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And again, it arrives.

And just like that, she is 23 – my beautiful, little sister.

Rachel, it has become increasingly evident to me this past year, just how different we are. And I’m learning to celebrate our differences, even as I grind my teeth every so often because of these same differences.

This year you have continued to fill me with pride as you’ve closed another chapter of achievements. You’ve hugged me when I’ve needed it – you’ve pulled me together like glue on tough days and snort-laughed with me on others. You’ve rolled your eyes and pretended to not be my sister in public on the occasions when I get outbursts to dance. In public. Sometimes I shake my head at you and your crazy ways, but if anyone were to ever to be against you, they would certainly have to come through me first. NOBODY talks down about my sister where I’m involved. EVER.

It’s a beautiful thing to see the friendships you’ve made, the adventures you’ve taken, and the woman you’re still becoming.

It is with joyful tears in my eyes that I write this post, thinking back over the ridiculous things that only we share, and I’m grateful for a friendship that reaches beyond sisterhood. Thankful for a friend who knows all my secrets. Humbled to be related to someone who consistently demonstrates her wisdom (and her keen fashion sense).

Rachel, you are a woman to be celebrated. It’s no wonder that you have such a loyal group of friends, who cheer you on and are witness to the real you – yes, the sarcastic, hilarious, amazing person you sometimes keep on the DL when meeting people for the first time.

To personalize a little quote you showed me this past weekend on Pinterest:

Love you, little sister. Happy 23rd year! XOXO

January 24, 2013 - 5:55 AM

Kristin - Super cute!

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