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Always Will

Here we are; autumn has arrived. Autumn just so happens to be my favourite season. It’s also my birthday season, which usually catapults me into a time of looking back and reflecting on the year that has passed and trying to remember where I was at last year in terms of my business, creativity, and life in general.

2012 has been an UNREAL year of meeting beautiful people and photographing love. There have been lessons learned, new things accomplished, and more to come before 2012 is over I am sure! THANK YOU and love to each person who has been a part of my 2012!!!

It’s also been a year of being busy. Too busy. Too busy to find time to blog. Too busy to get images to my beautiful couples as fast as I would like. Too busy to really focus on personal growth outside of my business sometimes. And too busy to be the kind of wife I’d love to be for my hubby. What I need right now is a season of renewal. Of slow. Of calm.

Personal goals as I head into my 26th year of being include more balance. I know, I know – it’s a vague and elusive goal. Balance for me includes SLOWING DOWN. NOT being busy to the extreme. It includes more regular work hours and having/making the time to share with you the beautiful people I get to photograph online. It includes more time spent with friends and family, more time in the beautiful world out there and less time inside my little office. Hold me accountable, friends!

In other news, John & I had a chance to go see Royal Wood live in concert at St. Ann’s this past Sunday as an early birthday gift for me and it was AMAZING! It was my first time hearing any songs from his latest album and I enjoyed all of them so much. Music is a big part of my life – I like singing along when I’m editing, and grooving when I’m folding laundry, and head-nodding to the beat during my drives to anywhere – and I think I might just start sharing more of it on the blog as well.

Royal Wood is a personal fave music choice of mine; I have my CBC-listening-husband to thank for turning me on to his talent (and also to listening to CBC for that matter). Royal Wood’s music is solid and his song “I’m So Glad” is the one that John & I consider to be “our song”; needless to say, there were silent tears streaming down my cheeks on Sunday while listening to that particular song live and snuggling in closer under my honey’s arm. So beautiful and such a treat to hear a musician whose live performance was so spot on! I think that as a creative, it’s really important and inspiring to witness another creative in their element, which Royal Wood definitely was! If you’re in AB or east of AB, you might be in luck for checking out one of his live shows on the rest of The Glory Tour.

So there we have it. A return to the online word with a wee little confessional. Cheers to almost 26! Thankful for everything in my life right now, especially a man who cheers me on through the crazy seasons of life, holds my hand, and helps keep me focused on what’s important.


“Hold me like you always will
And I will be renewed.”

–  from “Always Will” by Royal Wood –

Photos above by the amazing Tonhya Kae, taken last year at our anniversary session in Seattle!

January 3, 2013 - 10:18 PM

Kim Spears - Such a CUTE post Courtney !! xo

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