Friday, March 31, 2006


I know you hate this, Matt, and I'm sorry, but my job won't let me access my server from here. They ban YSI but don't know about Rapidshare yet.

This Mama Lion album is mostly famous for being censored, I think. See how awkward that cover looks. Here's what's underneath that:

Look at Mama's mammaries! The world was not ready for women suckling wild beast babies in 1972. We're probably even less ready now. This post is not safe for work and will attract FCC attention. Sorry, guys.

And under THAT was a record that opens with this kickass version of "Ain't No Sunshine." Is there a bad version of this song? I have yet to hear it and live in fear of the day I do.

Mama Lion - Ain't No Sunshine.mp3
rapidshare link. please, fellow choppers, feel free to put this on the webspace and change the link. DONE

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Sorry its been so long.
I hope these tunes make you feel all right.
La Lupe covering Fever. If Peggy Lee was a smoldering ember. La Lupe is a flash fire.
You can almost feel her hands all over.

And the Saxons with their instrumental Camel Walk. Ka Mel Mek
It will be summer soon, don't worry.

(not very intimidating Saxons)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My namesake...

...provides the commentary for my 2006 Spring Break. Bleh.

The Renees - Drink Problem


Well it's the kind of a sandwich where you're supposed to take two pieces of bread

and wish you had some meat


Monday, March 27, 2006

until then

I've been meaning to make a post for a while now, but sometimes, well, it's just that.....

-matt h


Here's a song that was going to go on Renee's air travel CD until her trip got cancelled. This is probably one of my favorite synth bands from the early 80's, mostly because they didn't do much. There's something to be said for a limited output and how it can keep you from bogging down your recording history with crap. I can't find a picture though, so it's back to the Google search:

Our Daughter's Wedding - Airlines.mp3

Matt's apparently working up a huge post in time for Easter (early for Easter, in fact), so look forward to that.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


the hysterics - won't get far.mp3

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

according to google image search...

this man:

has some utter lies to tell you.

i, ludicrous - preposterous

i had the hardest damn time trying to spell that filename right.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Triple threat.

I was going to post a song by Eater but in the process of looking for NOW and THEN images of Dee Generate [which I found and will probably post at some point] I came across several mentionings of the late 60s/early-mid 70s band, Fanny. One of the first all female rock groups to be signed to a major label, they are creditted with paving the way for such lady rockers as Suzie Quatro, Joan Jett, Heart, and blah blah blah. Like Heart and the like, a good portion of Fanny's music is just bad but there are a few songs that are good, and mind-boggling, shout it out loud, road trippin' good at that.

Charity Ball was a big hit for them. I'm not into it. A Place in the Country, however, rocks the muthafukkin party. I attempt June Millington's scream every time I play this song but always fail and end up choking on the overabundance of spit that instantly accumulates in my mouth as soon as I start the "PPPPPLLLLLLLLL!!!!" in Place. Please let me know if you have similar issues when trying to sing along.

Fanny - Charity Ball
Fanny - Place in the Country

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I am the Element Man.

I know very little about Rex Mason, aka Metamorpho The Element Man, but according to information found on the World Wide Web, after prolonged exposure to the magical and immensely radioactive Orb of Ra, Mr. Mason found he had acquired the super power of being able to change the chemical make up of his body -- he could shapeshift and fight crime in both liquid and gaseous states. After seeing a few Metamorpho panels such as this:

I have little doubt this comic is anything less than steaming shit. But it is shit I intend to seek out, and it is shit I will probably enjoy.

Metamorpho the Element Man

Merciful Minerva!

The Action "Comes Alive" as you read!

First released in 1977, this is the only book & record set I still have from my youth. This LP has survived eight moves and years and years of mishandling. The audio is decent but there are several snap, crackles, and pops that I'm just too lazy to remove myself. In addition to the turn-the-page bell, you'll hear samples of a speech given by Hitler, the sounds of Woodstock, and loads of sexual innuendos. Enjoy and may the goddesses preserve you!

