The Bucket List Family surprised me!

I discovered The Bucket List Family last year from a friend. This family travels the world full time, something that I’ve always wanted to do. (After all, I did study geography… because I knew I was going places, so I wanted to know where I was when I got there. -thanks MJ). Preston tried to fulfill my dreams of traveling the world by applying for the Air Force JAG program every year of law school until we realized that, for whatever reason, we just weren’t supposed to do it. (Cancer has now explained why). So now I watch The Bucket List Family adventures, and with envy, if I’m being honest. I keep trying to think of a way to do something similar to what they are doing, but I keep getting stuck on that silly obstacle called cancer and treatment and doctor appointments.

I often tell my friends about The Bucket List Family and also my dream of traveling the world. One of those friends decided to do something about it.

Alli with Dorothy Gee of The Bucket List Family

My friend, Jorja, is always thinking of ways to help me. Like that one time when we were at a BYU basketball game, but showed up too late to get the free shirt they handed out to the first few hundred fans. When we walked by the marketing staff at halftime, I asked if they had any left because I loved the design of the shirt. They told me no, so I walked away. Well, little did I know that Jorja overheard my conversation and waited till I left to speak with this same person. Jorja asked her, “Do you know who that is?” (Haha. I laughed when she later told me that. Because no one knows who I am. And who says that? 😂) Jorja was not taking no for an answer, and graciously demanded that they find a shirt for me, even if it meant that one of the staff members had to give up their shirt (which is exactly what happened). All I know is that Jorja was gone for a while and when she returned, she handed me the shirt that I had failed to get earlier. So that’s the kind of person Jorja is. You know, the good friend kind of person. In fact, she always says to me that she just wants to help make all my dreams come true. (Everyone needs a Jorja in their life).

I spoke to Jorja a few Mondays ago about this event that The Bucket List Family was doing the next day at BYU, but that I was unable to attend because tickets were sold out. So on Tuesday morning, she had the impression to reach out to them about me. Jorja is very obedient and didn’t hesitate on the prompting. Two people were prompted that day. Jorja, as well as Jessica Gee, the young mother and marketing guru of The Bucket List Family. Jessica had the opportunity to give away something to someone but didn’t know who. So she was prompted to pray about it. Jorja was prompted to take action on behalf of me (without my knowledge), so she emailed them about me coming to their event even though it was sold out. The two came together and were able to participate in a kind act.

Jorja texted me that morning that she had corresponded with Jessica and that she would allow me to attend the event without a ticket. I was shocked that Jessica responded to Jorja’s email and that she even gave Jorja her number so that I could meet up with them before the event.

So that night, my daughter, Alli, and I drove to BYU and met them briefly before the event. They were kind to take a few minutes to speak to me before the event started and I didn’t expect anything else as I sat and listened to Garrett tell his story of being an entrepreneur to the crowd.

At the end, they answered questions from the audience, which is when they announced that they had a surprise for a special guest named … Melanie Day!!! 😱😮😱 (If you click here and click on the link on the Instagram bio of The Bucket List Family and go to the 50 minute mark, you’ll see the video of how they announced their giveaway to me). They gifted our family a getaway to Sundance Resort. It took me a few minutes to get out of my seat because I was shocked. But when I got up there, she explained that she had been praying that morning about who to give this to and seconds later, she received the email from Jorja.

This is me hugging Jessica after she announced their surprise

Moral of the story: If you have an impression to do something (as long as it doesn’t cause harm and isn’t evil), DO IT!  Go with your first prompting. Don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt. Just go. Just do. You may just end up blessing some really cool person named Melanie Day 😉😘😜😘😉

Thank you Jorja and The Bucket List Family! 

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Hi. My name is Melanie. I currently live in Salt Lake City with my husband and our three children. Although I have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, people are continuously surprised of my optimism for life. For this reason, I have started this blog to inspire others to live life to the fullest as if they had Five Years To Live.

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