Wednesday, May 10, 2006

to judge by the cover

Based on the artist's hilarious name (Big Bear), stupid album title (Doin Thangs), and cartoonishly insane album cover,

his music should either totally suck or be some sort of bad comedy rap, possibly involving a collabo with Baloo the Bear (a la MC Scat Kat/Paula Abdul). It's neither, unfortunately. It's just mediocre mid-nineties stuff, sometimes extremely so. I mean, "Doin Thangs"? It's like he used up all his creative energy creating that cover, and didn't have enough left over to actually describe the thangs he be doin'. All we know is that they help him maintain and they involve the game in some way.

But goddamn, that album cover is amazing.

Big Bear - Doin Thangs


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