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Ahhhh the beginning…such a daunting place to start! Where is best to even begin on a post about things so close to my heart? With thanks. The past couple of weeks have been beyond amazing with the encouragement and love shown from so many people towards my work, the new website, and the Hunger Games shoot. I’m so very thankful and grateful for everyone’s sweetness and support! Thank you!

While it’s been a joyful season, it has also been a season of contemplation.

Today marks the first anniversary of the passing of my Dad’s Dad; my Granddaddy. He lived an incredible life, generously sharing his time, faith, handiwork and good humour with others, and left a beautiful impact on so many people. Even with 79 years of life, his time came quickly and unexpectedly, and if you ask anyone who knew him, too soon. It’s still hard to believe he’s no longer here, but there is a great peace knowing he is with our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, it’s been a tough day sorting through photos, remembering, and celebrating the man who was a big part of why I was so proud to be a Broughton before I became a Clarke.

There are many things about Grandaddy that I miss: his deep laugh, his funny sense of humour (and silly faces!), listening to stories about his morning walks or his motorcycle-riding younger days, and hearing my Dad pick up the phone with his usual “Hellloooo Father!” anytime Grandaddy would call.

Sleepovers at Grandma & Grandaddy’s always meant CFAX 1070 while Grandaddy whirred up the machine to grind his morning coffee.

Grandaddy (aka: the dishwasher). Such a gentleman to clean up after Grandma and I when we made Grandma’s famous chutney in 2010.

The image above was actually taken before I’d even launched Courtney Clarke Photography – back in February 2009. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to have a session with my grandparents. Being able to photograph the people I love most (and the people that others love most in their lives) is an honour and a gift.

It’s days like today, when I’m reflecting on the beauty one person can add to our world that remind me how finite my “todays” are and to choose wisely where I invest my time and love with each one.

During my stay in Vegas last month for the 2012 Wedding & Portrait Photographers International conference, I listened to some super talented photographers speak and though they spoke on different topics, the thought I took from almost every single one was to really make what I do count. Make life count. Don’t let fear have a hold on my dreams. As the following quote goes, “this is your ONE wild and precious life. use it.” Easier said than done, but I’m thankful to have a strong start to 2012 and plan to continue nurturing and honouring this one wild and precious life I’ve been given. What a gift!!!

 Thank you to fellow photographer Emily Scott for allowing me to share this page from her notes from Mary Marantz’s Platform Class at WPPI. I LOVE Emily’s clean and beautiful way of recording her notes.

March 22, 2012 - 9:29 AM

Rachel - Beautifully written Courtney! Granddaddy was an amazing man and I miss him too! Love you!

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