet blanket design looks simple but is very difficult to knit. Every line of the blanket brings in a different color. It can be tricky at first, but with practice, you can surely master it.

If you have your grandmother or mother around, you can ask them for help. It can be a great bonding experience for both of you. Nevertheless, we can use the similar trick that we used for the earlier blanket pattern.

Make the squares separately and sew them up using the navy blue yarn threads. The thickness of the yarn threads should not be less than medium.

23. Color Fusion

Color Fusion

The best part about this blue crochet blanket is that we do not have to knit several different colored yarns. We have to buy a multi-colored yarn that has a maximum of blue color. The yarn threads used here should have the maximum thickness.

This blanket gives a rugged and artistic look. You may use any crochet pattern as per convenience. However, it is advisable to make loose knits. The loose knits will allow the thick yarn threads to fit perfectly in the weave and allow us to see the pattern after the blanket is made.

Give a border to the blanket using a black or navy blue colored yarn.

24. Classic Florals

Classic Florals

We have talked about many blankets having floral colors, but for this blanket, we have to have flower motifs all across the blanket. This blue crochet blanket is not particularly beginner-friendly, especially because we have to make proper flower petals while knitting the blanket.

The blanket comprises two shades of blue – light blue and royal blue. You may have noticed that there are small motifs apart from the flowers that are knitted in the blanket. This indicates how tricky it can be for beginners.

So, those of you who are highly confident about your crocheting skills must go ahead with this classic blanket pattern.

25. Motif Pattern Blanket

Motif Pattern Blanket

This blue crochet blanket pattern combines different motifs made into squares and knitted together. As we have seen earlier, there are two ways to knit square-pattern blankets. But we believe the second way is better for this design.

Primarily, there are two motifs made here. One is a spiral, and the other is a concentric square. So, make these motifs separately in squares of equal length. Once all the squares are ready, knit them together alternatively using the navy blue yarn threads.

At last, give a thick border around the blanket of four layers. Two shades of blue knitted alternatively, as shown in the image.


Finally, we come to the end of a creatively enriching journey. Here, we discovered several blue crochet blanket patterns for both babies and adults. These options and descriptions can be very handy when deciding on a blanket pattern.

Through this article, we can shortlist the pattern of our skills and the look we like. It is a much better practice than spending hours looking for the “perfect pattern.” Did you find a banket pattern of your liking? Let us know in the comment section below.

Also, share your blanket knitting journey to inspire other aspirants. This practice will help us in making a small community of our own.

Blue is a beautiful color with multiple shades available. So, we get a chance to explore numerous options with varied combinations as well. Do let us know your plans on how you will proceed with trying your favorite blanket pattern.

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