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Canada Photo Convention 2012

Oh, photography conferences!!! Today I returned home from the first annual Canada Photo Convention (which I’m pretty sure should be renamed “WPPI, You’re Amazing, but CPC is the BEST Photo Convention of ALL TIME!”) and I’m on such a creative high right now. I love what I do and feel completely refreshed (even while running on a complete lack of sleep from go-go-go scheduling and staying up late talking with newfound photographer friends) from witnessing so many talented, talented photographers share their hearts and photography with the attendees.

On the ferry ride home I felt like I was seeing moments and details in a completely different light and cannot explain the gratitude and overwhelming wonder I have for the abundance of JOY in my life right now. Talk about a great way to head into a weekend of engagement sessions, eh?!

HUGE thank you goes to Jasser Abu-Giemi, a rocking photographer from Edmonton, AB, for planning EVERYTHING and making this conference happen! Just barely 24 hours out from the last presentation of the 2012 conference, and I’ve already purchased my ticket for the 2013 conference! See you there!!!

Thank you also to each of the inspirational speakers who were so wonderful, so humble, so approachable, and so giving of their time and knowledge. I’m thrilled that I can take with me a little bit of each of you from every slideshow that struck my heart chords and brought me to tears, or mini-conversation shared between classes, or page of notes scribbled just trying to keep up with your brilliance! Thank you for SHOWING UP BIGTIME!!!

And thank you to a special guest for today’s vlog post! (and the lovely Kelsey Goodwin for her filming and directing!)

In case I didn’t explain it clearly enough in today’s vlog (it would seem clarity sometimes escapes me when filming at 2AM!), Tim King, an event and travel photographer based out of San Diego, travelled up to Vancouver, BC for the convention. Tim also happens to be the kick-starter behind the 30 Day Vlog Challenge! Awesome timing for the challenge and the conference to overlap, right? With only 30 bloggers taking part in the 30 day blogging community worldwide, I thought I’d take advantage of the chance opportunity to ask Tim in person how his crazy idea for vlogging 30 days consecutively came about! Thanks for participating in this post, Tim!

April 27, 2012 - 1:29 PM

Brian Van Wyk - Hahaha! Oh Tim! I am rolling on the floor laughing right now. It was funny to witness in person, but so much better through an iPad. Good times, C, T and K. :)

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