My Platform:

While other candidates have vague references to policy, or completely ignore it altogether, I offer real solutions below.  These are specific, tangible, and actionable.

 – VOTER TtttttttURNOUTt


My #1 goal is to see the city election in November have the highest turnout and voter participation in Atlanta history.  Being an off-cycle election year, voter turnout is typically very low and very weak.  This is unfortunate, since local elections have the biggest impact on our day to day lives and our communities.  If you agree with the rest of my platform, please vote for me.  If you hate my platform, please vote for someone else.  Either way, just VOTE.

 – VOTER TtttttttURNOUTt

#2 – CRIME

No mystery here – the top issue on everyone's mind is crime and how to lower the crime rate.  It’s very clear what solutions need to be implemented to stem the flow of crime and criminals.  However, much of the discussion and blame has been misplaced and misdirected (largely by our elected officials).  The kneejerk reaction to date has been to blame the police.  THE APD ARE NOT TO BLAME FOR ANY OF THE SPIKE IN CRIME!  

The majority of crime is due to a relatively small number of individuals.  These people are the primary drivers of violence in our community.  The APD knows who many of these people are and has actually caught many of these criminals.  The issue is that a small number of them will actually serve any jail time.  This is a failure of the Fulton County District Attorney and the leniency shown to violent criminals by the Judges.

The solution to stemming violence in Atlanta is to actually have criminals serve jail time.  Violent criminals need to be in jail – not endangering our communities on the streets.

The spike in crime is solely due to the incompetence of the Fulton County District Attorney and the leniency shown to violent criminals by the Judges.  It’s the worst kept secret amongst violent criminals that Atlanta is the best place to get caught.  Chances are that their case will be dropped, mishandled, or botched in some form by the DA’s office.  Even if they do see a judge, the odds are in their favor that they won’t see the inside of a jail cell.  

Don’t believe me?  Read the ‘Atlanta Repeat Offender Commission’ report (link here).  They studied only violent, repeat offenders and found that “just 23 percent of City of Atlanta repeat offenders were sentenced to confinement” – that’s a horrifying statistic.  A broader study of lesser offenses or first time criminals would like show an even lower percentage.  This clearly demonstrates that criminals have no accountability, even after they get caught.  This puts everyone in harms way.

Specific Solutions to Crime:

  • Re-open the Atlanta city jail.  Fulton county has repeatedly cited overcrowding and COVID as the reason for releasing violent and dangerous criminals into our community.  Let’s take this excuse away.  

  • End the use of signature bonds for violent and repeat offenders.  Releasing these criminals on their own recognizance is meaningless and puts everyone in harms way.

  • Provide more support for the Fulton County DA.  We have a new DA, Fani Willis, and she does deserve  support from the city.  She recently asked for additional funding to help reduce the case backlog in her office.  The city of Atlanta should provide all the support she asks for, and more.  The damage caused by criminals on our streets costs many time more any amount of support that would be provided to the DA.

  • Provide better transparency with judicial records and decisions.  Some judges sentence up to 40% of the defendants in their courtroom to jail, some sentence less than 10%.  There is clearly a lack of consistency when it comes to sentencing.  The citizens of Atlanta deserve better.  The odds of a criminal going to jail should not depend on which judge they see – it should depend on their crime, the severity of the crime, and their past offenses, if any.  Judges that put our community in harms way should be removed from the bench, period.

  • Identify and close venues that are magnets for criminals and crime.  A disproportionate number of business (typically bars and nightclubs) account for the majority of 911 calls and crime.  We have the data to identify these locations.  The City should work with the business owners to implement solutions to reduce crime.  Businesses that fail to work with the City or fail to reduce crime should be closed.

 – VOTER TtttttttURNOUTt


Unfortunately, the Atlanta Police (APD) have been under attack from all sides.  First, they have the dangerous and life threatening job of patrolling our streets and apprehending criminals.  Second, they bear the brunt of complaints from citizens regarding the spike in crime.  Lastly, they lack support from both the Mayor and some city council members.  This is horrendous and has caused a sharp drop in morale amongst the APD.  These efforts also hinder recruitment and the retention of existing officers.

The APD has one of the best departments in the country.  They do a fantastic job of investigating, closing cases, and making arrests.  The APD is understaffed, overworked, and suffering from low morale, but increasing their ranks alone won’t reduce crime.  The police are merely the first step in the criminal justice system, with the DA’s office, courts, and judges comprising the remaining steps.

