The best way to get involved is to VOTE and to encourage others to VOTE.


Your vote matters, your voice matters, and every vote counts.


  1. Register to Vote.  To do this, go to the link here (this is the GA Secretary of State website).  You MUST be registered by October 4, 2021 to vote in the upcoming election.

  2. If you are already registered to Vote, confirm that your registration is still valid with the link here.

  3. Once you are registered to Vote, confirm where your polling location is (link here).  The website also has information on early voting locations and times as well as links to get an absentee ballot.

  4. Prior to voting, preview your ballot (link here).  This will display all the elections taking place and who the candidates are.  Do your research and identify who you feel would best represent you as an elected official.  

  5. Remember to VOTE.  Mark election day on your calendar or make arrangements to vote early or via an absentee ballot.  Election day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

  6. Most importantly, tell your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, fellow congregants, and anyone else you know to VOTE as well.  Encourage them to register and encourage them to VOTE.  

Lastly, this year is an off-cycle election year (meaning no general election for president or senators and it is not a mid-term election for congress).  As a result, voter turnout is typically VERY low - lets change this!  These elections are some of the most important and may affect your day to day life more than a general election. These elections will decide the formation of city government, which will preside over all local issues that impact you, your community, and your neighbors.  Make sure your voice is heard and VOTE!