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Darcy & Jordan’s Wedding Photobooth! | Vlog #4

Oh my goodness: PHOTOBOOTHS!!! I LOVE them! A photographer friend I admire recently referred to me as a “photo booth master” when recommending my photobooth services and it totally made me light up!

I think what I love so much about offering Photobooth services is the permission it gives guests to be silly, to play, and to reveal things about themselves that they might usually hide with a “camera smile” when in front of a stranger’s camera.

It’s an opportunity to forget about perfection and simply just have fun – you know, laugh “the ugly laugh” and maybe even snort out loud when you see the fabulous costume get-up your friends decorate themselves with! And really, shouldn’t all wedding guests have this kind of fun on days where the whole purpose is to celebrate and be joyful for the exciting commitment their friend/family has made?!

Yes, this is what I love about Photobooths.

So, for today’s Vlog, I have 5 tips to help you set the groundwork so your wedding/event Photobooth will the best thing EVER! PS…guess who figured out how to film the RIGHT way, and not mirrored?!



Now for some of the Photobooth images from Darcy & Jordan’s wedding! Darcy & Jordan had already chosen their photographer, Curtis Pelletier, to photograph their beautiful spring wedding, but decided they wanted a Photobooth as well! So, Curtis connected us and I had a great time photographing guests while Curtis went out with the wedding party and created some gorgeous images for them on the property. Thank you for connecting us, Curtis!

Usually I bring a backdrop for Photobooth set-up, but with the wedding and reception taking place at the gorgeous Church & State Wines here in Brentwood Bay, we were able to simply use the beauty of their wall of wine as a stunning backdrop!

Darcy was SO into the Photobooth – love her expressions!!!This little guy embodies everything I love about Photobooth! I’ve never seen anyone enjoy cheerleading pompoms so much!Updated family portrait, anyone?!

To book Photobooth Services for your wedding or event, please connect with me here!

April 4, 2012 - 9:43 PM

Laura-Jane - Love the one of the wizard and the baby! Totally a Dumbledore and baby Harry Potter moment…

April 5, 2012 - 6:59 PM

Stéphanie Prest - Your photos are great and so fun! I love the photobooth set up and you have done a very nice job with it. Well done.

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