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Fall is by far my favourite time of the year – I just love everything about it, from the colours to the sound of walking through crunchy leaves! Every time fall comes around, I keep high hopes that the season will be everything I wish for it to be: crisp and sunny and bright!

A few weeks back I had an especially out-and-about day between errands and an interiors shoot and I had to drive past Elk Lake Park about four times; unfortunately there was no time to stop and enjoy the view, even though the sun was out and the vibrant colours of fall were shining across the glassy water. If you know the Victoria area and you’ve driven past Elk Lake Park in the fall, you might have noticed what I’m talking about; it can be a breathtaking sight on a crisp, clear, sunny day. I was itching to stop, get out and take photos, but with a schedule to keep, I headed on to finish my day as planned, and promised myself I’d stop by another day for photos – as long as the sun was still shining strong.

After a few gloomy days (and some extra windy days) later that week, I thought I might have lost my chance altogether for the 2011 fall season…until one afternoon when the sun was particularly bright. In a split-minute decision, I flipped my laptop closed and made the drive out to the lake to get my images, and I’m so glad I did! Taking a few moments to slow down and enjoy the colours of fall was just what I had needed that day.

What a beautiful city we live in! Cheers to making time to do the things we love and enjoy the beauty around us!

November 29, 2011 - 3:52 PM

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