Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Crooked I-con

I can still clearly recall when this commerical first started appearing on TV. I was watching BET frequently in a vain effort to fit in during middle school. I loved the video from "Mind Playin' Tricks" and still rememeber arguing with one of my classmates and learning that it is NOT okay to say "nigga" even when you're just talking about song lyrics. Anyway, this classic St. Ides commerical popped up on BET, faked me out and made me think seriously about how cool drinking must be.

Turns out it must've convinced a lot of kids about the coolness of the Crooked Letter, since not long after they released a non-alcoholic version of the stuff (advertised here by Ice Cube.)

Outside of Billy Dee Williams, Ice Cube is probably as close to a spokesman for St. Ides as one can get. It tooks years before rappers with savvier management skills realized that they could eliminate the middleman and start bottling their own spirits (which I will not link to because they are lame.)

Here are two more commericals. You might want to seek out DJ Drank's Greatest Malt Liquor Hits for tons more.

Ice Cube ft. DJ Pooh - Blind Taste Test.mp3
EPMD ft. Ice Cube - East Meets West Malt Liquor.mp3

Don't forget, Cube, St. Ides is for all ages now


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