Side 1:
Wonder Woman vs The War God
Side 2:
Amazons from Space

Because it's just so damn good:
Wonder Woman theme

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

sunny work day song

things will pick up here soon, i promise. here's another rapidshare song posted from work. i've been making discs for people lately, which means i start digging back into the massive amounts of stuff i have and the new things i find. here's a left banke song that sounds pretty much like the blueprint for the last two of montreal albums (except without the synths and programmed drums.) happy happy happy stuff, kids.

the left banke - goodbye holly.mp3

Thursday, March 09, 2006

lesser works of the chipmunk voice (beginning)

shangri-las - sophisticated boom boom.mp3

ben and i talked about doing a week or so of fun ro weird songs with the now-totally-played-out "chipmunk" effect. we kind of forgot about it, but here's my first contribution. maybe it'll light a fire under his ass.

this is one of those songs that i forget has this goofy shit going on and it ALWAYS takes me by suprise and makes me laugh. i love the shangri-las.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

gender studies ii (calypso edition)

Count Lasher With Lyn Taitt & The Baba Brooks Band - 'mufridite.mp3

Baldhead Growler - The Sausage.mp3

Monday, March 06, 2006

gender studies

ben bower and bertie king's royal jamaicans - not me (aka woman, woman smarter).mp3

prince buster - ten commandments of love.mp3

dedicated to the memory of kirby puckett. even though i have some vague memory of you being involved in some scandal involving a ladies room, you will be missed. i always wanted one of these blue uniforms when i was a kid but, since this was before the age of the throwback jersey, it was not to be. now i'm too old and don't care about baseball anymore.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

presumably the caveman also gave him this hairstyle

here's an example of why we needed the beatles to come along and choke the britishness out of UK rock n roll. tommy steele was probably the first british rock star but was clearly also a total mincer. here we have a song that WANTS to rock, but gets buried under its own swishiness. he went on to produce a successful revival of singin' in the rain (no joke.)

this is the lighter side of the caveman; the swishy side, if you will.

tommy steele - rocking with the caveman.mp3

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Caveman Misogyny

<<"I was walkin' from my cave with a club in my hand.
When I saw a pretty girl sittin' on the sand.
I grabbed her by the hair and I kissed her hard.
Then I slapped her around and I laughed real loud.

She told me that she loved me and this made me feel fine.
So I hit her again then I asked her to be mine.
She admired my strength and she gave me a kiss.
She said, "There's something about your face that I can't resist.">>
Randy Luck - I Was a Teenage Caveman

Friday, March 03, 2006

reflections on vicarious drug damage


late in my high school career, i started getting into the idea of people making drug-damaged music. i was already into some kind of weird shit with flaming lips and butthole surfers records, but i didn't actually believe that those people were really, y'know, GONE. same with captain beefheart and frank zappa (who i learned early on were just anti-drug weirdos).

my first hints that there was some music out there by genuine casualties came within the same week, both from small-scale radio stations. some sunday night show on kfai played two hours of stuff from the syd barrett crazy diamond boxed set the week of its release. the next week, chuck and joel from cosmic slop played something off contact high by the godz. THIS was the shit i was looking for and would secretly swear by and try to push off onto my friends, who would either declare it crap or ignore it all together.

now, the weird thing about it is this: i didn't really mess with the kinds of things these guys were into. like, not at all. my only real connection to these imagined psychedelic worlds and soundscapes was through completely straight eyes. it never even really occured to me to try to get where these guys were because, well, look at them! i could enjoy those phased-out jamz just find without risking a brain fry bad enough to produce today's songs.

in fact, i've found that a lot of my favorite psych records from the 60's are by people who've obviously never taken such drugs. this is a topic i hope to cover here in the near future (probably sometime after other grand schemes like "chipmunk week", "lindsey buckingham takes on the punk rock menace" and "the great screamers of japanese garage rock").

syd barrett - word song.mp3
the godz - quack (i'm a quack.mp3
compilator is suffering from performance anxiety and renee is buried under burgers and homework. we all pray for their swift recovery. on behalf of our friends at the bbc, we light this candle for you, brave soliders.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

there are other worlds, other cities and other people

first off, here's the ivor i wanted to give you a day or so ago. remember that you are never the lonliest person... billy is.

ivor cutler - do you ever feel lonely.mp3

also, here is one of my favorite things by sun ra. i feel uncomfortable calling it my favorite because, well, there's like 300 albums and live recordings to sift through. there's just an immediacy to this recording that i love. if you've seen a joyful noise, you can imagine this song being recorded in that tiny house with the clunky tape recorder. i'm not even sure what they're singing here - there are versions without words, in fact, that pale to this one - but you can be sure it's about space and going off to where we belong and whatnot. sing on, arkestra.

sun ra and his arkestra - enlightenment.mp3