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Back it up!

Yes, today’s post comes just a little delayed – I’ll chalk it up to Vimeo being weird (hence the YouTube upload) and being busy working away on taxes today!

These are just a few everyday-ish moments that I would hate to lose from hard drive malfunction or negligent image backing up. These images are from a mini getaway John & I took this past February to Parksville; it was a pretty rainy trip, but exactly what we needed – full of relaxing and just hanging out together. No work. Little to no time spent online. Just together, and absolutely wonderful.

I love John’s hands. These are the hands that reached for mine at the end of the aisle on our wedding day. These are the hands I will hold forever. These are the hands that will one day hold our babies (should we be so blessed). Woo! Makes me teary just thinking about that – and these images are just from an A&W breakfast together! I would hate to lose even a second of our life together in images again. Back your images up, my friends.

OK, now that I’ve shared some recent fave images from my personal collection, here’s a little song to remind you to get “backin up” YOUR images! Also, I’m sharing this because Schmoyoho is on my list of favourite things and I think almost everything they touch (or auto tune) is golden. Seriously, check out the rest of their videos…if you’ve never seen their version of Double Rainbow or Winning, we can’t be friends anymore. I kid! I kid! But go watch those!

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