Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet: The Only Responsible Choice

More than any other vehicle on the road, motorcycles represent freedom and independence. Lots of people are drawn to the attraction of a road stretched out in front of them that is just waiting to be explored. Over the last ten years, more people have begun to embrace bikers. While in the past there were negative connotations associated with biking, this is no longer the case, and people from all walks of life are donning their black leather jackets once more. The sad fact is that almost 50% of bikers still refuse to don a motorcycle helmet. These numbers are staggering and unsettling, and the cause of much concern for society.

The cost to anyone on the road when an accident happens can be great. In their quest to avoid conformity and loss of freedom, a lot of riders involved in wrecks end up bedridden or stuck in a wheelchair. Motorcycle accidents don’t just take lives, they cost society money in the end. The health care system is already so overburdened that the addition of needless accidents, often occurring to uninsured participants, make things even worse.

Since you can see better without one, many bikers do not wear helmets, thinking they will be safer. An open-faced motorcycle helmet will permit the same range of vision while keeping the rider safe from head injury. In conjunction with a facemask, an open motorcycle helmet can be a fashionable form of safety gear.

The public’s image of bikers has softened. This cinematic cult classic dealt with the prejudice that bikers faced on a regular basis in an earlier era. It is very important that motorcyclists wear protective gear to keep their bodies safe. Visit SolidStateCovers.com.

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