Specific Enhancements for the APD:

  • Support the APD.  They put their lives on the line keeping us safe.  There is no need to treat police officers like veterans returning from Vietnam.  Say “thank you” the next time you see an officer.  Show your appreciation and support.

  • Focus on recruiting and retaining officers so the APD can reach their authorized and appropriate staffing levels.

    • Offer financial incentives for officers who left in the last 2 years to return.  Returning officers would not need basic training and are familiar with the department and the city neighborhoods.

  • Ensure that the budget is in place for APD to continue to get the best and most advanced training possible. 

  • Ensure the budget is available for APD to work with the best technological solutions available (for example: additional remotely operated and monitored cameras).

 – VOTER TtttttttURNOUTt


While the homelessness in Atlanta is not as bad as other cities, any amount is unacceptable.  We need to be mindful to separate compassion and tolerance.  I believe we all have compassion and a desire to see homelessness ended.  However, we cannot tolerate and allow our brothers and sisters to live on the streets.  Given the scale of wealth and resources available in this country, it is intolerable that homelessness exists, on any level.

Specific Solutions for Homelessness:

  • We don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  Other cities have successfully tackled this, we can copy and model successful programs and initiatives.

  • Housing first policies have been effective in other cities.  We should advance this as much as possible in Atlanta.

  • Locate, identify and gather information regarding our homeless population.  We can’t effectively provide assistance if we don’t know where they are, who they are, and what assistance they need.

  • Reduce the bureaucracy and paperwork associated with providing resources and assistance.  This includes housing programs, health care, job training, and job placement.

 – VOTER TtttttttURNOUTt


The City of Atlanta provides a number of basic government services such as parks, roads/road maintenance, and public housing support, among others.  In parts of the city, these basic services have been crumbling or non-existent altogether.  The lack of these services can erode the quality of life in the city and prompts residents to flee and businesses to relocate.  Right now, the city has no plan to proactively address these issues.  Rather, the city is reactive and only responds to the citizens, businesses, and groups that make the most noise regarding issues in certain locations. This is not viable long term and we can do better.  ALL citizens of Atlanta deserve to have the same level of basic government services.

Specific Solutions for Basic Services:

  • Do a complete bottoms-up needs assessment of the basic services, identifying the locations, requirements, and severity of the issues.  Identify the budget and resources required to bring the basic services up to standard.  

  • Employ resources to actively identify gaps and issues with basic services before issues become more severe. 

  • Enhanced 311 service for citizens to submit requests and provide feedback.

  • Identify blighted properties and underserved neighborhoods and prioritize these areas.

 – VOTER TtttttttURNOUTt


I’m not going to linger on the lack of accountability and transparency that has plagued the mayors office for years – I’m sure my fellow candidates have that covered.  However, the lack of accountability and transparency does significantly erode the trust and confidence in government that our citizens place with elected officials.  The city of Atlanta has a lot of rebuilding to do to regain that trust.  

I know its very easy to make platitudes regarding “accountability and transparency” and “building trust”, but I do offer some specifics below that should be implemented, regardless of the outcome of the election.

Lastly, I put accountability and transparency as my #6 issue just to give other candidates the opportunity to state “I don’t know about Mr. Hammad, but I put accountability and transparency as my #1 focus.

Specific Solutions for Accountability & Transparency:

  • I will set up an independent commission, with unwavering access to investigate any claims of waste, fraud, or abuse in the city of Atlanta government.  This commission would be beyond the reach of influence or interference from the Mayors office.

  • I promise to publicize my meeting calendar.  I will be transparent about who I meet (both groups and individuals) and when I met with them.

  • Put in place greater internal controls over city issued purchase cards (“p-cards”), to hopefully avoid situations like the time the CFO purchased machine guns and military grade weapons for personal use.

  • Lastly, if elected, I want citizens and journalist to hold my feet to fire.  As Mayor, I am responsible for everything that occurs within the city of Atlanta government.  Ignorance is not an excuse.  Demand answers from me, demand accountability from me.

 – VOTER TtttttttURNOUTt


If I am not successful in the election, I give my permission to the elected Mayor to plagiarize any and all of the ideas above.  :)