Monday, March 20, 2006

Triple threat.

I was going to post a song by Eater but in the process of looking for NOW and THEN images of Dee Generate [which I found and will probably post at some point] I came across several mentionings of the late 60s/early-mid 70s band, Fanny. One of the first all female rock groups to be signed to a major label, they are creditted with paving the way for such lady rockers as Suzie Quatro, Joan Jett, Heart, and blah blah blah. Like Heart and the like, a good portion of Fanny's music is just bad but there are a few songs that are good, and mind-boggling, shout it out loud, road trippin' good at that.

Charity Ball was a big hit for them. I'm not into it. A Place in the Country, however, rocks the muthafukkin party. I attempt June Millington's scream every time I play this song but always fail and end up choking on the overabundance of spit that instantly accumulates in my mouth as soon as I start the "PPPPPLLLLLLLLL!!!!" in Place. Please let me know if you have similar issues when trying to sing along.

Fanny - Charity Ball
Fanny - Place in the Country


At 10:08 PM, porkchopsandapplesauce said...

i will be forever greatful to you for sharing fanny with me.

At 7:56 PM, Stoned_Louis said...

Hey where did you found it? I'm lookin' for some Fanny's album 'bout a long time, please tell me where!!!!

But I'm thankful, this song is fuckin' cool!!!!


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